6 Brand Packaging Tips To Increase Customers


Brand packaging is the ideal medium of spreading brand awareness. It takes your brand’s identity elements all around the globe, hence, nailing brand packaging is a must. 

When we talk about any brand identity element, our main focus is on making the aesthetics pop, so that it can have an initial long-lasting impression on the minds of the consumers.

 Same is the case with brand packaging, a well-designed brand packaging has the potential to bring in a lot of loyal customers. 

A neatly designed package can boost the appeal of the brand exponentially. It not only does the publicity for your brand, but also shows the hospitality of your company. 

Hence, the brand packaging should reflect what your brand does and what it stands for.

Having a well-designed brand package is more than just brand recognition. It is about building that special bond with the customers. 

Packaging also helps in bringing life to your products which makes them look much more appealing when compared to dull packaging. 

In conclusion, brand packaging adds a lot of value to your brand, in terms of aesthetics, client relationships and even brand advertisement.

In this blog, we discuss some branding tips which are guaranteed to make a positive mark on your audience. But before going further, let us lay down a foundation for your brand packaging adventure. 

How to make the most out of brand packaging?

Branding is one of the most difficult jobs when it comes to building a brand. This is the phase which requires a lot of skill, brainstorming and ideas. 

Hence, nailing your brand packaging in the very first attempt is not expected at all. It is a gradual process where the initial designs are evolved into something more consistent and jaw-dropping.

Let us make a small plan on how any newcomer should attempt brand design.

Ideally, the first step is to set a goal. Having a general idea about what direction to start in is crucial if you want to reach the destination. 

Hence, keep your brand identity in mind and determine where you want to go with it. Give your project a general direction and work from there. 

When it comes to brand identity, considering customer feedback is a must. We recommend you use the brand identity as is, and work on the aesthetics to amplify its overall appeal. 

Brand identity should work as a catalyst in providing a better packaging experience to your customers. 

Now as we are aware about the basics of brand design and packaging, let us discuss some tips on how you can improve and develop your brand packaging. 

Test Shipment-Friendly Packaging

There is no point in investing hundreds of hours into brand packaging if the package cannot withstand the journey. The quality of your product would not matter if it shows up on the customer’s doorstep in a rough shape. It will result in dissatisfaction, bad reviews, and a poor brand image in the community. 

Although there are different packaging scenarios based on the products you are selling, we will recommend the simplest and most straightforward fixes for the problem. 

If your products receive minimal damage to the packaging while shipping, we recommend you use two boxes for the delivery process.

 An outer box which will endure the shipment torture and an inner box where your brand packaging steals the show. 

However, in case your product itself is getting damaged on the journey, we recommend you use packing material inside the packaging to ensure the safety of the product.
Whatever solution you are going with, make sure that your brand’s illustrations and logo design is visible at all times for best results.

Using Environmental Friendly Packaging Materials

Saving the environment is essential even if your brand is not based on it. Taking this step in the right direction will not only be morally correct but will also send the right message to the community. Your brand will essentially gain more respect from the customers. 

Studies have shown that about 70% people are willing to pay slightly more for environmentally friendly packaging.

Hence, the use of non-biodegradable materials like plastics or other materials which harm the environment should be avoided. Using environment friendly materials will turn heads in the community, which will bring more attention to your brand packaging. And because of this, you will be able to showcase your latest brand designs with ease.

Unboxing Experience

brand packaging

When it comes to packaging, not everything is about brand design. User friendly packages are more successful than packages which have an appealing outer layer but are bland on the inside. 

At the end of the day, good packaging will result in satisfied customers. And this is possible only when the entire unboxing experience feels different and special.

Sure, your brand design should look jaw-dropping and revolutionary, but it should also not give a fake premium effect. 

Opening a beautifully designed box which is bland on the inside will eventually kill the hype created by the brand design. 

Continuity is everything, and your packaging should maintain that continuity inside-out by doing something with a twist.

This twist could be a special color theme or decorated inserts or even a thank you letter to the customer. Every tiny details counts in order to make a difference. 

Tell Your Story

Every brand identity element becomes special when it is connected with the roots of the brand. Same is the case with brand packaging. 

Telling your brand’s backstory through design makes that design special. It also helps in making that special bond with the customers. 

Expressing something as personal as the story of a brand by the virtue of design, makes the audience feel special.

There is no ideal way of telling the entire story through a small piece of design. However, you can try to make something special by connecting characters, graphics or even phrases based on the brand. Let the customers join the dots, give them some text pieces about the history of the brand. 

Tell them how their product was made. Using colors and illustrations also work wonders.

Stand Out From The Competition

Making a mark for your brand in a community filled with thousands of other brands doing the same thing, is hard. Hence, the ideal way to avoid being called a knockoff is to do something unique.
Taking a different approach is challenging, but the reward is always exponentially better.
The best method to approach this situation is by researching the community. Study what your competition is doing and think what you can do differently. 

Work on the packaging and spice up the brand design. Put more emphasis on the aesthetic factors of your brand packaging. 

Doing things better than the competition should not stop at packaging, do your homework, and come up with better solutions. And remember, ordinary things do not have the potential to turn heads. Hence, take risks and design something extraordinary. 

Take Professional Help

If you are relatively new to designing and are not certain about how your ideas will perform; Availing professional services should be your go-to. 

Talking about professional services, crowdsourcing is the most hyped phenomenon in the design world right now. Logo design contests should be your go to if you want to save time and money while designing the ultimate packaging design for your products.

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The company caters with designing needs for all brand identity elements. That way, you won’t have to worry about package designing at all.

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Henny Darwin is a content strategist and moderator at Designfier, one of the leading graphic design marketplaces.