12 Great Tips to Level Up Your Logo Design Ideas

How To Come Up With Better Logo Design Ideas

Designing the most important aspect of your brand’s identity can be a challenging task. Considering that it should represent the brand flawlessly and look unique at the same time.Coming up with the ideal logo design ideas without any plan can be catastrophic. 

There are no set rules on how one should design their logo. However, having a guide to help you out with the brainstorming part can be a huge advantage. 

Penning down thoughts and sketching the wildest of logo design ideas are both a part of the same guide.

Hence, this blog, where we make the entire process easier for you. But before jumping into the details, lets discuss what makes a great logo. 

What Makes A Great Logo?

“The primary function of any logo is to identify and represent it’s brand flawlessly.” Every brand out there is unique and so are their logos. 

Hence, determining a set path for logo designing is not ideal at all. Just like the journey of any brand, designing the perfect logo should be a unique quest without any set guidelines…. Then why this article you ask?

Well, having set rules is clearly unfair, however, if those general rules can amplify the aesthetics of your basic logo design, there is no harm in considering them. Almost all the revolutionary and established logos are based on these simple yet highly efficient guidelines. Hence, it is safe to say that, following them would step up your overall logo design. 

Some principles which apply to all outstanding logo designs are:

  • Simplicity
  • Memorability 
  • Versatility
  • Timelessness
  • Appropriate


logo design Ideas
Complex to Simple

Simple is unique and elegant. These designs have the ability to convey messages flawlessly without any hiccups in the process. 

Human brains are calibrated in a way where simple things look aesthetically pleasing and understanding the messages hidden in simple designs is easier when compared to complex designs. 

We can take the logo design ideas of any established brand for example. Their logos are simple and easy to remember. 

Some brands which started out with having a complex logo design have transitioned into a simple logo for better results. 

Take brands like Nike and McDonalds for example. Both their logos are extremely simple yet catchy.


The Memorability factor of logo design continues on the point of being simple. Brand logos are incorporated in everything a business does. 

From being used in commercials to being printed on packages, a brand logo goes everywhere the brand goes. Hence, having a memorable logo is a must if the brand wants to succeed in this highly competitive world.

 Just like we discussed above, simple, and memorable are the two sides of the same coin. Hence, every brand should strive to design a memorable logo as it also affects factors like brand recognition and brand loyalty. 


Continuing on the memorability factor, a brand logo is used on various platforms, from pamphlets to billboards. 

Hence, being versatile should be a quality of every logo design idea. Another important aspect of being versatile is testing your brand logo in black and white.

 As logos are incorporated on various platforms, their background colors might differ. Testing a logo design in black and white ensures that the logo will go well with any color combination, hence, making it more versatile. 


This is one of the most underrated abilities in logo design ideas. Established companies tend to change their logos after a very long time.

This is because their logos are not based on trends and are timeless. Their logos can look fresh and relevant in any decade, and this is what makes those logos different from others.
Every brand should strive to achieve a timeless logo. 

This will not only make the logo look good, but it will also save the company from coming up with a brand-new logo design idea in very short intervals of time. 


“Your logo should mean business” (literally). The ideal logo should look like it represents what the company does. A fitness related brand with a burger for the logo design is not appropriate at all. 

Hence, a logo design should portray what the brand actually does. This not only includes the illustrations and icons used in the logo design but the font as well. 

Using an edgy font style for a brand which makes products for kids is not a great idea.

Now, as we know what makes a good logo design, let us discuss some basic guidelines which can make the entire logo design process easier for you. 

Have A Basic Idea

Reaching a destination without knowing a general path is impossible. Starting a journey without knowing what direction to begin with is disastrous. 

Similarly, making a basic road map of your designing journey is a must before starting out. It will not only give you a general idea about the destination but will also save a lot of time and effort.

Drawing Board

This element is a must for any designing journey. Great ideas can strike your mind anytime, hence, penning your thoughts down and doodling on this drawing board can give you some essential head starts. 

This drawing board is essential for penning down the important bits of business and sketching rough illustrations of your logo design ideas. 

The basic thought here is to solidify your thoughts into something more relevant and useful. 

Word Mapping

logo design Ideas
World Mapping

This exercise helps in generating great logo design ideas. If you are looking to design something unique, making word maps will help out immensely. 

For starters, you can pen down a word related to your business in the center of a paper and start filling around that center word with associated words. This will help in generating new logo design ideas especially when you are trying to think out of the box. 

Picture Mapping

This exercise is similar to word mapping but is more relevant when it comes to graphic designing. Here, you have to use icons and images instead of words.

 The remaining bits are the same as that of word mapping. All you need is a starting point and brilliant logo design ideas will start popping in the mind.

Compiling Everything Together

The ultimate goal of all these exercises is to come up with innovative logo design ideas. Hence, anything and everything important should be noted down. 

The results from all exercises should be compiled into one for having a bigger outlook over the project. Afterall, the starting point will generate images and those images will generate rough sketches. 

Hence, everything discussed until now will be used to turn your ideas into reality. 

Professional Help

If you are still struggling with finding those crucial logo design ideas, you should consider going the professional route. This step will not only get you better results but, will also give you more time to stress about other important aspects of your business. 

Talking about logo design ideas, crowdsourcing is the most hyped phenomenon in the design world right now. 

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Henny Darwin is a content strategist and moderator at Designfier, one of the leading graphic design marketplaces.