How to Create an App: 6 Steps to Creating Your App

You wake up with a great idea to create an app. However, you brainstorm and still cannot understand where to start. This is quite common, especially with those who have basic ideas about their app. 

App designs have increased a lot in the last few years, with the increase in internet users and people’s reliability on the internet. Today, we see millennials using apps for almost everything. You have apps to satisfy starvation, book cabs, order fruits and vegetables, and whatnot. 

You are here because you are looking forward to creating your app or merely curious about the steps that must have been taken to design your mobile app.

how to create an app

So, let’s study the most important steps involved in creating an app.

Following these steps and mobile app design trends, your journey from just having raw data in mind to installing it in your device will be memorable.

Read on!

6 important steps to create an app

Study your raw idea and bring the best out of it

In the beginning, everyone has a raw image that demands time. You need to invest a lot of your time to study your primary idea. This may seem bizarre at the start, but this is especially important. It would be best if you acknowledged all the small questions popping up in your mind while brainstorming over your idea. 

  1. Why this app? Why will anyone use it?
  2. Is there any other app providing the same services? If yes, how is your app going to compete?
  3. Who is your primary target audience?
  4. On which platforms will your app be available?
  5. What resources will you invest in this idea?
  6. Why do you want to build this app?

For better understanding and to clear the first step of creating your app, above are a few questions that you should acknowledge. Note that these are fundamental question that applies to all types of app creating ideas. You can modify and add items according to your choice.

Build yourself a roadmap

If you think that you can now start coding and commence the process of getting your app build, you are wrong. Wait. You still do not have the idea out of your head and scribbled on a paper. It will help if you sketch your thoughts now.

Set your budget, think about how you will be moving with the creation of your app and who you want to help you with funds. Think about how you will be marketing your app, and what if you fail at your first attempt? Think about all the theoretical aspects of your idea and get a roadmap build for yourself. Research about your competitors and plan how to beat them. Study the market, your target audience, and if the app will be free or not.

Make a Wireframe Blueprint and start Coding

A wireframe is a visual bridge between your basic idea and your product. It helps you design your app without distracting yourself from the graphics. Giving your app a wireframe before jumping over Coding means providing skeletons to your app. Once you have blueprints of how your app will look after each click by the user, you can start with codes. 

If you are a coder, it will be great. If not, you can hire coders and developers. This step can be a bit expensive as you need to pay their fee (now you know the importance of step two). This step will also be time-consuming. If you are hiring someone, do not wait for him to complete his work. In the meanwhile, build yourself an app identity by giving it a name, logo, and tags.

Run a small test for bugs and bring feedbacks

Completing all the codes and bringing them together means you are halfway down the bridge of creating your app. Now you need to bring in the testers. Get your app tested for bugs. Repair everything that you find amiss. Do not panic if you get bugs and issues with your app. Every app in the world has bugs, even the big guys out there. 

After you run a complete test, its time to bring your troops of friends, families, and colleagues in and ask them to use your app and take their honest review. Ask them if they liked the design, the layout, and the concept. Work on their thoughts and think ways to get them fixed.  To get honest reviews it’s vital that you take feedback from as many people as you can

Test again and get ready for the launch

After you fixed the bugs and worked on the critiques, its time to run another round of tests. Do not think what you have now is your final product. No product you make will be final. It would help if you bring a timely updated. These are fundamental points to keep in mind while creating an app design. 

Once you repair the bugs and work on people’s review, you get a model that is built, tested, and reviewed. You need to go through a quick bug check.

Bring it on the live cruise and be active

Congratulations on getting your app designed. You have created an app that has been tested and tried by a few. Now its time to bring it on different stores and platforms. Once you get the app available, now your job starts in the back-end.  A new app needs to gain the trust of its people, so make use of good marketing.

Make sure the users do not face any technical glitch such as app crash or storyboard dysfunctionality. Regardless of any scheduled database or technique, users must have a systematic approach to your app’s functionality. 

After you create an app and get it in the market, it is crucial to engage with your users. Keep asking for reviews to improve the app. This way, your users will feel more connected to you, and you will continuously get suggestions.

Exit clause

It is exciting to work on something you genuinely believe in. However, things have changed a lot in the last few years. With more consumers, there are a lot of makers too. Competition is huge. Hence, it would be best if you did not wish to be an overnight success.

Be patient, and keep on updating your app with new features. With time, your app will find its way of being one of the big guys in the app market.

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