Cost for Logo Design – Detailed explanation

A good logo is the most important element of your brand’s identity. It is the factor which reminds people about your company. Hence, it’s essential to invest time and most importantly,” money” while designing something which represents your brand. So, how much will it cost to redefine what your brand stands for? Let’s find out.


Creation method

You can avail yourself of online services and graphics editors which are the cheapest options available in the market. Or, taking professional help from designers and branding agencies can get you the desired results at a relatively higher logo design price.

Designer’s level

While taking the professional route, you have the option to choose from different designers who have varying experiences in their fields. Experienced artists generally come at a higher logo design price as compared to their less experienced counterparts.


When ordering a logo design offline, the prices generally vary depending upon your geographical location. The cost is higher in the bigger cities as compared to the smaller towns.

Number of corrections

It is natural that sometimes you don’t get the desired result. Maybe the design comes out completely different than you were expecting, or you want some edits or error fixes. The final cost may vary depending upon what changes were altered or how many times you got the design changed.

Services packages

These are the limited-time offers or special offers provided by the designing agencies. The offers are generally worth it, as they provide multiple designs in a single package. i.e. business cards, envelopes, etc. along with the main logo design. Moreover, offers are generally more profitable as compared to availing the services separately at a non-discounted price.

Until now, we have uncovered the factors which have a direct influence on the overall cost of logo design.

Now, let us discuss some ways by which you can design the ideal logo for your brand

Design Agencies

These agencies are what you should consider if you want to get professional help in making your brand’s logo design. These professionals generally offer all kinds of designing services in form of packages or even individual contracts. Moreover, these guys are well equipped with all the modern tools required to deliver the expected results. They are also aware of the latest trends in the market and can guide you in getting the best bang for your buck.

However, the only drawback of design agencies is the price. If your business is small or just starting out, this might not be the route for you as the prices can range from $3,000 to tens of thousands of dollars. Their services can also be time-consuming because of the extensive research and paperwork which goes into designing your logo. Before considering any agency for their services, you should always do your homework on them. Read reviews from other customers, check surveys, etc.

Freelance Designers

If you are in the market looking for professional help, but can’t afford the costs of designing agencies, freelance designers are the best alternative for you. These designers are basically the same as what you get in agencies, but here, they come at a lower cost as they are not tied up in contracts with big agencies. Services and costs of freelance designers are based on their experience levels. The experienced guys come at a higher price as compared to the newcomers.

Taking any route, be it agencies or freelance designing, you will receive the same result. The major differentiating factor is the price. These services start from 200 dollars and can go up to thousands of dollars depending upon the experience factor. You can freely coordinate with your designer upon the delivery dates and logo-making process in general.

However, as these guys are not connected with any big-name agencies, the chances of them not obeying deadlines or not providing the promised results are pretty high. Hence, it is advised that you should do a complete background check on these designers before availing of their services.

Talking about logo designs, crowdsourcing is the most hyped phenomenon in the design world right now. Logo design contests should be your go to, if you want to save time and money while designing an outstanding logo for your brand. Designfier can assist you with organizing these logo design contests at an astonishing price for the services they provide. For a revolutionary price of just $99, you can ideally design a bright future for your brand. The company caters with designing needs for all brand identity elements. Hence, you can never go wrong with choosing Designfier. Let the professionals do the heavy lifting for you.

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Online Services

If you have a strict budget for branding, you might want to consider making a logo yourself. There are many online logo-making platforms where you can design a logo for yourself. i.e.Designfier. Designing a logo on these websites is a simple and easy task because of the wide variety of pre-designed templates and themes to choose from.

The logo design process here takes very less amount of time as compared to the other paid services and you can edit the results as per your requirements almost instantly. Small businesses should always try this option out as it will give them an idea about logo designing which is either free of cost or at a relatively cheaper price.

Independent Logo Development

If you are well equipped with the skills required for designing a logo yourself, you can try out specific graphic editing software for designing your logo. Making a logo on these software’s is completely free of cost, considering you exclude the initial cost of buying the software.

Going this route will make you in charge of the entire logo-making process and you will be able to customize the logo as you please. Make it from scratch or edit an existing one, you have the tools at your disposal. Some software that provides these services are Adobe Illustrator. It comes at a monthly price of $20.99. But you can also use it to make other brand identity elements like business cards, envelopes, etc. Hence it is by far the most affordable way to design a logo in 2021 if you have the required skills for it.


The most important factors to be considered when choosing a logo creation method are the budget, deadline, and expectations.

Budget– If you have a logo designing budget less than $100, consider choosing online generators or independent development with graphic editors. If you can shell out more than $100 up to a few thousand dollars, go for freelance services or design agencies. Whatever method you choose, make sure that your decision is backed up with proper research about their services.

Time– If you are running low on time and you need a logo as soon as you can, consider using online services. These services provide you with various examples and premade templates to work on. Working with any agencies or freelance artists is time-consuming. Hence, consider availing of their services only when you have the time and cash for it.

Ideas– If you have the basic idea about what you want in the logo, it is better to choose a designer for it, or make it yourself on illustrator, given that you have the skills required for the task. If you are unsure about what you want in your logo, it is better to choose online services where you can take ideas from predesigned templates.

Usage– If you are in the market, looking just for logos, it is better to stick with online services or illustrators. However, certain agencies provide highly profitable offers and packages for entire corporate identity designs which can include business card designs, envelope designs, and much more along with the logo design

In conclusion, making the perfect logo for your brand is not about the money at all. Nike paid $35 for their revolutionary logo whereas Pepsi paid $1 million for theirs. Hence, go with what clicks with you.

Your logo should be the perfect representation of your brand. However, there is also no harm in shelling out even a few thousand bucks to make the perfect brand identity for your company. AND there is nothing better if you can design the perfect logo and save up some cash in your struggling days to invest it in something profitable.

Paying more today for establishing your brand is always profitable in the long run. The logo design price should always be considered as the best investment your company will ever make.