How to get a Unique Business Card Design for Your Startup

Business cards have surely kept their importance in the ever-changing digital world. While all the paper files have vanished from the offices, we still have business cards being exchanged among us.

A unique business card provides the most simple yet strong way to promote your business. The availability of unique business card designs has created a way for the brands to stand out, be unique and creative even before meeting the potential client or customer.

It’s a great way for Startups to connect with Investors as they see a lot of potential stakeholders on a daily basis and it might be a great way to stand out.

However, only creative business cards get noticed and it’s really important to have an attractive yet professional business card design that is relevant to your business and creative enough to hold the attention of your stakeholder.

In order to ease you into business card design, we have come up with some tips to help you create a really amazing business card design:

1. Understand Business Card Design Principles:

Before starting with the designing process, you need to understand the basic principles of business card design. Your Card should contain basic information such as your Name, Company Name, Position, Phone Number, Email, and Company Address.

business card design principles

You should also put your Company’s Logo in the center of the card and it should stand out the most than your other details. You can keep a 5 mm distance with the trim edge.

Keep 300dpi for the most appropriate image format. Choose a smaller font size to maintain readability. You should design in CMYK colors unless you know your colors really well.

2. Avoid Basic Design Mistakes:

Even though you would want your business card designs to look really creative, you have to make sure that you avoid basic mistakes while being creative. Try not to skip any basic information without a cause.

avoid business card design mistakes

In Design terms, Ensure that you provide bleed space of at least 5 mm so that your printing needs are easily meet and avoid keeping a border so that any misalignment can be easily camouflaged.

Keep a standard size which is 3.5 x 2 inches as most wallets are designed in consideration with the standard business card size.

3. Get Creative with the Finishing Options and Colours:

In order to look more creative and appealing, your business card can have a more distinguished look. Some of the famous special finishing options are Varnish and Spot UV, Cut Die, Foil Bloquing, Fold and Deboss. Choose whatever is most relatable for your Startup.

Unique business card design

Similarly colors make a really deep psychological impact in your mind. Imagine your brand and think of what color you can associate with it.

Different colours create different emotions so you can also choose to use more colours to create an impact that you want.

It is recommended to keep a maximum of three colours to avoid any confusion but you can choose to use as many colours if it serves your brand’s purpose.

4. Experiment with Different Materials:

Mostly people choose paper-based business card designs for their businesses for the simplest reason; it’s cheap.

Sure you can choose to go with paper-based options, but don’t be afraid to experiment on some unusual material to print your business cards. You can start by relating the most relatable material that your business uses.

For Example, Clothing Brands may choose to add some fibres to their business card designs. Let your business cards speak about your brand more than you have to.

Just ensure that the cards are still portable and serves its purpose without being a hassle for anybody.

5. Develop a use for your business card:

Everyone has their own way of dealing with Business Cards. Some throw them away, some keep them stuffed in the wallet, and some store it somewhere to be used or recycled later.

If you have a good idea about your customer or client behavior you can choose to modify your cards so that the people who get your cards can actually use them instead of throwing away or keeping it away from their eyes.

Brands making phone accessories can choose to create business cards that fold into little stands for the phones.

6. Don’t be afraid to recycle:

If you don’t plan to get new cards for your business, you can choose to be even more creative and give a new look to some old business cards or you can modify a postcard to look like your new business card.

recycled business card via behance

Remember not to go overboard and ensure that even though it’s recycled, it should look like a new and a fresh card. You can get a great business card inspiration from anywhere so don’t be afraid to explore!

7. Check before Printing:

If you think you have finally come across something that can pass as your business card, don’t forget to get it checked before sending them to print.

Make sure that you have maintained proper formatting, inserted essential details, checked alignment and colour scheme, and chosen a special finish for your business card design.

8. Get a Design Consultation:

If you want expert advice for your proposed business card design, you can simply get a design consultation from various crowdsourcing design websites like Designfier.

You can simply send them your design idea and have a conversation that can help you design better so that it is more relatable for your Startup.

Now that you have finalized everything and followed some of the tips mentioned above, you can get yourself a business card that stands out.

However, if you are still unsure about your decision, our expert designers at Designfier can help you with setting up a Business Card Design Contest and get you a business card that is great for your business! Start Here!

Henny Darwin is a content strategist and moderator at Designfier, one of the leading graphic design marketplaces.