Just like other artforms, logo designing is an extremely creative field where expertise and experienced craftsmanship is required. 

However, unlike other artforms, designing is not completely dependent on the artist. External elements are as essential as the logo designer, when it comes to creating online visual art. 

“A bad craftsman always blames his tools”, this phrase might be true for other artforms, but designing is heavily dependent on the tools being used. 

To an extent where bad tools might actually make the craftsman look bad. Hence, to get ahead of all the technical roadblocks, every designer should be well equipped with better tools for optimum results. 

This article will walk you through various logo designing tools which might help in stepping up your logo designing game. 

The list is divided into two parts for better understanding. Part one contains all the hardware tools you need while part two covers the latest software tools which might help with the logo designs.



We start out with the basics. Pencils are one of the main tools you need for any logo design project. These basic stationary items are extremely useful and essential for any logo designer out there. 

Any random ideas or blueprints are sketched using these pencils. This tool is not only useful and essential but affordable as well. 

Experienced designers also use colored pencils for better results. They can easily highlight the best ideas and working blueprints from the bunch using different colored pencils. 

A more efficient alternative to pencil is the mechanical pencil. 


Every artist needs a canvas for showcasing their talent. Although sketchbooks are not the ideal canvases for final drafts, however, they are extremely efficient at recording rough ideas and blueprints of the final product. 

Every stationary item on this list is essentially a tool which contributes to the brainstorming process of logo designing. 

Many modern logo designers make a mistake of brainstorming on the computer, which is simply not efficient at all.

Brainstorming requires a free mind and free-flowing hands. Stationary can simply never be topped off at providing that working essence to the designers. 



Unlike stationary, computers are a bit hard to explain. These machines can simply never be categorized as a single tool. There are various types of computers which provide different features and have different functions.

Computers (in general) are a must have tool for any modern-day logo designer. The type of computer you will get, depends completely upon your budget. 

However, I will walk you through the basics of what minimum features you should look into while purchasing a computer. The main job of any designer’s computer is to run the design software without any hiccups. 

Hence, this is the first bit you should look into, google the required specifications of your design software and research what computers will run that software smoothly, without breaking the bank.

After you have narrowed down your research to specific computers, then you should look into other factors like screen size and portability

 And the result should be determined by how you like to work as a logo designer. i.e., If you are a work from home designer, a desktop would be a wise choice, but if you are mostly on the move, going for a portable laptop might be better. 

Everything comes down to preference and determining what works out for you. 


Buying the perfect computer for your designing needs was just the beginning of your journey. Now you require some softwares for your designing some logos on that computer. 

Adobe Illustrator

This is the industry standard when it comes to softwares. Adobe Illustrator is a paid vector graphics software which is the choice of professional logo designers from all around the globe.

This feature rich powerful tool can easily run on mid-tier computers and it has all the tools you would even need to design an excellent logo. 

Although you have to pay a premium price for this software, it is well worth the money as the software optimizes itself for your device, automatically.

And the vector graphics produced by it, take up less storage space and are easily editable.   


Inkspace is the closest to Adobe Illustrator when it comes to the range of designing tools and features. However, it is completely free of cost. 

So, if you are looking for a free ultimate logo design software, this would be it. 

Inkspace allows you to create logo designs in PDF and PNG forms, which are arguably the best file formats for saving logo designs. 

This community developed graphic design software is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Hence, it can be installed and used for creating logo designs on all computers running on these operating systems. (more than 90%)


This free graphic design software is an alternative to Inkspace, where it boasts of almost the same number of tools as on that on Inkspace. 

The advantage of using Vectr is that all you need to do for getting started with Vectr is a sign up. This is a browser based, online graphic design software where one can sign up and design logos without any hassles.

Being an online logo design tool also means that it is very well optimized and will run on almost any modern computer out there.  

Another advantage of using Vectr is that the learning curve of this software is simple and easy. Although you cannot produce logo designs in PDF and PNG forms here; you can design scalable logo designs, which is a huge plus point. 

Free Fonts

Almost every logo design out there, uses fonts for optimum results. This is where different font styles come in handy. However, you cannot just hop on the internet and pick a font randomly for your logo design. Some fonts are free for use while other font styles might cost you money. 

Hence, a slight amount of research is essential before finalizing a specific font style for your brand. Never use a font style which does not have a commercial license. 

Every font style comes with a free to use license and a paid one. Hence, the choice is easy only if you do some proper research before going with it. 

Designfier’s free design tool

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Henny Darwin is a content strategist and moderator at Designfier, one of the leading graphic design marketplaces.