20 E-commerce Logos Perfectly Showcasing Their Brands

Logos for popular e-commerce websites can be easily identified, and it is easy to understand why. When it comes to your logo, it is advisable to hire a professional designer. Since your logo represents your brand, careful consideration and attention should be given.

Logos can make all the difference to the success of your business. You certainly do not want to take this lightly, especially in the e-commerce world, where it is one of the smartest investments you can make for your brand.

We have compiled a list of noteworthy e-commerce logos that may inspire you. Give them a look and see if you can design yours similarly. Further, we have explained some important elements of a logo design. In case you don’t know about them, you can now use an online AI logo generator to create a logo within seconds for your e-commerce store per your requirements and using all these elements.

20 Most Popular Ecommerce logos That Show Brand Messaging

Look at the most popular e-commerce logos and see what they offer.

  1. Amazon

Among the most popular e-commerce logos is that of Amazon, which shows that everything from A to Z can be found there. Amazon’s logo conveys a wide selection of products and convenience in shopping. An arrow is subtly shaped like a smile, implying a positive user shopping experience.

  1. eBay

Among the most recognized ecommerce logos is the eBay logo. Having vibrant letters conveys the impression that it is a pleasant place to do business and to purchase products. Several changes have been made, but it has not strayed far from its original vision.

  1. Snapdeal

The logo of Snapdeal is reminiscent of an open box. “Unbox Zindagi” is the company’s tagline, which translates to “unbox how life is in India.”. Through this tagline, the company conveys a sense of excitement when you open a package. The logo can also be viewed from another perspective as two arrows, which the company claims represent its accomplishments.

  1. Alibaba Group

Essentially, the Alibaba logo represents an intertwined “a” encircled by a human face, representing a happy customer. Designers have criticized their logo for using too generic typeface, Linotype Univers. However, this hasn’t affected their business. They are still the highest online retailers in terms of sales and profits.
Alibaba’s primary logo consists of Chinese and English characters and a stylized globe representing the company’s global presence.

  1. Best Buy

The logo of Best Buy conveys that it offers only the best products. A price tag appears below the product name and is yellow, as is customary for products on sale. Despite its simplicity, the design is effective. Digital and print versions of the logo are equally as attractive, demonstrating the logo’s versatility.

  1. Flipkart

An important aspect of the Flikart logo is the F, which indicates speed, a valuable asset in the shopping industry. It is evident from their logo that everyone is eager to receive their packages as quickly as possible. The company emphasizes its online retail business with its bright yellow bag against a blue background.

  1. Read Only Memory

Read Only Memory is a website dedicated to publishing and selling games-related books, and its logo is quite similar to an icon found in virtual reality. Despite it being black, this gives it a playful and fun feel rather than a serious look.

  1. Walmart

Featuring yellow spokes, Walmart claims its logo represents its employees’ innovative and creative spirits. Unsurprisingly, this logo is recognized worldwide as one of the largest and most popular retail stores.

  1. Target

Target’s logo has a red background with a peppermint tinge and a white bullseye. Despite its serious nature, the red color creates a welcoming, distinctive logo easily recognizable by customers. Target’s minimalistic graphic design is easy to recognize in print and online media.

  1. NewEgg

NewEgg is a website for computer hardware and consumer electronics characterized by its egg-shaped logo. The egg represents the beginning of life and the possibility of unlimited potential. In addition, the company’s founders say the logo and name represent hope for the new business in a world where e-commerce businesses had previously faced challenges. NewEgg enjoys a wide presence today as the largest seller of technological products in North America and worldwide.
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  1. eShopWorld

Brands and retailers use an eCommerce platform provided by eShopWorld to sell to a global audience. The logo’s initials, “ESW” and interconnected lines represent their main brand mission of providing a seamless global e-commerce experience.

  1. COMO Shoes

An elegant font in gold and deep green is featured in the initials logo of COMO shoes. The font and color scheme give the brand a luxurious appearance, intended to educate customers about the importance of shoes as a status symbol.

  1. Sephora

Sephora is a multinational company operating in the cosmetics and beauty industry. Beauty products from the Sephora collection include cosmetics, skincare, body products, fragrances, nail colors, hair products, beauty tools, and body lotions.

The sleek logo of Sephora combines style with modern typography, symbolizing beauty and cosmetics.

  1. Magento

Taking inspiration from the Dragonlance logo utilized in the Dungeons & Dragons video game, where the word Mage refers to a wizard, the logo is designed in the same style. The logo for Magento consists of an orange block surrounded by white space. The company’s name derives from the magenta logo in its initial version.

  1. Satorisan

The logo of this clothing retailer is based upon a fictional character described in “The Book of Monsters”. The creature has been described as having characteristics similar to the Yeti and the Bigfoot, as well as the ability to read the hearts of others. Although it might appear bulky for a retail outlet, this symbol has a significant meaning.

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  1. Shopify

The Shopify logo represents the company’s product or service — shopping! An emblem and a wordmark make up the logo, which conveys a sense of calm and professionalism. Symbolizing comfort and growth, green gives the impression of trustworthiness to the viewer.

  1. WooCommerce

The word “Woo” is contained within a word balloon with a cartoonish and quirky design. With its simple logo, WooCommerce is one of the top open-source eCommerce platforms. Emblems are normally used on their own and evoke a sense of friendliness.

  1. Wayfair

The Wayfair Inc. website sells furniture and home goods online. Based in Boston, Massachusetts, the company has been in business since 1996. A home decor and furnishings store, it incorporates the brand name with a house icon to convey the brand’s focus on home furnishings.

  1. Zalando

Zalando is one of the largest European online marketplaces for fashion and lifestyle products. This contemporary logo combines a shopping bag icon and bold lettering to highlight the platform’s identity as a fashion and lifestyle platform.

  1. Overstock.com

The Overstock.com website offers customers a wide selection of items for their homes at a reasonable price. The company has a reputation for providing discounted items at lower prices than traditional retail outlets.

The company uses its online platform to sell overstocked goods, excess inventory, and closeouts purchased from manufacturers, retailers, and distributors. The Overstock.com logo emphasizes its wide selection of discounted products with a bold font and stylized “O.”.

Important Elements To Remember When Designing E-commerce Logo

Now that we have covered 20 e-commerce logos that showcase the brand message perfectly, let’s briefly look at some important elements of a logo you must remember if you plan on designing one for your business.


Logos for e-commerce websites are most often dominated by color. You must use color to attract your audience since our brain perceives and interprets color first.


The next step is to select a font. This is an essential factor, particularly if you choose to use a Wordmark logo. You should choose a font style that complements the personality of your brand. Regarding e-commerce logo design, serif fonts look best on digital media.

A more ornamental font may be appropriate if it is consistent with your brand’s personality.


Shape is also an important element of a logo. Logo designs with a distinct shape are more attractive and attract audiences’ attention.

Symbols such as the Apple logo can also be incorporated into the logo to symbolize your company’s products. It can also be combined with mark logos to separate the brand mark from the brand name display.


The majority of e-commerce brands are primarily retailers. In this regard, it is not surprising that your logo design incorporates relevant imagery, as you saw in the examples above, Shopify uses a Shopping bag. You are now able to select any image you wish. Nevertheless, you can also see which trends are popular in the short term and which can be beneficial in the long run.


As the examples above illustrate, a professional logo can connect your e-commerce business better with your audience and set you apart from your competitors. So hire a professional designer for your logo who has experience in this field, and they can give you the right results.

Henny Darwin is a content strategist and moderator at Designfier, one of the leading graphic design marketplaces.