The ultimate goal of any element used in the brand’s identity is to get the website a higher ranking on search engines. 

Designing elegant visual illustrations is worthless if people can’t actually see any of the hard work. Hence, proper digital marketing expertise is pivotal in determining the success of a brand. 

This is where SEO or search engine optimization comes into play. SEO determines how well a website ranks on search engines based on many factors ranging from website’s optimization to even the content used on that website.

 This website content includes the images, graphics, text and almost every other visual representation used to represent the brand. Hence, logo design also plays a crucial role in the website’s SEO

We all know how important logo designs are. However, the essence of any logo goes way beyond being a mere reflection of the brand. A well-designed logo can ideally increase the search visibility of your brand by many fold. 

The best way to go about designing a well optimized logo is to make something which represents your brand flawlessly and then stick to it. 

Once your audience gets familiar with the logo design, you should start working on its visibility. Proper logo SEO will ensure better search ratings for your brand by increasing the search visibility. 

Before exploring any further into logo SEO, let us discuss why a logo is extremely essential for your business. 

It goes without saying that a logo is the face of a brand. It is the medium through which an audience connects with the brand. Hence, having a good-looking logo can increase the face value of the company. 

Just like we discussed above, logo designs are essential for making that initial impression on the audience. And a well-designed logo can leave a long-lasting impact on the subconscious minds of the public. 

This makes your audience think about the brand unknowingly which makes them visit the store/ website, again and again out of curiosity. 

Another important factor which determines the success of a logo is its recognition factor. The ultimate goal is to make your brand memorable to the clients via the means of a logo design. 

Hence, designing a logo which is aesthetically and visually pleasing should be ideal. 

The human brain is calibrated in such a way where images stay in the mind for a longer period of time when compared to any textual information. 

Hence, the brand name alone would not do justice to the memorable factor of your company, you need a well-designed illustration for that. i.e., logo design. 

The basic idea behind every successful logo is that it tells the story of the respective brand. The struggles, the accomplishments and what the brand means in general. 

The overall values, the brand mission, everything connected with the brand is basically incorporated in a good logo design. This should be your utmost priority while designing your brand logo.

Finally, there are hundreds of knockoffs present in the market today and if your idea matches with the ideas of some other brands out there; having an average logo which looks like a seventh grader’s MS paint masterpiece would be like adding salt to the wound. 

Thus, if you are stuck in a similar situation, having a well-designed logo will make your branding experience better. It will also set your brand apart from the competition.


Having a good quality logo design ensures better results both in terms of online presence and visual appearance. 

Brand identity elements as tiny as logo designs have the most impact on the success of any brand. Just like that, their influence on a website’s success is huge. 

Let us discuss some ways in which your logo can have a positive influence on your website.


Logo designs can dictate the look of your website. Your website’s main theme should go hand in hand with the brand’s logo design for best results.

A brand logo which looks synchronized with the color palette of the brand looks phenomenal and is simply the best recipe for success. 

However, do not alter the logo’s color scheme to match it with the website, as doing that can affect the brand recognition factor of your company.

 Always make tweaks to the website and never touch the core brand identity elements.
This rule does not apply only when you are doing a proper rebrand. 


A majority of people out there use the logo of a website as the home button. This has become a general thing in modern websites and sometimes websites even gather negative reputation if the logo icon does not work as a link. 

Hence, your logo design is the central element of the entire website, which makes navigation easier. 


Ensuring that the logo design is always visible in brand ads is extremely essential. If your brand is well recognizable amongst the target audience, having just the logo design will do the job for you.

This is the influence of a well-designed logo. And this is what makes it a highly valuable marketing tool.


Making the logo design better is the best SEO enhancement, a brand can invest in. It is one of the simplest and most elegant way of optimizing the performance of a website.

Let us discuss how you can use logo SEO to your advantage. 


Search engine rankings work in a way where faster loading websites rank higher than the slower loading ones. This is the stage where milliseconds matter and hence, reducing file sizes wherever possible, is extremely essential. 

The ALT attribute and Schema.org markup is not included in these encodings. These formats lack optimized image code; therefore, it is better to use IMG.

Optimizing the logo design will have a huge impact on how your website performs in search rankings. Especially considering that the competition here is determined by milliseconds. 

Reducing even a few bytes of space can have a drastic impact on your website’s overall performance. 


Most designers out there save logo files in an inefficient format. i.e., logo.png/jpg. Although there is nothing wrong with doing this, one can have exponentially better results if they optimize the logo’s file name. 

Using a keyword in the name of the logo design file will give your website a slight advantage in terms of keywords. 

Especially considering that the logo will be incorporated on each and every single page of your website. Since, we are fighting for achieving a higher rank, each and every tiny bit counts. 


Just like we discussed earlier, it is extremely essential for a logo to navigate the viewers back to the home page. 

This not only allows for a better user experience but provides better logo optimization to generate desired results. 

To achieve this, you have to make a canonical link to the homepage of your website. Adding a title attribute (IMG tag) can provide some additional optimization. 

However, if the ALT attribute is already there in the IMG tag, it is better to add the title attribute to the link. Ensuring that the ALT content and title are identical, is essential here. 


Logo optimization is not only about the formats and file names but the general design of the logo as well.

Using colors in your logo’s background is generally more beneficial as it results in better optimization. Similarly, optimizing the EXIF data of the image and adding geolocation to the image for the search engine will also improve rankings. As various search engines are focusing on reading the metadata elements out of the EXIF data of the images.

In conclusion, proper logo SEO can be achieved by research and elite designing, which is hard to achieve without any professional help. 

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Henny Darwin is a content strategist and moderator at Designfier, one of the leading graphic design marketplaces.