Hacks for Updating your Logo Design for 2021: Delete and Start Anew, or Adapt your Old Logo?

Bouncing back into the trend by updating your logo design

Change in life is constant! So are change in the world of business, irrespective of the industry.

Perhaps, most of the credit goes to the everchanging world of time, the internet, and the way people connect. No trends last long, and every other person out there lives in FOMO (Fear of missing out). Now, we have always said that your business is not just something that pays your living, but someone who has a personality, and a standard to maintain. Therefore, don’t you feel to keep your business moving with the trends?

Your business might be one of the oldest of your times when a world like social media or the internet was not even a part of the dictionary. And now, the way of looking or judging businesses have changed throughout the globe. Hence, it’s time that your business demands change, and you bring that.

So, starting with a fresh logo isn’t a bad idea at all. Get started with bringing some vibrancy to your logo, no matter if it demands deleting and starting afresh.

But how? Well, we are here just to guide your way to that. Keep reading, and you will know it all.

Why consider Updating your logo?

You have to understand that your brand isn’t just about the products you design, or about who you are. Your brands take you, your community, demography, and your nation to a newer audience who are unknown. Hence, you got all the aura to meet and beat the competition.

Another reason for updating your logo is that your brand has won the war of time, and now needs to match the latest trend to stay with the audience.

See the below example of the history of Pepsi logo design and how the custom logo design travelled through time and still stays in trend.

Your logo design is the face of your brand and it’s not new. So, there are high chances that your logo does not accurately explain what you are, who you are, and what you offer. Because the symbols, text, or icons that you used back in your times meant something else than what it means today. See the below image, do you think with a bell today, you would ever figure out that AT&T is a telecom company?

It does not exactly imply that your logo needs to be changed. There are chances that with just a little elemental, and palette change, your logo will be able to stay trendy, classy, and in public eyes. Like? Like Apple, maybe?

The right Mindset before Updating your Logo.

When deciding to change your logo entirely or just bringing a little change in your existing logo the answer depends on a lot of factors.

When to start afresh with your logo design?

  • If your brand is completely going a change in terms of the offering, name, business strategy, etc.
  • If you are taking your business to new demography, that has a different culture or language.

When to just rev your existing logo design?

  • If you have a feeling that your existing logo is getting all that you need from it, but a little change can keep your confidence up in the market.

How to make the most after updating your logo?

Well, honestly speaking, ways of doing business have changed. So are the ways of advertising.

Make sure that your new logo is versatile enough to look good on social media handles, and on billboards, simultaneously. If your logo design certainly looks well on social media handles, but on billboards, brochures, or your business cards it fails, you fail!

Bring your logo design as much as you can before the eyes of your target audience so that you can make good use of it.

For example, you are not making any changes to your logo design, but are changing the font, bring it to the notice of your people. And, bring it in such a way that your people do not have to pay attention to figure it out, just a simple glimpse should do the job.

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How to bring a change to your logo? The ultimate question!

It depends! Depends on what you want and why you want. Sometimes, just changing your font or the primary color will win your hearts, and others have to bring an entirely new concept inspired by the former logo design.

Either way, you should start from ground level. What it means is that you should first figure who your audience is, what your competitors are up to, and what your audience expects from you.

When you sit for updating your logo design, only then would you be able to figure what and how you want to do it.

Changing your font

This might look like a needle in the grass but has a plethoric impact when it comes to logo designs. See how Google pulled it off.

Experimenting with your palette

Colors make moods. More than that it reveals your personality. Have you wondered why most of the social media site icons are blue or green in colors? Or, why most of the food and beverage companies and industries prefer green?

This is because of the simple fact that colors simply, and directly impact your psychology of perceiving things. See how Cadbury bounced with just changing its color.

 Bringing some technical changes in the primary element

If you have read our article on Pepsi Logo, you must have seen how genius the logo makers of Pepsi are. Every time they change their logo, they bring a newer logo that has some connection with the former logo. However, it still looks entirely new. Can you ever figure out the similarity in its logo only by looking at its first-ever logo design and the current logo design? Well, that’s pretty impossible!

Or, what about IBM?  

Whenever you do this, make sure that you follow some technicalities of your previous logo design. Updating your logo with such footsteps will always ensure that your brand stays in talks.

Keep the end simple, sober, and versatile!

Ensure that your logo design is simple, elegant, and classy. Make it as simple as possible, and make sure that other people understand it just in a fraction of seconds.

Also, we have already told you how important it is for you to make yourself a versatile logo. Versatility is the key to success in a fast-paced world of business competition. Therefore, always make sure that your brand is present everywhere your potential customers go.

Keep asking for feedback at every stage

Understand that your logo is not your property, it’s your people’s. Hence, make a logo that your customers will fall in love with. Do not bring your fantasy, or your favoritism into the picture. This will severely impact your logo design.

Keep taking feedbacks from your family, friends, and colleagues. Keep asking them for suggestions and work on them. Take your time to finalize your design and you will be victorious.

Back to you

Now, that you know why, how, and what to do, you must be wondering where to go to get this done.

You can do it by yourself, if you know graphics, you can do it by yourself. However, designing a logo is not just about knowing graphics, it’s much more than that. Therefore, we suggest you get a professional hired.

You can get one anywhere. You certainly have a lot of options ready. But the best one is to start a design contest on one of the crowdsourcing companies like ours, or others like Designhill, or 99Design.

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