Demerits of having a $5 Logo Design

Demerits of having a $5 Logo Design

A logo may seem to be a small part of your brand identity but has a very severe effect on your business. Most people in the industry do not understand this. Your company’s success needs to have a good logo. Hence, you should never be in chase of saving money. If someone says he will design your logo ata ridiculously cheap rate, you should always disagree. The product you will get will not be effective and will ultimately ruin your brand reputation.

Logo makers are professional. Their logos are creative, elegant, and simple to the audience. Anyone who says will design your logo for something like $5 will be amateur and unprofessional. Hence, it would help if you never settled for logos designed at cheap rates.

Today, you will get a synopsis on why you should never settle for logos designed cheaply. You will get a clear picture of why getting a good design is vital for your professional success. And, why such logos will never be as cheap as $5. Let’s discuss this.

Importance of logo in your business

Your logo is your identity. It is your alter ego. Your logo is going to travel everywhere your products go. You will use your logo for marketing, campaigns, and it is one of those things which will stay in your audience’s consciousness. When you have a good logo, people will recognize you as a strong brand.

Hence, it is evident that you must have a well-designed, stylish, simple, and polished logo for your company. Now, when it comes to designing a logo, many company owners tend to believe that paying a hefty amount is lunatic. No, its not. Whatever you pay for your logo will always be worth it. Believe me. It will.

What’s wrong with a cheap $5 logo?

Designing a logo is a challenging task. There are a lot of things designers have to study and research. A cheap logo designer will only be reluctant about providing you with a design. He will not be thinking about what specs need to be done. A cheap $5 logo will look amateur and unprofessional. The logo will lack integrity with research, references, and presentation.

Nobody wants to damage their brand identity by any means. However, a lack of knowledge often leads to such mishaps. A cheap logo designer can be anyone, i.e., your colleague who says they know the graphic design or a relative who knows about graphic design software. Anyone willing to make you a logo for cheap rates will be a damage maker to your brand. It would help if you understood that logo designing is a profession. And, no professional will charge you $5 for investing so much time in studying your brand.

Disadvantages of hiring a cheap logo design

Logo designed without professionals lacks originality. Your brand identity is your legacy. If not appropriately reflected,you will not be able to show your real essence of what your brand is. Opting for a cheap logo designer may lead to the use of online templates, which will limit your brand creativity. Also, it might end you up in copyright trouble. Lack of professionalism is the next big thing that comes with a cheap logo design done at $5. Your logo will not be unique because of lesser creativity and lesser or no research.

A cheap logo maker may end up providing you with a raster image as it is relatively easy to design. On the other hand, the logo will not be scalable. Your logo will not have the same personality as your brand. Hence, it is damaging your brand credibility, familiarity, and trust with your audience. Above all, it will be spreading the wrong message about your brand.

A brand logo is the first impression your viewer will have about you. You must be knowing how important first impressions are. An unprofessionally designed logo for cheap rates (say $5) will lack longevity. It will not be able to stay with you forever. Also, a good logo should reflect the time and creativity invested in getting the logo designed. However, what do you think a logo designed by an amateur will reflect? I guess, childishness.

So, how to understand if it is an unprofessional and cheap logo?

Understanding if a logo is well designed is easy. See your logo as a customer. An unprofessional logo will have more than three colors, will have different fonts for different lines, and more than three elements. If not, that as you’re a few questions like what you think about the logo. Ask yourself if the logo is creative, stylish, and elegant. Do not let your personal ego come in between.

You see, an amateurish logo will never grab your attention. It will not have a legacy to glitter or a story to tell. You can look at a logo and identify it to be a cheap design just by looking at the elements. The chances are high that you will not want the image to be the commencing point of your corporate image.

How much should you invest if $5 is not enough

The cost of designing a logo I hard. There are a lot of things to think about before designing a logo. However, a professional logo designer will never charge you less than $99. The cost of creating your logo also depends on the time a designer has to study, research, and make a presentation.

The logo’s pricing depends on a lot of variables. It depends on the time-availability, how many designs need to be presented, and revisions one needs to be made. It all depends on you. However, a logo designer will charge you at least $99 if he is a professional. You can discuss the cost with your designer. In most cases, the price is bargained for the betterment of both the designer and you.

Summing it all up

A professional logo is must needed brand identity for your company’s success. You should always be ready to loosen your wallet for something that promises a hefty return. Logo designed from amateurs at cheap rates will bring you nothing other than reputation damages. Hence, it is always smart to invest a little to get a long-time benefit.

If you are not able to find the right professional for your logo, you can always visit websites like Designfier. It is a global community of professional logo designers. You can select what services you want according to your needs and let the job done by professionals across the globe. The best thing about Designfier is the price range is justifiable. And, you get designs to choose from a lot of options.

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