6 simple steps to create a stunning wedding website

How to make a wedding website in 6 steps

Creating yourself the perfect wedding website is a daunting process. Nevertheless, it will not take a lifetime, but rather take a lot of time and money commitment. However, as you’re planning for a wedding, finding both money and time is worrisome.

If you’re reading this, you know a wedding website is a worthy investment. A wedding website will work as an ongoing channel of communication for you. It will be where your people can find information related to your wedding timelines, day, venue details, and gift registry. If you compare most of the other sites with a wedding website, it seems more straightforward, and to the point as there are less barriers in a site creation, it comes at every budget.

So, if you’re someone who has never built a wedding website before, but are looking forward to designing one, then it might seem to a formidable task. However, with the right knowledge, you can ease your journey of creating a perfect wedding website. And here we are for your help. Read on!

1. Get started like you ain’t a couple, but a wedding’ brand

Now, this might be fun for you, but you have to understand this. Before you start with your website, you got to consider your wedding’ brand. Like every company has a brand associated with it, your website too needs one. You should not worry if you are a couple and not a company because brands have personalities also. Therefore, you need to get in the right frame and portray your character at the wedding website’s brand.

Now, a brand is used to communicate values, and messages, and the voice of others. These qualities are also expressed via your writing style and visual design elements. Establishing your brand initially is important because consistency is of utmost importance for a cohesive brand. That can be applied for visual direction on your wedding website with invitations, menu, table placards, and many more.

Fonts, colors, and images are some of the essential graphic design elements used on any website. Fonts can set the right mood, and the color is used to connect with the audience’s emotions.

2.Website content deserves your attention

For any website and wedding website, designing depends on how much information you want to include via content. Your website content will consist of details like parking, dress code, and scheduling. The content can also have information on where your guest will have to keep your gift registry, etc.

However, if you’re unsure about how much content you want to put on your wedding website, consider some typical content-

  • Couple intro
  • Time & Date
  • Venue Details
  • Schedule
  • Photo Gallery
  • Registry
  • RSVP

Note that these are only necessary details. You are always free to add any relevant information to the content that you want. However, always be careful with the amount of content you’re putting on a single page. A single page with a lot of information will look overcrowded and can turn your reader’s mood off.

3.Invest in your website’s feature

Your wedding website needs to be designed to be interactive. Therefore, you need to invest your time in deciding your website’s functionality so that you pre-plan what you want your guests to do on your website.

You do not have to have a website that has high-level functionality. However, you can always go through a couple of choices that you have. Deciding what extra functions you want to provide to engage with your readers can be challenging. Hence, you need to think about them in advance, not to get stuck in the process.

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Some of the general wedding websites feature for you are-

  • Registry integration
  • Social media synchronization
  • Google map availability
  • Email Signup
  • Password safety
  • Calendar and guestbook
  • Guest photo uploader
  • Decide how you’ll create a wedding website

If you think that getting the perfect looking wedding website, is a complex job, you’re mistaken. There are two fundamental ways by which you can build your website quickly or get it done by a freelancer.

4.Template website maker

wedding website maker

Website makers are generally a free or budget-friendly method of creating a website without using any codes. You have to pick a template, customize with their copy and media, and get it published.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy navigation and user friendly
  • Fast in developing and publishing website


  • Tools are easy, but you need to design your website yourself
  • Templates are commonly used; hence will look generic
  • Limited functionality
  • Pricing increases in addition to URLs, add-ons, etc.
  • Custom web designs

This asks you to invest some amount. You need to hire a designer to get visual layouts on your wedding website. And a developer who can write codes for you. You also need to invest a little to buy yourself a unique domain and host for your website files.


  • You get a unique website
  • A more comprehensive range of templates and functions
  • Professional look into your website.


  • High priced
  • Takes longer to develop
  • Difficult to alteration once published

5.The primary two reasons for your wedding website service are:

wedding website services
  1. The delivery of your information through a reference point to all your guests.
  2. All the information is available straightforward.

As a wedding website is not very complicated, you can turn things around for you with a minimalistic approach, enough white space clear visuals.

In most cases, you can easily take care of your website. It is always wiser to consider the quality wedding website design to be confident in choosing the right template and giving your designer feedback.

6.Launching your finished wedding website

wedding website launch

After you’re done with everything you need to do on your website, you need to publish it and bring it on the live internet. You need to have a secure domain where you purchase a URL on a yearly fee like GoDaddy.

However, make sure that you test your website to make sure that your website works well on multiple browsers and that the interactive features are doing well. A good Content Management System (CMS) will ensure that that small information regarding your event can be changed. For this, WordPress is the easiest of all.

Wrapping up!

Getting married is a very auspicious occasion, and you never want anything to go wrong. Therefore, always stick to your basics and plan everything. This will help you make changes before the end moment comes.

Always remember that taking feedback and reviews are also equally important. So, make sure that you take enough input and work on their reviews (if any).

All the Best!

Vikash is a content writer, currently active in the field of designing and brand building. He is an avid reader and a internet savvy, always keen to learn more about brands and the way they communicate with their wide audience.