5 ways to make a unique website that stand out on google

Why do so many websites look the same? And how do you create yours unique!

One-third of all the websites today use WordPress. With the abundance of free templates and stock images, it’s relatively easy to create a professional-looking, unique website. However, this trend has made most of the websites look akin.

Now, designers worldwide notice the faster trend of using the same kind of unique website designs when peering through tons and tons of different web pages. Also, thanks to the plethoric features, web plugins like WordPress gives. You get wide ranges of free templates, mixed colors, typefaces, decent fonts, and what not!

Today we’ve decided to share the knowledge of what are those basic and the most integral elements that make websites look so similar to each other. And we’ll also talk about how you can create a unique, beautiful, and elegant logo.

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What makes websites look similar?

What makes websites look similar? Not Unique Website

To understand this, let’s take an example. If you open a few news websites, you’ll notice s trend of the same series getting repeated in all these prominent websites. You see the name on the top, navigations in the left corner, articles on the right, and so on.

This happens because all the news websites’ authenticity is the same, and they follow the same routine, the same target audience. Nevertheless, they forget to use a different series of page designs to look website unique.

Being original is essential! Now, you can’t call it plagiarism because it looks the same. It’s not the same. But, there are a few elements that integrate and make it look that way. These are your logo positioning, navigation, the CTA, page layout, typography, color schemes, etc. We’re going to discuss this further as we read. Hang on!

A decent looking user-friendly interface does not need to follow all the rules. However, you should always be aware of everything that mixes up to become a website that looks similar to thousands of others.

1. Logo positioning

Unique website design with logo position

When it comes to website designing, there’s nothing as powerful as your logo that will grab your viewers’ attention. Therefore, one should always make sure that your logo is appropriately positioned. Now, most of the internet websites follow it using on the top-left side of the web page. Psychologically speaking, that’s the best place because anyone who visits your website will look at the same position for the first time.

Fitting a logo is common. However, how you surround it using negative and positive spaces is totally in your hands. You can stand yourself out with some creativity.

2. The Navigation

unique website website navigation

88% of websites today use a “horizontal navigation system” to enhance and make a website stand easy to explore. For the same reason, experts suggest using such navigation types that the audience is already acquainted with. And, with this similarity returns.

However, if you wish you want a good, elegant website be unique with your navigation. We’ll not suggest you go for something that people are not aware of, but you should not be a copy of any style. Explore your domains and expand your horizons. You’ll d finitely stand out.

3. Typography

unique website tropology

When it comes to any web fonts, it should be readable, bold, and easily persuasive. With massive new font types being added on the internet every day, you should be sure which one is effectively spreading your message and in which typeface. Typography is usually seen as one of the last things any web designer will ever think of, but it’s essential.

4. The CTA Button

unique website design

The CTA is the best thing that results in maximizing your website conversions. It is something that you or your designer will give a lot of preference for. A compelling CTA should be first or second person pronoun, have a sense of urgency, and be highly impactful.

Therefore, this has compelled many designers to use the same type of CTA in all the unique websites they build.  This leads to a massive amount of websites having a similar CTA layout.

5.The layout pattern

unique website layout

According to Heatmap data, most internet users tend to view a new website following one of the three patterns. The F- the way is the most common, accompanied by the Z-pattern being the second most common. Hence, as a website designer, always design your web layout according to any of these patterns.

However, do not get into copying the idea from any published website. Make your unique website using your ideas.

6.Color schemes

unique color scheme

Color is an essential ingredient in predicting and affecting the user’s mood. We have always talked about color psychology like green denotes nature, friendliness, etc. And black denoting class, elegance, and sophistication. Hence, it’s essential to use your colors right, especially when it comes to your CTA layout.

7.Mobile Optimization

unique website mobile optimization

Many people aren’t aware of this, but the web page looks different on phones than desktops. Hence, you must optimize your website to look elegant, user-friendly, and easy to access on phones. Many users, around 53%, do not still use desktops and rely on their smartphones for all their internet-related kinds of stuff.

Hence, using mobile optimization is essential. And this also leads to the usage of the same type of elements while designing a website. Doing this ends up being similar to one’s already available on the internet.

The goal isn’t to build a website. The goal is to build your business.

How to make sure you have a unique website?

You now know which road leads to the similarity in designing a logo. Hence, it’s time we talk about the cure and how you can make a unique website for yourself.

For that, we have broken down all our suggestions and experiences in small bullets to be understandable to you quickly.

Below are some of the crucial things to keep in mind-

1. Be yourself

unique website design

Always try to be smart and project yourself smartly. However, a lot of people do not try to be smart but tend to sound one. This harms your audience and will become a hurdle to spread the right message you want your audience to understand.

Hence, be who you are and show what you want rather than what people want to see. Just keep in mind to follow the style which your audience is comfortable.

2. Do not rely on free templates and stock images

privacy policy

Free templates are “free,” which means anyone in the 7 billion population can use them. Therefore, do not use free templates and stock images. If you’re in a severe business, always try investing in your website. Get a designer, and get yourself unique, not so free templates.

You can also create your templates and designs if you have the right knowledge.

3. Keep experimenting

website experimenting

One thing that will always keep you separate and out from your competitors is your courage to experiment with things and produce unique website ideas.

Experiments will not always be fruitful and may lead to contradictions. However, it will still help you stay out from the crowd, eventually getting you new clients effectively.

4. Boost! Show you insights

website insights

Many website owners do not do this, but one should always keep boosting his website always to stay engaging with their core audience. Their core audience is the ones that are very important and still need to keep in confidence. Hence, keep engaging with your peoples as they are your acceptable assets and boost your achievements.

You can do this effectively by releasing small videos and photographs from your office to achieve a little success, for example-, reaching your monthly Target.

The whole idea behind this is to be more human with your audience and not just being words, layouts, colors, and fonts.

5. Minimize user-task

unique website design

If you are looking to be effective, you need to understand your audience’s needs and take them to the page of his needs without making him do many jobs. It might sound uneasy, but it is possible to brainstorm all your ideas and invoke your conciseness to its core creativity.

Greeting goodbye, until next time

Creating a website these days is as comfortable as buying stationery. However, to create s unique website is something that needs a lot of your attention.

We’ve collated all the major or s that we think leads to most of the logos. Hoe, you can create a memorable logo following all the right things. However, do keep in mind that creation

had only one primary rule: “it has no major rules.” Hence, if you want to be completely different, you can surely be. However, be sound, simple, and useful.

All the best!

Vikash is a content writer, currently active in the field of designing and brand building. He is an avid reader and a internet savvy, always keen to learn more about brands and the way they communicate with their wide audience.