How to design a creative online store logo [4 TIPS]

While opening an online store, a person’s primary concern involves the product, its budget, and marketing. Your online store logo is always one of the last worries over which you think or, most importantly, invest. However, the idea of having a logo for your online store is one of the vital elements for your brand identity.

How To Get A Professional Online Store Logo?

Your online store logo is your company’s brand identity. It defines your core values, morals, and helps to communicate with your audience. In your absence, your logo will speak on your behalf. But, a weak, unattractive logo will always fail to do its job.

Hence, it would be best if you invariably gave the same importance to your logo as you give to your product.

Today, you will know everything about why online store logos are so important in your online store’s success. We will also discuss all the things one should keep in mind before creating an online store logo.

Importance of having a good logo in your online store 

1. Your logo defines you 

You need to understand that your logo is who you are. It represents your company’s idea, its goal, and your values. The logo gives an insight to the customer for what you believe in and what you stand for. The idea of having an excellent online store logo is crucial because it will define your product before the visitor looks at it. 

2. Your logo stays with visitors

When you have a great logo, it always stays with the visitors—for example, Puma. Whenever you see a side view of a running puma, a cheetah, or a tiger, you recall the brand in your mind. That symbolizes a great logo. If visitors do not buy anything on your site, he will indeed look at your logo and try to build an impression. So, get yourself a creative logo; it is a necessity.

3. A logo builds trust and customer loyalty

Gaining trust is challenging. However, when you see efforts from the other end, you start trusting their efforts. The same happens with brands. Customers tend to trust brands only on their efforts to connect with the audience. Also, your online shop logo is your citation. It will travel with your products. Only when you have a good logo will it boost your customer’s loyalty because you are willing to take responsibility for their actions. 

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4. Your logo shows your product commitment

If you have a creative, unique, and catchy online shop logo, it will stand with your product. Also, the logo is the first thing any visitor will look at before the product. Only when you have a great logo will you be able to turn a visitor into a potential customer.

What not to do with your online store logo

Now that you know why having an online store logo is essential let us talk about some common logo design mistakes to avoid. These are very general things, but most of the people make mistakes here. 

  1. No Raster images – Avoid the use of raster images when designing a logo. It will ruin the dimension when zoomed in. Instead, go for vector images.
  2. Say no to tons of colour – Using wise colours are particularly important. Make sure you are not filling a lot of colours. Use a maximum of three colours and focus more on the use of monochromatic colours.
  3. Avoid Cliché, hard to read fonts, and complexities.
  4. Do not design a logo that is not understandable in a low dimension. 

How to design an online store logo using Designfier

Designfier is an easy to use Global community of graphic designers waiting to impress you with high-quality logos and designs. The platform is easy to use. The best thing about Designfier is that you get to choose among different logos designed by different designers across the world. Hence, you will have a lot of choices, unlike other platforms. 

Below is the step-by-step guide for using Designfier to get the online store logo of your wish.


Visit the Designfier website and sign up to make a new account. If you already have an account, you need to sign in.


After completing the signing up process, click on “Start Contest” to place a new order. 

Step 3 

Now you need to select the service you want. You can browse all our services and choose everything you want. If you are on Designfier only to create your online store logo, then select the “logo design” option.

From designing your logo to creating your social media, Designfier has everything under one roof. 

Step 4

Once you choose the service you are looking for, you need to let our designers know about you and your organization. Just answer all the simple question that gives our designer who you are, and your product is. You can also attach files with ideas if you already have and leave a message for your designer, letting him know if there is something else you need in your logo.

Step 5

We have received insight on all your requirements. Now, you must select the package that best fits all your needs. You can choose the number of different designs you want to be designed for you to take the final call.

Our packages differ with the number of designs you want to be made for you. Also, choosing a high package will not only give you the freedom to choose any design you love but also a lot of other services like social media promotion and a dedicated manager for you 24/7 personal assistance.

Step 6

Once you have selected the required package according to your need, you need to complete the final step. Let us know your details and your company details to checkout. Do not worry; all your details are safe, and you need not worry about your privacy. 

Hola! All done. Now that we have received your order for the online store logo, you need to sit back a relax.

Designfier will notify you once your designs are ready to get chosen. Once you receive all the logo ideas, you can approve any one of them. In case you do not like any of the online shop logos designed by our experts, you will get all the refunds.

But we are sure that never happens.  

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