5 Type of Fitness Logos to pump up your Brand

The Basics of Creating a Fitness logo

Fitness is all about raising heart rate, pumping your adrenaline rush, and making you sweet. But, creating a fitness logo should not burn your calories.

Long gone the days when you surrounded yourself with sweaty geeks and cramped gym to stay in shape. Today, a clean and friendly fitness ambiance with a range of programs has shifted grubby weight rooms and old exercise machines.

And, the trend and transformation haven’t stopped there. Like, all other shifting industries, the fitness industry, and the fitness logo have evolved to accommodate themselves in this new way of work.

Hence, today we thought it’s a good time to bring your acquaintance to creating a fitness logo that can pump not your heart rate but your brand and make the customer come begging for your services.

But what is a good Fitness Logo?

A good fitness logo is much more than just an innovative image, the right font, and elegant colors. To get started, you need to grab attention and bring your Brand before your people (your audience). Suppose you are catering fitness services for a pregnant mom; you can’t make a steroid-packed bodybuilder knock on her door.

In simple words, it should be resonating with your target audience. Using colors and imagery that sounds appealing to your audience will help them notice your brand and feel relevant.

Also, not to forget, a good fitness logo is always memorable. Its pointless to have a direct logo that’s easy to forget. Your fitness logo must tell your audience what you do, who you are, and what they can get from your services. Trying to make your audience guess who you are and what you do will undoubtedly fail to impress them.

Hence, you got to be creative and try playing with various design elements like the colors, images, and fonts capable of telling your brand story.

The fitness logo types

Unlike gym lovers, fitness logos come in various shapes and sizes. Each one of them are based on their spectrum of target audiences. Therefore, to boost your level of creativity, we have categorized the top fitness logo design types. This will help you figure out who your target audience are and what design expectations they have from you.

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Bright Fitness Logos

If you are a gym lover or a person who works out every day, you must be knowing that working out too can get you fee torturous. And why not? Afterward, your body is firing off endorphins that have the potential to make you feel like a million bucks already. And that’s one of the several reasons why people love exercising, even if it sometimes feels quite grueling.

Now, suppose you have a fitness logo design that is bright. In that case, you’ll want them to focus on the feel-good factor of working out and escape from the negative side of things, i.e., burning muscles and aches and pains.

If you want to make that happen, you should use bright colors to uplift and highlight the positive aspect of exercising. This will make your clients feel good by just looking at the fitness logo.

For example- you can try to come with yellow, one of the most cheering colors in the palette. It is filled with all the energy it harnesses besides being the color of the light.

Hip Fitness Logo

Fitness logos today plays an essential role in branding your business and is one of the most effective methods of communicating with your potential client about who you are.

Therefore, if you are a hip fitness instructor, or a trainer who focuses on fun workouts with funky music and equipment, you can potentially shoe your that identity with an elegant, stylish logo. A trendy logo that is buzzing with different characters will always help you take yourself out from the throng and bring your brand to life.

A hip fitness logo will help your targeted clients listen to your brand story while not consuming your large space. Your fitness logo will be relatively smaller in size.

On the other hand, if you are looking forward to targeting younger audiences who are not very interested in typical gym experience but are looking for something more exciting like a CrossFit or a unique studio experience, you can show them what they want to, just with the help of your hip logo.

Fitness logos with a custom Font

Many fitness logos generally focus on images and shapes and forget about typography’s power and role, which tends to play quite a decent position in your design.

Using a custom font will allow you to inject more of a personality into your logo. No matter if it’s a bold, strong lined, authoritative font, or a font that is lean and means, it can still creatively how elegant and flexible you are. Ultimately, flexibility is one of the most structural derivatives of being fit.

Want to get a luxurious logo?

Using a custom font will help you stand out from others regarding fitness logos, especially if it is a crowded ambiance. A vast amount of fitness logo designs tend to use the same font as Helvetica, which is undoubtedly a classy-looking typeface, or Rockwell, one that is more bold and rugged.

If you use something completely different, you have the potential to stand a better chance of being noticed, and the chances of making an impact is plethoric.  

Feminine Fitness Logo

Now, if your fitness brand is targeting women who are trying to lose post-partum weight or lead a healthy lifestyle, in that case, a traditionally feminine logo may let you zero in on your potential target audience.

You must be aware that not all women sports-lover are the same. You would not target a young college student looking to get fit the same way you would nurture a lady in her late 50s. So, you need to keep versatility in your mind and think about your target audience’s location and background. Only then will you be competent to create a fitness logo that can best speak with them.

When you think about feminine fitness logo designs, the first thought in your mind that might spark is the color pink. While many professional designers agree that the color pink is undoubtedly one of the options to consider, some of your highest potential clientele might not get attracted to your fitness logo. Therefore, create a feminine logo with power, charm, and elegance and can potentially speak to the specific demography you are trying to impress.

Nutrition-focused fitness logos

Suppose you are a fitness brand that generally focuses on helping clients create a nutrition-rich diet to follow parallel to exercising to stay in shape. In that case, you go to tell this to them via your fitness logo.

No matter if you want to hint this with your logo name, using an icon of healthy food, or by going with a green color palette, there are an infinite number of ways to turn your fitness logo into a design screaming “nutrition.”

It would be best if you certainly not were scared before playing with different fonts and colors that are pairing to find the right combination for the best expression of what your brand is all about.

Designfier’s last-minute tricks to remember

If you are going to design your fitness logo, remember that you should keep your fitness logo design fresh, unique, memorable, and attractive. Below are the five exclusive tricks that are followed by most of our designers at Designfier. This will ensure that your fitness logo does not miss the spark regarding your logo designing.

  1. Be simple yet creative
  2. No more than two or three colors
  3. Use fonts that are easily readable from all end and at all size
  4. Avoid generalized images
  5. Hire a designer if you are a beginner and have no graphic design experience

Vikash is a content writer, currently active in the field of designing and brand building. He is an avid reader and a internet savvy, always keen to learn more about brands and the way they communicate with their wide audience.