3 Tips To Source High Quality Logo Design Clients


Designing extraordinary logos is a talent, but sometimes this talent remains undiscovered. In some scenarios, highly skilled logo designers fail to showcase their true potential, just because they don’t find clients, who can push them to the limits. 

And this situation can lead those logo designers to think less of their talent and designs… Hence, if you are in a situation, where you have started questioning your own skills; chances are that the problem lies in the clients and not your work.

Every artists needs a constant push, a drive to achieve greatness. And without high quality clients, they can eventually lose interest in designing all together. 

Having good logo design clients is not just about the work, but the overall progression of your skillset as well. Their feedback and insights can teach you a lot about perspectives, which can help in evolving how you think and design.  

In general, finding your target audience is an easy process, however, no-one ever talks about finding the right clients. Logo designers now a days take up any project they are offered, without thinking much about it. Doing this ends up in limiting their true potential. 

Hence, it is always recommended to take up good projects (which can help you grow) instead of signing up for everything you are being offered. 

Now one might ask, how to find these good projects? Well, as a logo designer, you should start looking for high quality clients instead of good projects, because those clients will not only provide you with top-notch design projects but will also help in improving your other design related skills as well, just like we discussed above. 

Hence, in this blog, we will be guiding you on how and where to find these high-quality logo design clients. 


Logo design Clients
Portfolio Sites

When talking about anything profession related, online portfolio sites are the ideal medium to find potential employees and even employers. Same is the case with logo design clients. 

With proper profiles, you can ideally browse through what you are looking for in a client. And based on that research, you can approach those logo design clients for work as an elite logo designer. 

These portfolio sites are the best platforms to preview the possibilities of a project before making any commitments. Hence, we recommend you start your search from here. 

  • Dribble– Founded in 2009, Dribble has a goal to create a community of logo designers from all around the globe. 

This platform not only offers an opportunity to several logo design professionals, but also inspires and educates them to reach more heights and also helps logo design clients to get better designs. Hence, today, Dribble is one of the top global community for logo designers today.

  • Behance– Behance is one of the most important platforms to showcase your logo design portfolio, as it helps in connecting you with companies from all around the world. 

This brand is a part of the Adobe family; and it makes it easier for the lesser known, talented designers out there to be a part of the big firms. It makes easier for logo design clients to choose the best designer for them as well.

Both of the examples discussed above are excellent online portfolio sites which can help you find the perfect clients.


Having a website in 2021 is a must, especially if you are into art or content creation. Websites are a great medium of showcasing content without any bounds. 

The clients can get impressed by some other profile on the portfolio site, whereas if they get impressed by your website, losing that business becomes highly unlikely. 

Hence, personal websites easily have the upper hand over the portfolio sites, only if you have the reach. 

Hence, we recommend you make an artwork showcase website where you have the authority to post whatever designs you fancy without any bounds. 

With proper digital marketing and keyword management, you can even increase the reach of your website, exponentially. 

The easiest way to design a website is by availing professional help, however, you can start off with a decent CMS (content management system) to give you a head start over the others. 

Talking about CMS systems, Designfier is launching a service where we partner up with the clients in order to make website handling a better experience for them. 

Hence, if you are in the market, looking for a good CMS, Designfier’s CMS services should be the go-to for you.

And just like we discussed above, a website is not successful unless the clients find it. Hence, proper search engine optimization works as a catalyst to make that process faster. 

All you have to do is, conduct a basic research and incorporate the desired keywords into your webpage, and voila. Your website will rank higher on search engines.


Social media platforms are the best medium of showcasing your artwork. Now a days, people are making dedicated social media pages to flaunt their artistic hobbies and bag more logo design clients.

And if you are a professional, the social media step is not an option, it is a necessity. With the rise in social media, more and more people are pouring into these platforms making it a huge beacon of success.

Some of the best social media sites where you can ideally build a brand for yourself and get more logo design clients are:

  • Instagram– Almost everyone has an Instagram handle in this day and age. With loads of people spending hours on this social media platform every day, makes it the perfect medium for branding and showcasing one’s artwork. Features like groups and hashtags make search optimization way easier on Instagram, making it the perfect platform for success and getting high paying logo design clients.
  • Facebook pagesFacebook  has been around for a while now, and most of the formal clients are found on this medium. Just like Instagram, we recommend you make a dedicated Facebook page for showcasing your logo design artwork.
  • There are hundreds and thousands of popular logo design-oriented groups running on Facebook and we recommend you join them and look for potential clients there. These hubs/ forums of logo design can prove to be a great opportunity for your artwork.

In conclusion, success does not come overnight. You have to strive and work hard for it. We know you are working super hard in the industry to make a name out of it, however, that hard work might be directed in the wrong direction. Hence, we recommend you do the research and wait for the right clients to show your talent upon.

Henny Darwin is a content strategist and moderator at Designfier, one of the leading graphic design marketplaces.