6 Tips to Create A Powerful Logo For Your Business

How To Create A Powerful Logo Shape

Powerful Logos are the most essential part of a brands identity. In most cases, people recognize a brand just by looking at its logo design.

Now, there are millions of logo designs present in the modern world, one might wonder what makes all of them unique yet distinct enough to be recognizable out of the masses. Given that there are only a few options in terms of logo shapes to go about.

A powerful logo design looks simple and elegant; however, designing it is not an easy task by any means. The design professionals make the designing bit look easy.

Hence, if you are designing your brands logo and want to make it a huge success, this list will help in simplifying the designing basics for you. This blog will potentially simplify logo design shapes for you.


PERCEPTION OF LOGO SHAPES                                       

Humans perceive shapes differently. Every shape has a different effect on our subconscious minds.

Hence, designers can use this effect to their advantage for making meaningful and powerful logo designs. Everything from straights to circles to even jagged edges, send a different subconscious message which should be used appropriately for best results.

For example, the Nike swoosh is a combination of curves ending in a sharp edge which implies movement.

powerful logo
Nike Swoosh
  • Let us discuss the psychological effect of some shapes in detail:
  • Circles, ovals, and ellipses or shapes with curves in general radiate positivity and warmth. Circles in a logo design indicate friendship, love, unity, and relationships. Whereas using rings in a logo design suggests marriage and partnership which implies stability.
    Curves in general, send out a feminine subconscious message.
  • Straights and edges (like squares/ triangles) imply stability and balance. These shapes give out a masculine vibe subconsciously. If you want to give your logo design, a strong and professional look, solid edges should be the go-to for you.
  • Our minds are calibrated in a way where we perceive vertical lines as being aggressive whereas horizontal lines are calm.
  • These effects are not just limited to the logo shapes but the typography as well. Using typefaces with smooth edges gives a youthful appeal to the logo design whereas strong edges suggest aggression and movement.


Just as we discussed above, shapes have a huge impact on how we perceive logo designs. And in order to use appropriate shapes in your logo design, proper research and knowledge about the brand is required.

The shapes used in the logo design should never send the incorrect message to the audience. The ultimate goal of studying and using proper shape psychology is to multiply the visual appeal of a logo design.

Improper use might even take away some good bits from a powerful logo design. Hence, knowing your brand inside out is essential for proper use of shape psychology.
For example- If your brand is fitness based and you sell gym equipment’s, using sharp edged shapes will benefit you more than using curves. Moreover, adding bold colors to a masculine shape will increase the effectiveness exponentially.


WWF Logo
WWF Logo

According to a study from the 1920s, “the human brain unifies visual elements to form a whole image which has a more significant meaning.”

In simpler words, humans tend to form patterns out of similarly shaped objects, while objects that differ from the group become a focal point of the image.
Hence, if your logo design has an incomplete object but there is enough detail for the human eye to make a whole picture, the subconscious mind will automatically connect the dots.
Take the WWF panda logo for example; the powerful logo design uses closure principle of the gestalt theory to describe a panda, regardless of the image being incomplete.
Hence, once you understand every shape in your logo design, you will be able to covey a way deeper and meaningful message.


A basic yet an essential element required for any design project is simplicity. Nothing transfers your ideas better than simplicity. It makes your logo designs elegant and unique but most importantly, conveys the right message clearly and effectively.

An ideal way of achieving simplicity is by stopping overdoing things and incorporating multiple ideas into one. One cannot achieve a simple yet powerful design without any brainstorming.

Hence, spend some time on the drawing board, make one design which represents them all, subtract the extras and work on the necessaries.
A simple logo design coveys a better message and is more memorable.


Having proper knowledge about grids and structures can essentially step up your logo designing game. Using proper alignments and measurements in a logo design can add on to its appeal.

You should know about the golden ratio phenomenon. This golden ratio is used as a standard to determine the beauty of any visual representation.

Hence, you can check your existing logo design for the golden ratio, or make a new logo design with keeping the golden ratio in mind. Anything around 1:1.618 puts your logo design at a sweet spot.
Symmetry is also extremely essential unless you are experimenting with your logo design. Having symmetry in your logo design is a safe play as the human brain perceives symmetry as being attractive.


NBC Logo
NBC Logo

Just like we discussed above, using gestalts theory into your design elements is essential to make the overall design look witty. One can multiply this effect by using the Gestalts principle in the negative space of their logo designs as well.

Negative space is nothing but the space in a design which does not contain any visible content but is extremely essential for maintaining a proper balance in the overall logo design.

In some scenarios, designers use this negative space to make visual representations of hidden images which add on to the overall appeal of the design. For example, the NBC logo has utilized its negative space to take the shape of a peacock.

Hence, you can use something similar in your logo design that resonates with your brand and adds to the overall appeal of the logo.

Hence, you can shape your logo design for optimum results using this list. This information is essential even if you are getting your logo designed professionally, as it allows you to make better and sound decisions for the overall success of your brand.

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Henny Darwin is a content strategist and moderator at Designfier, one of the leading graphic design marketplaces.