10 Amazing Tips That Will Improve Your Social Media Design

10 Tips That Will Improve Your Social Media Design

Social media have taken down traditional long calls and SMS in no time. And it (social media ) has emerged as an integral method of communication. Not just that, social media has connected people throughout the world in such a way that you now have the potential to reach an unlimited audience. No doubt, the internet has transformed the methods of transferring the message. With this, social media has also become a powerful tool for influencing others and exposing brands to more audiences.

There are various mediums of information transfer on the internet, but the most important are visuals. A picture is worth a thousand words! Remember that before you doubt the capability of social media. This also means that the best way of brand promotion is by creating noticeable and highly impactful designs.

Therefore, today we have decided why not help you with some lessons on how you can improve your social media design. With this, we are here with all the crucial points that you need to keep in mind before you start branding on your social media handle.

Methods to improve your Social Media Design

1. Define your objectives before the commencement

Social media design objective

Whenever you start something, the first thing you need is the ‘goal’ you are looking forward to accomplishing. So, having a purpose and objective is a must before you get started. You start branding with social media design to generate traffic, bring sales, and increase engagement mainly.

When defining your objectives, it is equally important to study your competitors, target audience and closely overlap it with your marketing strategy. With a creative approach, you can reflect all your marketing goals and present yourself before the audience.

2. Typography selection

social media design tropylogy selection

Typography is a crucial area of graphic design, and it has the potential to make your social media look elegant, stylish, and eye-catchy. It is tough to find the right font that goes well with your image, but the font will have a high impact if you do it right.

Different fonts have different tones; hence it is vital to select the right one very carefully. While choosing a font, make sure that you do not choose more than three fonts, leading to confusion among your audience. If you are making a web presentation, try using sans-serif fonts, you should go with serif font in print.

3. Using the right color

social media design tropology

Colors is what your elements are made of and thus have a massive impact. If you read color psychology, you will know that different colors tend to invoke different viewers’ emotions. Also, different colors tend to recall different memories of an individual.

According to color psychology, every color means different things to the viewers. For example- blue is for trust and security; orange is aggressive, etc. Designers should always choose colors very carefully as emotions tweaked by colors will directly be associated with your brand. Choosing the right color combination is quite tricky, but a little knowledge and a little hard work will surely ease your process.

4. Texts are important

text area important

Do not confuse between typography and text as they differ a lot among themselves. Text is the mass of the alphabet and words, whereas the typography is the font style in which the text is presented. Many businesses often include information so that they can introduce brand identity, spread their message, and provokes users for a strong call to action.

However, this is not the right way as it results in overcrowding of the image. This will overwhelm the user, and they will lose interest in what you want to say. Social media designs should have graphics that are merely readable, with no more than two text lines.

5. Carefully use linings

Carefully use linings

Lines help viewers to navigate to different places and can be a massive help on social media design. Lines have the effect of creating different moods than can create an appropriate backdrop to the overall message.

For example- curved and wavy lines convey excitement and pleasure whereas, straight lines mean organization and tidiness. Lines are also used to create a virtual narrative or divide the presentation into different sections and stages. They can also lead the eye around any image on social media and bring it towards the center where the product and brand shall be placed.

6. Power of contrast

Power of contrast

Contrast can quickly help you get noticed. Like, a black and white image on social media will easily catch your gaze in the poll of colorful pictures. Contrast is used in a wide range of ways with different colors, shapes, fonts, and sizes. A general rule says that a light font will always work well on a dark background or vice versa.

The contrast will easily separate different parts of a design to create a visual impact on the viewer. At the same time, it also emphasizes, particularly on features and words. A lack of contrast will quickly make your design go dull. The consequence of too much contrast can be unpleasant and overly crowded.

7. Consistency is key

Consistency is key

For your brand and message to easily get noticed your content on social media pages, have to have a certain amount of consistency. This also means that you need to establish a certain amount of theme, style, and look so that your audience will easily connect with you on your social media. Variation is a must so that the content should be exciting and a little different from your previous posts.

However, on the verge of creating a variation, do not forget to make your posts similar enough to be able to connect with the brand. It is useful to use templates that bring a certain level of consistency to be easily maintained on different social media designs.

8. Using your Space

use your space

Space can be used to provide an artistic effect on your social media design page. There are white and negative space that surrounds the subject.  A social media design always needs a certain amount of simplicity and space to draw attention for what really matter, which helps to design a more aesthetically pleasing graphic. Having a white space around the items in an image will help you place more strong emphasis and make viewers pick up on even small details.

Also, note that simplicity and extra space serve to deliver a message, brand, or slogan to make a more sounding degree.

9. Design according to the platform

  social media platfrom
communication and promotion strategy with social media

Today there are numerous social media platforms where you can show your skills with attractive social media design. However, each of these should be treated as separate entities. This is because all social media have different image formats and sizes.

  1. Pinterest is a social media platform to share visual creative ideas.
  2. LinkedIn is for business and professional networks.
  3. Instagram has a young audience, is more into images and videos.
  4. Facebook is the oldest of all and is capable of handling various forms of media.

Even the post qualities are different on different social media. For example,- Facebook is up to 1200 x 630 pixels, while Pinterest is up to 600 x 1200 pixels.

10. Be Creative

be creative

Creativity is the key to producing exciting and imaginative work. Creativity is the key to explore if you want to make an appealing design. Suppose you’re looking forward to grow your social media. In that case, you should be creative enough to make an attractive and interesting post so that it increases your engagement, and your audience is more likely to share with your friends.

The design is the first aspect people see, which means that things like color, fonts, and composition cause the viewer not to see them.

It is always acceptable to search for inspiration in other designs but remember that the image or the post needs to be different from the rest to pay more attention to you.

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Henny Darwin is a content strategist and moderator at Designfier, one of the leading graphic design marketplaces.