3 Essential ways Packaging Design Will Change Because of Covid-19

3 ways Covid-19 will Change Packaging Design

Covid-19 needs no introduction. And it isn’t surprising how the world changed its fundamentals as the pandemic escalated. Product packaging Design, which always has remained an unsung hero, has also become one of the vital things which people have started noticing now. Earlier, the packaging was not much of an issue for consumers and sellers. However, with hovering of surface contamination has transformed how people take packaging arriving at their home.

As people firm in consuming goods and buying them, it’s in the seller to take precautionary measures to ensure the safety of the consumer. And, sellers are still trying to figure a way that is economically feasible, and healthy.

So, let’s talk about the three significant ways in which packaging designs are responding to the “new normal”. Read on!

Product packaging reworking with a shift in buying pattern

Packaging Design for Covid protection

In the middle of an ongoing pandemic, online shopping has become the safest option. Going out to stores today carry an inherent risk of virus contraction. Therefore, it won’t be wrong to say that Covid has changed the ways of shopping.

If you search and see the stats, e-commerce website traffic has significantly spiked since the pandemic started. This also means that sellers have mote packaging design to accommodate and match the rigorous shipping.

One of the significant challenges for e-commerce websites is the increased travel stages that products need to go through to stay in compliance with the Covid safety protocols. Therefore, packaging design must be aware of all the consumer demand being placed.

Packaging design that is safe and healthy

Packaging design that is safe and healthy

A pandemic is enough for people all across the globe to question the safety of shipping arriving at their home. The fear of virus contamination is tempting on the nerves. However, the CDC reassurance says that the Covid transmission to people through surface contamination hasn’t been documented yet. It further added that touching s surface with vital particles is not the primary way of the virus being spread.

This has resulted in a lot of people disinfecting and quarantining their packages before bringing them home. Hence, packaging designs need to adapt to ways that meet both the physical and psychological impact of safety and hygiene.

1.Physical Health

Packaging design for physical Health

When it comes to prioritizing health by packaging design, there’re a few points that need to be noted.

For instance, fresh grocery products need to be packed for online shopping while maintaining product integrity and hygiene. For door preservation, vacuum and the protective atmosphere is of utmost importance.

One should also keep in mind the importance of protecting products from all types of viral exposure. Hence, avoid packaging with even minor open cut.

Also, with safety in product packaging, you can make new strategic choices on packaging materials as well. However, make sure that it’s economically feasible and environmental friendly as well.

As a packaging designer, you should also be aware of the primary guidelines from the National Institutes of Health study, which date how long the virus can survive on different surfaces. For example- on cardboard, the virus can be alive for 24 hours, and up to two-three days in plastics.

Now, you can use this information as well to use less dangerous products, like cardboard. Therefore, to conclude, it will be wiser if you use paper-based packaging materials.

Adding Care through packing

2. Psychological health

Psychological health

With the overflow of all the information related to Covid-19, buyers too know the increased risk levels, i.e., from handling possibly infected products and product packaging.

In the wake of lockdown, anxiety and depression have significantly risen. Statistics say that anxiety symptoms in 2020 have increased three times as compared to that of 2019. Hygiene, along with physical and mental health, are the biggest priority of many people. Therefore, you need to spread the news of your wellbeing at your heart effectively.

A well-designed, custom and elegant packaging will always speak to customers with anxiety and reassure them.

This is as important with new sellers as with already established businesses. If you’re a new seller or going to launch a new product sooner or later, make sure that you address people’s anxiety and fear.

Every new business needs a strong branding to identify and customer loyalty. Therefore, you always have to move a step ahead of normalcy to provide that. Therefore, you should always give something extra from your end that makes your products reach safer and sounder.

So, redesign your food and product packaging design to stand and let your customers know about the steps you have taken to ensure safety and hygiene.

3. Designing sustainable product packaging

Designing sustainable product packaging

Environmental awareness is at its peak as people now have stopped reeling from pandemic included shock. So, product packaging quickly needs to adopt sustainable means to counteract damages that are being done.

Food delivery and online shopping are likely to remain high for the coming few months or maybe a year. This, in terms, makes it more critical for packaging companies to opt for sustainable packaging design means.

To do this, we have two major pieces of advice.

1. Packaging materials

Packaging materials

Prefer using biodegradable packaging materials!

Today, we have quite a few biodegradable and sustainable packaging options. Bioplastics, corn foams, and mushroom-based packaging are now available everywhere. Also, cardboard is a biodegradable substance. These aren’t just good of nature but also contains porous capable of killing viral particles quickly.

If you’re a packaging designer, you can research a few sustainable packaging options and study them. You can then learn about the cost and all the other features before you bring it to your business.

2. Prefer using reusable product packaging

 Prefer using reusable product packaging

The second pedestrian bridge to shift to a more environmentally friendly packaging practice is embracing the reusable packaging options.

Using reusable packaging design means leads to lesser wastage. Plus, s systematic infrastructure that increases efficiency and safety will make it more practical than ever.

If you want, you can also go for biodegradable printer inks for graphics and labels for your product packaging.

If you find it interesting and s good measure to opt for reusable packaging means, you can learn more about it at the Reusable Packaging Association.

Over to you!

The arrival of the Covid 19 has started a lot of new discussion between people. Whether it’s the importance of nature conservation or mental health, the virus came as a surprise and has taught me a lot about a different aspect of living.

The packaging industry is no exception. Hence, it is of utmost importance that the industry brings a few fundamental changes in its concept. Doing so will keep you updated and keep meeting customer demands without ruining its reputation.

Take this in the right direction. Product packaging will help you serve better and significantly impact these new circumstances.

All the best!

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