10 best unmissable logo design trends for 2021

2020 saw no shortage of new logo designs that ranged from successful to downright baffling. And we are sure that the trend of excellent logo design will be continued in 2021 as well. After all, being one of the first things that so many people tend to see, a company’s logo is the most important aspect of branding.

Logo design trend keeps changing with time. Today, with things so closely weaved together by the thread of globalization, trends keep continuously evolving. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you stay up to date.

Therefore, today we’ve thought of making some of the best logo design trend predictions that will stay in 2021. Go on!

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1. Minimalism

Minimalistic logo designs are across all industry and is spreading like never before. It is not showing any sign of slowing down any time soon. A lot of companies are getting attracted towards some of the minimalistic designs.

The design is so simple and classy that it plays well with the simplistic art piece’s crafting. This has taken the whole scenario by awe, and companies tend to be very attracted to this particular design trend. If you are looking for a logo design, you can consider this one of the first options in the coming days.

2. Unusual Fonts

One of the oldest rules or tricks that follow in logo designing is the font’s simplicity. However, a lot of time, simple is boring. Hence, intricate serifs, handwritten typeface, fancy doodles are all in the eye of logo designers these days.

The whole art towards building and designing a logo with an unusual font is to create an original, eye-catching logo design that looks pretty and seems to be readable. The tricky part here is to get a system that is unique and also having a legible solution.

Therefore, considering this option is useful if youreyegets a logo with no element but only text or wordmarks.

3. Gradients

logo design trends

Gradient logo designs have the fire and the aura to get things spiced up even if the logo looks hopeless.

For example, the neon surface is still kind of in vogue; however, one should always be aware of exploring them. And here, the gradient logo designs come in the picture. Playing around with saturated primary colors is a perfect idea if you think you can effectively pull it.

4. Text Destruction

Removing some part of the text, font, or even the elements is one of the reliable options you can consider. This has become one of the most common logo design techniques and will always help you stand out from the crowd.

Text destruction is all about playing around with different fonts and their density. Moreover, it is also important to note that your logo design’s meaning and message are easily digestible. This trend has recently caught the eye of graphic designers globally, and its not going to leave any time soon.

With the amount of weight and versatility it has, they are bound to be one of your priorities if you look for some grand logo designs.

5. Element Overlapping

This is one of our favorites as it instantly increases the weight the design tends to carry with itself. By element overlapping, we mean that you position different elements on top of each other. And you can effectively convey a more comprehensive array of a strong association.

We mean that you can be consistent, reliable, and more vulnerable to growth and progression. Element overlapping is the best option if you choose to use more than one or two elements in your logo design.

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6. Blank Space

As we get more socially connected with our audience, people maydevelop bizarre technicalities about your logo designs. This can be used in a positive way to increase the reach of your brand like never before.

Using blank space effectively is one of the trends that grew in 2020 and is expected to grow stronger in the coming years. Usage of negative space in a smart way to add details and depth to your logo without packing many elements together is a very effective method.

7. Thin and Clear Lines

Thin and transparent lines are massive designs that are only possible by designers who are professionals. Instead of directly going for light and precise lines, one can use refined, straight lines. These can be paired with geometric shapes, thin lines, etc.

They have all the capability to make a logo more airy, elegant, simple, and versatile. If you want to show a sanitized and sober type of logo design, you can consider using thin and transparent lines.

8. Rare Arrangement

If you are looking to be unique, or you like experimenting with your logo designs, this one is for you. Unexpectedly arranging your logo designs is a sure way to catch your viewer’s attention is a glance and spike their curiosity to its peak. However, it is also used to showcase your creative side and out-of-the-box thinking.

The unusual arrangement of things and elements in a logo design will ensure that your logo is unique. It has that suspenseful thing that is enough to get viewers to know the brand.

9.Visual Balance

A logo design that is visually arranged and balanced looks an eye-candy for everyone who is not in favor of asymmetry and intentional negligence in the logo design. However, suppose you are someone who enjoys consistency and symmetrical layouts. In that case, you have to be sure that you tap the emerging trend.

A visually balanced logo always looks quite intellectual and has a fantastic versatility quality. It is one thing that can quickly get people’s interest to spike to cloud nine or get it switched off altogether.

10. Abbreviations and Monograms

Some design trends are so trendy and demanding that the oldness never dies. Monograms and abbreviations are not going to die classic as makers and consumers never get satisfied with it. Crafting and compelling authorizations might get tricky sometimes. Still, the final result that you get is often worth all the efforts that you make.

Therefore, if you are looking forward to getting a logo that fits right in this category, you can always go for it. However, as it has an enormous market demand, you need to be sure that your design is unique.

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