Buying products offline gives you an additional option to chat with a salesperson. This interation with the salesperson influences your purchase decisions or makes the choice easier for you at least.

However, when talking about buying products/ services online, the entire medium changes. The overall process of buying and selling stays the same, but due to the shift in platforms, the factors involved with the process also changes(salesperson, third parties, etc.).

Hence, in the online medium, the consumers simply cannot talk to the sellers or salespersons, which results in them being confused while making purchases and here service page comes into play. 

This issue introduces new opportunities where the website/ ecommerce store owners can use chatbots on their web pages and some even opt for a proper customer services, to guide their customers through their purchase extravaganza. 

Because 83 percent of clients want assistance while completing an online purchase, online customer service has become quite important. Also, 89 percent of buyers refrain from purchasing from online companies that do not give excellent customer care. Hence, this blog, where we discuss some tips which will help you in stepping up your customer service page game. 


A customer account feature on a website is critical for eCommerce and SaaS businesses in particular. And, if you believe that client accounts are solely beneficial to these certain firms, you need to reconsider.

Customers want to be remembered, regardless of the sort of business. Customer accounts with simple set-up and login features allow you to greet and pamper login customers.

These accounts can also provide some level of personalization. It might be anything from a unique avatar to an informative dashboard. To add personal touches, you don’t have to think beyond the boundaries. This profile may also be used to have a better understanding of your consumers and what they anticipate from you.


Service page
Service Page

Just like we discussed above, chatbots are essential for your customer service page, they come in handy when no real service personnel is online. Being able to assist the clients while no one can actually attend to them is a boon for your business. Moreover, ensure that customer encounters with your firm and employees are pleasant.

This is one of the most effective strategies to gain client loyalty. However, chatbots cannot do all the heavy lifting. Any sane individual can differentiate between technology and a real person within a few minutes.

Hence, the role of the chat bots on your customer service page should be assisting and segregating the customers according to their needs so that real personnel can provide them with further assistance.

When we consider it, combining the live chat outsourcing crew with the chatbot is really helpful in the long run. Because of their features, quality assurance will be on par with these applications being merged. Hence, leverage live chat and chatbots are extremely essential for running a smooth business. 


Your customers access the customer service page only when they are in a dilemma and want some help. Having a confusing design or complex customer service page can lead to more distress to the customers.

Hence, keeping things simple and working should be your utmost priority. The optimal assistance choice for a perplexed consumer is determined by three factors: who they are, what their problem is, and what resources the organisation has to assist them.

You can have your chatbots do the basic segregation, which will allow the live personnel to assist the customers in a faster and more effective way. For example, if a user is having trouble changing his password, he might be better served by using the pre-posted document rather than waiting to speak with an executive and receiving the same paper in return.

Similarly, dealing with irate customers over the phone is the most effective approach to diffuse their rage. It’s possible that you don’t want a robot to converse with them. Hence, making smart moves will not only make the day easier for your clients, but will also be a huge help to your customer support team.


There are times when you may need to ask your consumer to wait. They may have to wait as the page loads or when a customer care representative searches for something, or their account is being set up by a professional.

These wait times can lead to the customers becoming cranky and restless.

This is where small web games come into play, or something interactive which can divert the minds of your clients from the long wait times.


There are cases where multiple customers face the same problems, or are having similar questions most of the time. This is where an FAQ section on the customer service page will come in handy.

Having a dedicated FAQ section will help in clearing the doubts and issues of about half the clients, looking for assistance. It’s one of the most basic yet effective methods to offer relevant material to aid clients with their questions.

You should always categorize your FAQ section so that your clients can locate what they’re seeking for easily. This section should be visible across all of your platforms, including social media, your website, and your blog. Both you and your customers will save time by doing so.


This goes hand in hand with what we discussed above. There might be times where the clients will have to wait for sometime in order to get their queries answered.

And getting frustrated while waiting for assistance is quite normal if the services are taking up a lot of time. Unless your organization provides real-time service, it’s a good idea to let clients know how long they’ll have to wait.

It becomes easier for them to determine how to proceed once they know the projected time. It also increases their likelihood of receiving a response rather than leaving the website all together.


If you keep up with social media, you may have noticed that video material has taken over the internet worldwide. More videos are being seen than ever before.

After all, it’s a fantastic method to exchange information in a simple, effective, and timely manner. Video is quite good for folks who want to learn things visually. If you’re trying to address an issue, develop a short, stand-alone film to keep customers interested.

Furthermore, when a single film focuses on a single subject, organisation and categorization become much easier.

These demos and webinars look to be quite useful and handy when they are placed to the customer care website.


If you are struggling with the progress of your customer service page and your clients are leaving unsatisfied; maybe it’s time that you consider taking professional assistance.

Professionals know the ins and outs of the industry and the can single handedly help in revamping the overall appeal of your customer service web page.

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Henny Darwin is a content strategist and moderator at Designfier, one of the leading graphic design marketplaces.