8 Ultimate Web Design Flaws And How To Counter Them

Websites are essential for any business out there. It has numerous advantages and has an overall positive impact on the business. 

Moreover, a website acts as a gateway for clients from all around the world, to access your business and avail your services.

All business-oriented websites in general, exist to attract and engage prospective buyers and existing customers. 

And this is where brilliant website design comes into play. However, many business owners tend to skip web design all together and focus on the website content only. Which is a huge mistake. 

Studies have shown that majority of online buyers notice web design before noticing the website content.

And clearly, if the web design looks rather mediocre, they will simple skip noticing the website content. Hence, a proper web design is as essential as the content which goes onto the web page. 

Web design not only affects the aesthetics of your online store, but it also does various other tasks which have a positive impact on the business. For example, attract traffic, generate leads, and increase sales. 

This blog is dedicated towards some flaws which might be affecting the success of your online business. 

web design
Web Design


An unoptimized website is the last thing anyone would visit to but products. Not only is it highly inconvenient for your potential buyers, but it also sends the wrong message about the hospitality of your brand.
Slow loading websites are a huge problem especially when there is another online store which is well optimized and loads way faster as compared to your website. 

Hence, for a better user experience and a higher search engine ranking, work on your website’s optimization and load times. 

Some methods of boosting the loading speed of your website are:

  •  enable browser 
  • deactivate unused 
  • enable file 
  • choose the right host (sometimes the issue is not on your end)


The biggest bottle neck on your website which slows down the loading process are media files. These files in general can take up a lot of space which eventually weighs down the website and causes it to load slowly.

However, one cannot simply run a website without any media files because the ultimate result will be the same (uninterested visitors).

Hence, one way to counter this problem is by reducing the size of the media files and using good external hosts to host the website. 


In general, websites have a lot of content which can simply never be compiled in a single webpage. Hence, websites have subpages for those contents.

 Although the majority of the important content is on the home page, some visitors might need to explore further into the website. 

In this scenario, a website with proper navigation will prosper whereas the website which makes it complicated for the visitors, will have a tough time. 

Hence, proper website navigation is essential. Consider any established website out there, each and every single of them have a proper navigation system in place to lead the potential buyers. 

Some ways to counter poor website navigation are:

  • Avoid long forms
  • Use proper 
  • Present fewer 
  • Be consistent


According to various studies, approximately 70% people browse the internet on a mobile device.

 Thus, websites which are optimized for the mobile user are usually more successful than the websites which are not mobile friendly

Most business owners in general focus their web design towards the desktop users, which according to various studies is a huge mistake.  

In some cases, business owners are confused to an extent where they assume, what works for desktop should work for mobiles. 

This is not true at all, mobile phones function different from desktops. Information displayed on a desktop takes on a smaller shape on a mobile device. 

Hence, your business is missing out if it is focused only towards the desktop users.


Too much of anything is bad; even content. Although there is no penalty on how much content a website can have; having too much on a single webpage might cause some issues. 

Hence, the ideal solution here is to balance out the content between several webpages. This way, the website will be able to provide smaller chunks of contents with proper search engine optimization. Another alternative is to have a scalable web design which can allow users to manage the content thrown at them. 


Headings are essential for a website. They not only describe the content but also help in making SEO easier. Hence, a website without any headings shows a flaw in the web design.

 Apart from being one of the first thing anyone notices on a website, headlines are crucial for the overall better performance of the website.

Headlines not only help with website optimization but also make navigation easier for your potential clients. Some advantages of having proper headlines in a web design are:

  • helps in SEO
  • Good for mobile users
  • makes the website accessible
  • makes the content easier to read


Pop-ups and advertisements are always annoying on the part of the users. However, website owners can not remove them completely as well. Advertisements are a great medium of passive income and removing them completely is not a wise choice at all. On the other hand, pop-ups are great digital marketing tools which can essentially help in generating leads and increasing sales. 
The only possible solution in this situation is to not exploit the feature and avoid using too many pop-ups and ads. When it comes to an overall better web design, user experience should always take a higher spot in your priority list than advertisements and pop-ups. 


Colors are one of the most essential elements for a web design. They help in bringing life to a dull webpage and are also a vital communication tool which can essentially influence the purchase behavior in clients.
People tend to stick with websites which give out a positive vibe through its color combinations. On the flip side, negative color combinations are a huge drawback for the web design. Hence, colors not only affect (eye pressure, mood, concentration, metabolism, and blood pressure) in your visitors but also tend to influence the success of your web design. 

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