The 5 Best Logo Design Software 2021

5 best logo design software to ease your designing journey

Logo designing before the advancement of computers was harder to design as compared today. With technological advancement today, we have logo design software that can help you get great designs for your company. A logo design is that component of your logo that is the most visible.

A logo is a combination of elements, images, words, and colors so closely weaved together that it can tell everything about your company. And according to research, the color that you use fills 85% of the light to how people consume your logo and your brand. Therefore, no matter if you are a new start-up, a small enterprise, or a large corporate present in multiple countries, logo design software can be of use.

If you are a freelancer or a graphic designer, you need to be aware of the best logo design software in the market today. Therefore, today we will talk about the nine best logo design software that you can use as a graphic designer to get the design you want.

What are your needs and requirement?

Well, the market is full of options for you to search from. Hence, having an option to filter all the options and have a few to choose from should always be your priority. Generally, the first thing to consider is your ease of use.

If you are an amateur graphic designer you need to have logo design software that is easy to use, basically have a simple drag and drop function to easily check different designs that you want. Another, filter that should go well with your needs and requirement is the price that you want to pay. In simple words, the investment that you can make.

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You should always make sure that the logo design software that you want to use should not be too pricy for your needs, and you do not compromise at any cost. Also, there are certain logo design software that is 100% free to use if you do not go for a premium subscription.

When you choose the logo design software for yourself, always make sure that you first take the trail. A free trial will give you an outline of the features that your software has to offer, and you can make a better evaluation of what you need more.

Top 5 logo design software to choose from

As already noted, there is a plethora of logo design software that you can try and that’s the reason why you need to have a filter to choose from.

Hence, we have curated some of the world’s best logo design software after polling options with our designers as the most trustable. These nine best logo design software is based on their ease of use, price, technology, customer support, and vector image scaling.

CorelDraw for Sketchers

With the innovation of freehand LiveSketch CorelDraw has given much to the world of logo designing software. Designs on CorelDraw come with high superiority vector mosaic and gives to the authorization of document structure and its component. With its 30-day money-back guarantee on both Android and Mac, it is a sure shot for designers around the world.

However, the free sketch feature is a little too hard to master. But, then again, quality creations are never achieved in a few days. 

Adobe Illustrator

Adobes itself has become an epitome for design, edition, and graphics in no time and illustrator is no less. With Adobe Illustrator, you can always scale up and down the project irrespective of where you are. With more than 16000 fonts and many formats, this is one of the best choices for any graphic designer.

As a logo design software, you can experience a great user interface, in-panel edit options, using multiple artboards simultaneously, and the process is so smooth that it can be used on any desktop. However, if you are looking for raster images of your design, Adobe will disappoint you as it believes in no compromise when it comes to pretty design quality.  


If you are looking for high-level logo design software for free, GIMP is one such logo design software program for you. However, if you are a full-time professional this is not for you. But, for an amateur or a new beginner, it allows you to access pretty cool features for free and create amazing designs. You can also get some different plug-ins designed by GIMP that will certainly enhance its functionality, and support any type of file format, including raster images.

However, as already stated that it’s an open-source design website, therefore, you will have to wait for a while before you get updates.


If you are looking for logo design software with both the qualities of Adobe and GIMP, this is a gift for you. Canva too is an open-source design software program but it comes with both paid and free versions. Therefore, if you are a newcomer in this field, but are looking to settle in here, you can give it a try.

With its drag and drop feature, and tons of beautiful templates, Canva is one of the best logo design software out there. Being completely online you always have access to your design by just logging in and getting started.

Affinity Designer

For all the above-mentioned logo design software Affinity Designer is a dexterous alternative and competitor. With its highly powerful and key features, you can always get amazing results. It always gives you an option to create your custom keyboard shortcuts and comes with some great real-time gradient, and effects. It has both dark, and light modes to access from but has only one disadvantage.

You do not get a free trial!

How to use Logo Design Software to its fullest?

Well, getting a logo design for your brand is a destination; logo design is the journey. Okay, so what do you do when you start your journey to a new place or a new holiday destination? Yes, your research about the place.

Therefore, the key to designing yourself the best logo design out there is to research the market, your competitors and read about how your customers respond. And then can you only get to design exactly what you want. If you are looking forward to learning how you can design the best logo for your brand visit here, and you will learn all the basic theories about it.

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