6 things you should know about perfect Facebook logo design

The ultimate Guide how to design perfect Facebook logo

Facebook needs no introduction anymore. Over the years it has established as the biggest, most liked, and the most established social media platform of all times.  Most of the businesses put their maximum efforts in building and doing all the right things on Facebook. If your business isn’t present on Facebook, you’re surely missing a lot of sales.

Even if you aren’t a businessman now but are looking for a start-up, Facebook is just the right place to get things started. Also, if you’re just a usual artist or a content creator, not having a Facebook profile means that a lot of people around the world will never see your creation.

Besides, whenever you’re establishing your business on Facebook, you should always brainstorm your idea for a logo. It just looks so small that you can completely miss it out. However, not having a proper Facebook logo will be a huge disadvantage for you. Therefore, today we’re going to talk about how you can design a perfect logo for Facebook.

Let’s get started.

1.How is a Facebook logo different from Other Logos?

How is a Facebook logo different from Other Logos?

Designing the perfect logo for your Facebook business is akin to any other symbol. However, you need to create a logo that fits the space provided by Facebook without compromising your style. Your Facebook profile or your Facebook logo will be the face of your brand. No matter how you engage on Facebook, one thing that will always be present is your logo. Therefore, you need the right logo, which has all the characteristic of a general logo.

Note: One thing that the perfect logo for Facebook differs is quality. On the desktop, your Facebook profile Picture is 170 pixels by 170 pixels. Whereas, on your smartphone its 128 by 128 pixels.

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Merely speaking, Facebook provides minimal space for logos. This means, having a complicated logo that has a lot of luxurious space should never be an option. As, you design your perfect logo on Facebook, keep in mind the non-availability of space. Therefore, you should always look for elements that are easily understandable in small size, small yet easily readable fonts and bold prints.

Cover photos on Facebooks is 820 pixels in width and 312 pixels in length on computer screens. Whereas, on phones its 640 by 360n pixel in width and height respectively. Therefore, you should always get both your profile picture and your cover picture tested on both mobiles and desktops to ensure that all the things look good.

2.Things to avoid while designing your Facebook logo

Things to avoid while designing your Facebook logo

Before we get to the details of your of how you can create your perfect logo for your Facebook business, you need to understand what things you have to avoid while you create your ideal logo.

3.Read about Facebook’s Content rules and make sure you don’t violate them

Facebook is a very competitive a massively engaging social platform, has strict rules when it comes to the type of content you can post. However, your logo should not have any of the following content-

  • Sexual suggestion
  • Nudity
  • Hate speech
  • Violence or volatile content
  • Self-harming imagery
  • Threats to individual or groups
  • Spam
  • Don’t be generic

Having quite a generic Facebook logo will not get you recognition, and your account will be overlooked and ignored by millions of people on Facebook. This will result in you getting a very smaller number of likes, subscription, which will lead to lesser brand business.

4. Don’t Carelessly Resize

Don’t Carelessly Resize Facebook logo

Its not a good sign of resizing your previous logo (if any) and make it pop on your Facebook profile picture.  As already stated, scaling your image up and down with the only result in stretching them, wrapping them and making them look pixelated. A few times resizing can work as well. However, to be general, you should not go for one.

For example- if you make a JPEG file image small it will distort but in PNG it will be fine. Be careful will choosing to resize and if it doesn’t works prefer our logo maker to get a smaller version for free. (We’ll talk about Designfier’s logo maker later as we move).

5.Some tips for designing your perfect logo for Facebook

When you sit to design your perfect logo for Facebook, it might look and feel a little daunting. However, if you are in the right concept and follow all your basics well, you’re up! Below are some of the critical characteristic of your Facebook logo-

  • Keep your Fonts as simple as you can so that’s its easily readable.
  • Use the minimum number of elements needed.
  • Leave a little negative space on all sides.
  • If possible, use only symbols on your Facebook profile logo.
  • Wordmarks + Symbol will look better on the cover photo

6.How to design your perfect logo if you don’t have one?

How to design your perfect logo if you don’t have one?

If you don’t have a logo right now, don’t be disheartened because you have an advantage over this. When we say this, we mean that now you can create an entirely fresh logo according to your needs and specifications.   

If you want to design your brand-new logo, you are in the right place indeed. Designfier is committed to making your logo making journey hassle-free and as easily doable as possible. With “Designfier’s free logo maker” you can now create your perfect logo as per your choice. The best thing is that you get all the services for free that will relatively cost you a few dollars on other platforms.

Some of the salient and the most loved feature about Designfier’s logo maker according to our loved users are-

10 Amazing Tips That Will Improve Your Social Media Design
  1. Easily understandable Even if you’re a newbie and have no experience of graphics and how to design software works, you can still make yourself a great logo. The whole software is so user-friendly that all the features work well.
  2. Its not a software but a website that you can open and start working on any time, anywhere, and on any device.
  3. File upload feature Designfier provides an option of uploading your rough sketch or your previous logo so that you can redesign and edit it as well. Uploading a file is really quick and completely free.
  4. Variety of saving options At Designfier you get all the option in which you want to download you freshly prepared logo. SVG, PNG and JPEG are some of the most loved option.
  5. Share with your friend, get feedback and come back to edit Designfier never charges you anything no matter how many edits you make to your designs. Therefore, you can always get your system ready and share with friends so that you get your audience’s feedback right before the launch.

Over to You!

NOW that you know all the basic idea about why Facebook logos are so important, and you are acquainted with Designfier’s free logo maker tool, its time to get started. Follow all the basic rules that you have learnt and get yourself a lavish, elegant, and simplistic logo.

Designing the perfect logo for Facebook just a few steps away, and you should never let your ideas rust in your mind. Get started!

All the best!

Vikash is a content writer, currently active in the field of designing and brand building. He is an avid reader and a internet savvy, always keen to learn more about brands and the way they communicate with their wide audience.