Rebranding Guide: 3 Easy Tips To Revamp Your Brand


Starting up a new business requires a lot of brainstorming and ideas. Without investing the required resources, one can simply never achieve the ideal brand identity for their company. 

And not investing the required amount of time and efforts into making the ideal brand forces you into reworking things down the line. 

In certain scenarios, you might even have to rebrand just to keep things running. Hence, if you are on that stage, regardless of the reason why, do not panic, we got you covered. 

Let us discuss how you can possibly give your company a second chance by rebranding.


Rebranding is a huge risk for the company without any doubt. It involves altering the overall brand image and identity which can indirectly harm the brand recognition. 

Your customers might get skeptical before availing your services after an unsuccessful rebranding attempt. 

If you are in a situation where your sales are dipping and the website is not getting as many clicks as it used to get, rebranding might not be the ideal solution for you. 

Consider making a new marketing strategy for fixing this situation as it will be lesser work and lower risk.


New location- In situations where you are taking your brand to the international level, rebranding might be an excellent move. Because the entire spectrum of your brand is shifting in this situation, you will have to implement some minor and major changes accordingly. 

Changes as simple as a slight readjustment in the logo to send the message might be enough. But in some scenarios, a complete revamp might be required to do the job.

However, remember to make an announcement before implementing any changes so that your clients are not in the blue and they know what is going on. 

  • Market repositioning- If you want to serve a different audience, rebranding is the best way to do it. Rebranding in this scenario will be almost risk-free as everything will be new and evolved. 

New target audience, more products, better prices, etc. almost like giving a new life to your brand.

  • New philosophy- Every brand has its set of mission, vision and values. Hence, if your mission, vision and values are similar to that of some other brand, rebranding should be your go to. 

Not doing anything about it will have a certain negative impact on your clients.

  • Merges and collaborations- If your brand is collaborating with some other brand, rebranding would not be necessary at all. 

Collabs are temporary anyways, you should never alter your brand identity just because of a temporary affair. 

  • However, if your brand is merging with a different brand, rebranding becomes essential. In this case, a common brand identity is required and having two different brand identities will be counter productive.

If your company is stuck in a situation and you are thinking about rebranding but are unsure of it. Analyze if the problem lies within the brand’s identity or if it is an external issue. 

If the problem arises from external issues, rebranding will not be required at all. However, if the problem arises because of some brand identity elements, rebranding might be your best option.


Rebranding is all about incorporating new changes. However, in order to rebrand successfully, make sure that these changes are minor. Any major changes might affect your brands recognition. 

Unless it is a case of complete revamp. Let us discuss some factors which can assist you in rebranding your company successfully.

Study your audience and market

Rebranding requires a lot of work and to make sure everything falls into the right place, proper analyzation of data is essential. 

Study all the factors involved with your brand before making any big changes. Analyze what sort of customer base has been availing your products lately. 

Every brand serves hundreds of different clients but there has to be some clients who have a different pattern of buying your products. 

Research not just the clients, but your competitors as well. Study what they offer differently than you and how they do it. By doing this, you will make smart and calculated changes while rebranding which is essential.

If you want to target a more specific niche, analyze the data accordingly and study the stats. If your current customer base is not providing what you are looking for, switch things up. 

However, make sure that you are keeping your old audience and current audience in mind while doing so. Being disloyal to your customers is never a good strategy. 

Re-evaluate your company’s vision, mission and values

If you are revamping the brands identity and altering what it used to be. You need to make people (more importantly clients) aware about it. 

If you want your loyal customers to grow with you, making sure that they know what changes are being implemented is essential. Before making any big changes to your company’s vision or mission, you should know what it actually means to the company. 

At the end of the day, you will have to explain the changes to not just the audience but your company’s stakeholders and employees as well. Hence, if you know what they mean, explanation will become easier.

This is essential as working for something new will be easier for them if they know what it stands for. Moreover, they will make a faster and deeper connection with the brand’s new identity.

Change your identity

After doing all the research and homework. It is now, time for the big step. The easiest and safest method of rebrand is a name change. 

Or changing even the typeface of the current wood mark, works in some scenarios. However, if your brand is well established and is known widely, changing the name completely might turn out to be a huge mistake. 

Even if you are making such big changes, the key here, is to keep your audience informed. Better communication between you and your clients will always make rebranding easier.  

A rather common method of rebranding is redesigning your current brand logo. The changes could be using different colors or even altering some elements of the base design. 

However, always remember, logo is the face of your brand, it is the most important aspect of your brand’s identity as people recognize the company by your logo. Hence, take special care while making changes to it. 

Take suggestions from people who are connected to the brand and most importantly, keep the audience involved.

Another rebranding technique is to change the tagline/ slogan of the brand. Especially in cases where you have decided to change the mission, vision or values of your brand. A slogan propagates the message sent out by your brand, hence, keeping it updated with the latest changes is a smart move.

In conclusion, rebranding is not an easy move by any means. However, some situations might force you into making a change for the greater good. 

Embrace those changes and make a stand for your brand. This can either result is a massive fail or huge boost for your brand depending on how much effort and resources you are putting into it. 

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Henny Darwin is a content strategist and moderator at Designfier, one of the leading graphic design marketplaces.