How to Create a Clothing Logo in 2021: Guidelines and Tips

Clothing Logo : Tips & Guidelines

Art and visual is all about expressing yourself in a way people like hearing it. When it comes to fashion, its about walking with pride. Hence, that’s where fashion ideas and clothing logo comes with importance. Your clothing brand logo empowers consumer’s dignity and beliefs. So, it is particularly important to have yourself a fashion logo over which your audience will know you.

A logo is an essential part of your brand identity. It’s the first impression on which your target audience will judge you. You see how important it is to have yourself a great logo other than providing a comprehensive and attractive selection of shoes, apparel, and accessories. Crafting your visual brand identity that matches your brand personality is vital to your brand’s success.

Today, you will be getting a small vision on how to create a stunning clothing logo. Do not worry if you have no idea, and you are a complete starter because all the tips and tricks are made, especially for new businesspersons. Keep scrolling!

What makes a good clothing logo?

The primary reason behind any logo is to create the right impression. Your fashion clothing logo will effectively communicate your message to your target audience, depending on your brand personality. It will compel your audience to act on your brand and will generate potential customers.

A good clothing logo will be simple, durable, comfortable to the audience when they see it, and it will have a positive effect on the viewers. An excellent fashion idea should reflect on the logo so that it will give an insight into what your viewers can expect from your brands. Now, let us quickly study how you can create an excellent clothing logo for your store. This will ultimately reflect your logo creativity and will help you reach new business heights.

3 Simple tricks to design your own clothing logo

The first task that needs to be done is to research and complete your homework. Study the market, your competitors, and your target audience. Research the market, and you will understand how your audience will react to different features. See how your competitors make their logo and how they engage with their audience. Once you are done with your homework, you can jump forward and complete each step at a time.

  1. Start with icons and elements

When you have a clothing logo, you already have your products ready. Hence, it will be easy for you to design your element. Your icon or your component of the fashion logo should feature something related to the fashion industry or fashion outfits or accessories.

Choosing an element for your logo will make your logo look visually appealing. Also, your logo will incorporate what you sell with a perfect font.

Always keep in mind that no matter what element you choose, it should always be different and creative. If you use a general image, you will face copyright issues, and it will also not be suitable for your branding. This is one of the primary mistakes which tends to damage a lot of new startups, and they wonder where they went wrong.

  1. Font and typeface are your best friend

Once you have decided on your elements, you should start looking for fonts and typeface. Using a great font that matches your element and your brand personality is especially important. When choosing a font, remember to keep it legible so that its quickly read at any size, at any background. Make sure that the font you are choosing has the same usability and serves the same purpose as your clothing logo. Always stick to only one font throughout your logo.

Also, it would be best if you brainstormed enough to balance your font thickness and opacity. Always be careful with minor elements and avoid hard to read fonts. This will let your audience understand what you are saying just by taking a simple look. Remember, the less quickly your audience understands your logo without scrutinizing it, the better.

  1. Design a logo, not a rainbow

When I say this, I believe you already know what I want you to understand. Whenever you design a logo, make sure you use no more than three colors. If you are, you should always go with monochromatic colors. More colors will lead to information overload, and you do not want that to happen. Keep the ting simple because you see, simplicity rewards.

Also, study a bit about color psychology. All major designers around the world generally use the concept. Doing this will enhance the weight of your overall logo when you get the end design. For example, red is to convey energy and brightness, whereas black symbolizes elegance and sophistication. Similarly, if your clothing store is for kids, you can always trust pink.

How to polish your raw logo

Once you have your raw fashion clothing logo, half your job is done. Now you should start brainstorming about trying different ways of integrating all the above three steps. If you have two elements chosen, one font style and two colors, then you can try seeing your logo in 120 different ways. Creating 120 icons will not be possible, but you can surely try at least a few. This might give you something better than what you have chosen.

Whenever designing a clothing logo, do not forget that the logo is intended for your audience. Hence, do not bring your personal ego in between. Take feedback from your colleagues, family, and friend. Work upon them according to what critique you receive because they will be your audience.

Ender’s words

Designing a fashion logo might at the start seem to be a daunting process. However, it is not as hard as you think it to be. With the right knowledge, you can make it happen yourself. However, logo designing is an art, and some professionals are skilled in this niche.

If you feel you are not capable enough to design your logo, you can always hire a professional. Hiring a good logo professional will be costly but again, not when you have the right knowledge. Designfier is a graphic website design where you can get your professional fashion logo designed at as low as $99. Check it out if you want.

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