7 E-commerce Design Trends for 2020

E-Commerce websites have become an essential platform for people to buy things. Thanks to technological innovations and the changing shopping trends. More and more people choose E-Commerce to buy the things they want.

These websites put a lot of effort to enhance the customer’s experience. However, customers’ shopping habits are always changing. So it’s important for businesses to stay updated with constantly changing Ecommerce design trends to stay ahead in the game.

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The latest eCommerce design trends include the use of modern technology such as augmented reality and artificial intelligence to create an amazing shopping experience. It provides the customer with more customizable options to make better and informed choices. We have listed out some of the major E-commerce design trends of 2020 for you to get great branding and marketing ideas for your e-commerce business:  

1. Responsive Design Across Multiple Platforms

2. Interactive Shopping ideas

3. Unconventional Grid Layouts

4. Get Creative with Content

5. Smarter AI Chatbots

6. Experiment with Colour tones

7. Authentic Product Images

1.   Responsive Design across Multiple Platforms:


The modern shopping experience has changed a lot than before. Now, people use their mobile phones more than laptops to purchase products and services.

The comfort of buying something from anywhere in the world has really opened more and more opportunities for the business to grow. It is not even arguable to have a responsive website in 2020.

A responsive website adapts itself to the device it is accessed from. Having a responsive website design eliminates the need to create different websites for each platform and creates uniformity.

Once you have made your website responsive, keep on checking from different devices to check the aspect ratio of your images and text.

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2.   Interactive Shopping Design:

Posting plain pictures for your products is so 2019! You can grasp your customer’s attention by using interactive design. Using Cinemagraphs, animations, and videos can help the customers get a better understanding of your products and services.

You can also create a 360-degree view of your product so that your customers get the exact picture of your product. Interactive designs provide a better understanding of your products and create a good impact on the customer’s mind. However, just make sure that you maintain uniformity across all devices.

3.   Unconventional Grid Layouts:


Grid layouts are the way brands present their products. It can be in a grid or a list format depending upon the website’s overall appearance. But 2020 is all about experimenting! Now is the time to change conventional ways to present your products.

You can create a unique grid design that attracts the eye. Having an exceptional grid design shows that your brand is creative and modern. It separates you from the rest of the crowd and helps you get positive feedback.

Also, you can choose to strategically place some products in the most eye-catching part of the grid design to increase product sales and visibility on your eCommerce webpage.

4.   Get Creative with Content:


You are aware of this by now, but let us remind you; Content is King. Creating good content should always be a priority. Your content strategy should be unique, personalized, and creative.

Regularly updated content is the backbone of successful e-commerce businesses. You can use text, images, and videos to create fresh content that attracts the user.

You can start by writing personalized product descriptions in place of the generic ones, sharing regular updates about the upcoming deals and discounts, posting videos of the customer testimonials, and creative images for featuring new and popular products.

5.   Smarter AI Chatbots:

Chatbots are automated programs that help customers with their queries. They have been here for a long time now. Major E-commerce businesses have placed Chatbots across their websites so that the customer can get instant assistance.

e-commerce smart chatbot

The advantages of Chatbots are unlimited as they are available 24×7 without any extra expense on the business. However, there is a need to make your Chatbots smarter and more efficient.

Chatbots can do much more than answering basic questions, such as real-time package tracking and helping customers with shopping problems. You can also use automated replies across your social media channels to keep messaging consistency.

6.   Experiment with Colour Tones:

Colours are one of the most basic elements of design. Colours play an important psychological role in your customers mind. Various colours exhibit various emotions within people.

You can use this to your advantage by using different colour combinations within your website. It is recommended to use pastel like colours to create a soothing shopping environment for your customers.

However, using pastel colours in 2020 is a bit of a stretch as most E-commerce websites use pastel colours and you want to stand out from others. It creates an opportunity for you to experiment with different colour combinations to attract your customers the way you want.

Start experimenting with bold colours and work your way from there. Also, don’t go too overboard with the colour combinations as you need to keep a consistent vibe for your e-commerce business.

7.   Use Authentic Images:

Pictures are an important aspect of E-commerce websites. You need good pictures to showcase your product with the most appeal.

Your images should be neat, properly framed, and strategically placed to help the customer get the most information without scrolling much. It is recommended to not use stock images on your website. Using stock images can compromise your brand authenticity and can degrade the overall customer experience.

We advise hiring professional photographers for your catalogues and product images. You can also use some creative images from the photoshoot to feature some brands and their products and also create amazing offers and discount poster designs.

E-Commerce websites are always growing in terms of content, technology, and customer experience. The need to keep up with the upcoming changes is a must.

Follow the latest design trends mentioned above and keep your e-commerce business ahead in the competition!

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Henny Darwin is a content strategist and moderator at Designfier, one of the leading graphic design marketplaces.