The world has become a highly competitive place for the survival of any brand out there. The only differentiating factor between these brands is their brand identity and brand image. A company’s logo is the most crucial element of its brand identity. This is the factor that places a brand apart from its competition. Hence, it is essential to invest several hours on the drawing board in order to design a memorable logo that resonates with the brand and its clients. A logo is nothing but a graphic symbol which represents a brand and its primary objective is to make that brand recognized throughout the world.

A memorable logo design turns potential clients into loyal customers. Hence, it should be designed in a way, where people can interpret the meaning behind it just by looking at it. For Example, have a look at this logo

memorable logo
Nike Logo

Designing a unique and memorable logo is not just about its colour or typography, but it is about how well it connects with the objectives of the company.

Before uncovering the major elements which affect a logo design, let us consider some basic ones which contribute in making a memorable logo.

  • Bold, remarkable, memorable and appropriate
  • Recognizable (immediately)
  • Provides a consistent image of the company
  • Communicates the company’s persona
  • Legally Protectable (avoid plagiarism)     
  • Has enduring value
  • Works well across media and scale
  • Looks remarkable in black and white

Now let us elaborate some more on these points and discuss some new ones which are essential to make a memorable logo design.


Perception of any visual element is extremely subjective. Different people perceive a specific logo design differently. It might be a memorable logo design to some people whereas to others, it might look like an ordinary logo. Hence, it is essential to keep things simple while designing a memorable logo so that no one gets the wrong idea.

Simplicity speaks volumes. Keeping things simple gives your brand a clean and professional look which is highly profitable for the company. Moreover, a simple yet memorable logo design gives a sense of hospitality to the brand which makes people trust your corporate environment even more. Consider any established brand out there, all of them have a simple logo that helps in propagating the right idea to the audience.

Hence, your logo should be simple which gives the right idea to the viewers instead of being complex which confuses people. Always remember, “The more clear, and simple the core essence, the more clear and simple the communication, the more quickly the prospective customer will understand what is intended”


Knowing how the brand functions before starting out with the designing process are essential for making a memorable logo design. It is important to know the brand inside out before attempting to make anything that will represent it in the future.

Everything including the brand’s personality, theme, ideology, etc. should be considered before designing a logo as it is essential to make something that resonates with the target audience.

Designing a memorable logo is all about how well people connect with the brand, and to achieve that, it is essential to have something unique which sets the brand apart from the competition.


A memorable logo design goes hand in hand with the base theme of a brand. The logo should always match with the brand’s personality in order to amplify the message propagated by it.

Hence, it is safe to say that the key to making a memorable logo is to create a brand identity that is unique and revolutionary at the same time. Your logo should be the mirror reflection of the brand’s identity.

It should be a medium through which the target audience can recognize you between the masses. For example, airline company logos are fairly similar when compared to the competition as the basic idea behind all of them is to propagate air travel. Hence, almost all of them have an aeroplane or an air-related element in the logo.


The key to success in the corporate world is consistency, be it your services or even your brand identity. Hence, it is essential to stick with a theme. This makes brand recognition bliss and also creates a strong personality at the same time. But make sure that the colours you choose, match the brand’s identity.

Use the psychological effects of colours to your benefit. Nothing should cancel out other crucial aspects in the logo design or be an extra. Hence, the key to making a memorable logo design is to use colour schemes that match the overall brand personality.

For example, if your brand is related to selling products that occur naturally, use earthly colours in your theme and logo design.
Using colours properly and effectively acts as a catalyst in making a memorable logo design.


The main element of designing a memorable logo is making something that stands out from the crowd. Human minds are calibrated in such a fashion where things that look different are the most efficient in catching attention. Take an apple, for example, the logo design for a multibillion infamous brand is just an apple. This is the unique we are talking about.

Hence, it is recommended to play around with different colours and shapes in order to achieve something which can be classified as being a memorable logo design.
Rules are meant to be broken, play around with the standard logo designing rules to make something different, go off the books if necessary. This is the ultimate way of creating something unique.


These days, logos come in different shapes and forms according to the purpose they are meant to serve. Design something, which matches your brand’s theme. The logo can either be just the logo name in a fancy font or a unique symbol or design which stands out. The decision is up to you, decide what resonates more with the brand, pick something which is the proper representation of the brand.

Choosing your brand’s name for the logo is an ultimate choice for newcomers, as they do not need a lot of brainstorming in order to design a memorable logo. However, this does not mean that a brands name is not a good choice for the long run. Consider well-established brands like rolls Royce, they started out by having their brand name as the logo but then evolved and make a unique symbol as well. The ideal choice should be to have both the brand name and the symbol as the logo. This makes the logo easier to scale and it becomes easily recognizable in the masses.


Future-proofing a logo is as essential as making a perfect one. A logo design that is trendy at the moment but looks obsolete in the future is not a good design at all. It is natural to have evolved in the basic logo design for your brand but having to redesign a new one every now and then just to make it stand up to the competition is never a good thing.

The only time when a brand redesigns their logo should be when they are making drastic changes to their brand’s identity. People recognize brands by their logos and changing them frequently will affect the brand’s persona.
Hence, it is suggested to not take inspiration from trends while making a memorable logo. Take ideas from established brands and design something which can stand the test of time.


As we discussed earlier, perception is subjective. What looks good and unique to you might look like an average logo to someone else. You are not designing something which looks pleasing to your eyes only. Hence, taking opinions from others is a must. This will help in evolving a basic design into a memorable logo design.

Take feedback from the clients and all the criticism should be taken positively in order to keep the working environment progressive. They know more about the brand than you do and their suggestions will be valuable in making a better logo. If you want to take the feedback process to the next level, consider going on social media for reviews and suggestions. This will give a general idea about how the clients will react to a specific logo.

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In conclusion, these were some tips which can surely assist you in making a memorable logo design. Incorporating them in your logo design will help in leaving a long-lasting impression on the viewer. Hence, making a remarkable and memorable logo design is all about having a unique perspective and most importantly, keeping things simple.

Henny Darwin is a content strategist and moderator at Designfier, one of the leading graphic design marketplaces.