Logo design is singlehandedly one of the most essential brand identity elements out there. It is the medium through which people from all around the globe, recognize a brand. Hence, making a memorable logo design is one of the best investments a brand can ever make. It not only helps with the recognition but also makes a bond with the audience which helps in gaining more loyal customers.

The logo design of a brand makes an initial long-lasting impression on the potential clients which eventually helps in manipulating their decisions and purchases. Hence, we can safely say that a memorable logo design is extremely essential for running a successful business these days. And as we just discussed above, it is the core brand identity element of your brand and will essentially represent your brand on various platforms and multiple mediums.

This means that even the slightest of mistakes in the design process have the potential to ruin the entire brand identity. Hence, this blog, where we discuss all the basic principles which logo designers have to keep in mind while designing extraordinary logo designs.
This guide will basically walk you through everything you need to know, in order to turn your logo design into an excellent marketing tool.

Basic Principles Which All Logo Designers Should Consider While Creating New Logo Designs.

  • Study The Target Audience
    It goes without saying, “a brand functions for and according to its clients”. Hence, studying the interests of the audience and incorporating them into the brand identity elements in some form is a 200IQ move. Doing this not only builds a bond with the audience but also develops a welcoming brand personality. The audience will essentially start perceiving your company as a brand which listens to its people. And this is an excellent marketing strategy.
  • Study The Market
    Knowing what you are going up against, gives a huge advantage to your business. Researching your audience and doing what they did correctly is not unethical at all. Learning how to adapt to a specific niche is a phase where you can experiment freely. And studying the competition simply makes the path easier for you. One can easily avoid making common mistakes simply by learning what others did right and wrong.
    Studying the audience also sets a benchmark that eventually increases your brand’s performance. Hence, a win-win.
  • Simplicity
    Simplicity is the key to success when it comes to illustrations and visual elements of design. The reason behind this is related to how the human brain works. Our brains are calibrated in a way where simple designs are easier to recognize and memories. We also prefer simple designs over complex ones. Simple things are easy to register and remember, hence, we recommend you make a simple yet unique design.
    Simple designs can also get monotonous sometimes. There is a very thin line between designing a boring logo or a minimalistic logo and finding that perfect balance should be your first priority.
    Making simple logo designs is not about using basic font styles and incorporating elementary shapes; it is about not overdoing design elements and making something meaningful out of less elements.
  • Blueprints
    Coming up with unique ideas for every new design project is extremely tasking. And naturally, every designer faces this dilemma where they simply cannot think of innovative design ideas. If you are also going through the same issue, we recommend you start making design blueprints. Design blueprints are nothing but casual sketches of anything that comes up in your mind. These sketches will ultimately ring some bells and ideas will flow into your mind naturally.
    Consider this step as a muscle memory exercise, you might struggle to think of something new, but as soon as you hold the pencil for doodling, ideas will start flowing into your mind. Once you get a solid idea, you can then make it official by drawing it out on a logo design software. Consider Designfier’s free LOGO DESIGN TOOL for an effortless session of logo designing.
  • Color Theme
    This is the element which gives life to the overall logo design. Colors play an essential part in determining the overall feel of the logo design. The logo designer can essentially use color psychology for manipulating what the audience thinks about the brand, subconsciously.
    Colors also have the potential to transform a simple design into a unique one. Hence, we recommend you use colors according to the message you are looking to send via the logo design. For example, black represents power, hence better for representing a brand which deals with selling masculine products. Whereas pink represents tenderness, hence, better to use it for women’s products to give the right idea.
  • Typography
    This usually plays a much significant role than people think it does. Typography is also considered as an element of visual representation; Illustration is whatever form, leaves an impact on the minds of the audience.
    Just like colors, typography gives the overall design a unique essence and is hence, an equally important element of design.
    For example, using a smooth-edged font for kid’s products is excellent whereas using sharp-edged font styles for brands that sell masculine products is recommended.
  • Scalability
    Your logo design will probably be featured on multiple platforms and various mediums. And having a versatile logo ensures that the logo design looks its best on any platform whatsoever. Making sure that the logo designs are made in vector format is essential here, as vector format files are usually scalable. This ensures full flexibility without compromising and quality.
  • Check-In Black And White
    Most inexperienced logo designers make the mistake of not checking their logo design in black and white. Just like in scalability, checking a logo design in black and white ensures that it looks good regardless of whatever medium it is being incorporated on.
    Naturally, the logo design goes in newspapers and pamphlets where the theme is usually black and white. And in this situation, if the design is not tested for black and white, the audience will probably not recognize it at all.
  • Memorability
    One of the main features of a good logo design is that it is memorable. Designing a memorable logo ensures that the clients can easily recognize the brand’s logo from the masses. This factor ensures better brand recognition and brings in more loyal customers. Making a memorable logo design also ensures that the audience is thinks about your brand subconsciously. This will eventually help you in manipulating their purchase behaviors.
  • Timeless
    Every logo design should be made in such a way where it can potentially stand the test of time. Updating your brand logo every once in a while, is not ideal at all. This not only brings extra unnecessary work on the shoulders of your logo designers, but also gives a wrong impression to the public. Changing the brand logo frequently makes the overall brand identity of the company look bad. Which is not good for the business.
    Consider any established brand out there, their logo designs have not changed much for the past decades or even century (for Coca-Cola).
  • Avoid Trends
    Avoiding trends is a complete must for all logo designers out there. If one makes a trendy logo design, they basically have to update it as soon as the trend ends which also violates out previous point. However, there is a loophole in this situation; if you are keen on following trends, you can make variations of your main logo design which helps in killing two birds with one stone. Bym doing this, your base design will stay the same and you will have multiple trendy logos for different events. Hence, ensuring recognition and that extra pizazz.

Take Help From Professionals
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Henny Darwin is a content strategist and moderator at Designfier, one of the leading graphic design marketplaces.