Hacks to get a powerful t-shirt design that gets noticed in 2021

T-shirt design in 2021

Have you ever wondered how custom T-shirts are designed that makes them tick everything that the audience looks for or what makes them special? It’s not only about the design of the t-shirts, but the graphic design on them has a lot to do.

For a lot of people, their t-shirt is also their alter-ego. Therefore, are you someone who has such a design too? Or are you just a business owner looking at t-shirts as just another way of free advertisement? Or, maybe looking for a way to make some extra income?

Whatever might be the case with you, you certainly need to have a good design that your audience falls in love with. If you can just make your design tick just the right box, the job is done.

Hence, in this design guide, we will understand what makes custom t-shirts what they are and how you can create a good design for your brand that pays you enough. Happy reading!

But why a t-shirt?

No matter whatever reason might be for you to design a t-shirt, it will always have a little number of branding ingredients. Perhaps, you should first decide the reasons for designing your t-shirt. If you are designing just to market your company to the audience branding is your first preference. But, if you are designing a logo for a commercial sale, even then would you need a bit of branding to sell your t-shirts.

If you design a t-shirt only for a promotional purpose or serve a promotional event branding is one of the areas where you would like to pay attention.

However, if you design a t-shirt as a promotion, or an appreciation to your colleagues, and employees, or use them as your uniform it still needs a lot of focus in branding. Because the result is that you know it’s a great way to freely promote your brand.

Your printing options depends on your budget

When you design a t-shirt the type of printing should always depend on your budget, time, and production quantity that is to be used.

Screen printing is one of the reliable ways if you are only using a single color in your design. It is affordable and high-quality ideal for orders above 20 pieces. However, if your design is multi-color it will get expensive for you.

Vinyl graphic is another option to consider depending on your quantity. Vinyl ink is exceptionally durable and of great quality. If you have a complicated design with a multi-color, the expense will be high, and it is not a very good option to consider if you have a large order.

Print-on-demand or the DTG option is the newest in this field. This option will give you a highly customized design, with every small detail being visible. This is also ideal for smaller orders, and it does not work well on a dark color costume.

Designing a great T-shirt for yourself

Get some Inspiration

Collect t-shirt designs from the outside world that serves the purpose of what you are looking for. Introspect the design thoroughly. You should take notes about the specific element that you think is the best and try implementing your inspiration on yourself.

Decide your T-shirt Type

If you are looking forward to entering into the world of custom apparel design, you probably until now already know that there are different types of t-shirts that exist. These types have a lot to do with the purpose that you want to serve. Therefore, you should always make sure that you choose the right t-shirt type because a lot of element of your design depends on its execution on the t-shirt type.

T-shirt Color is important to choose

A lot of your words will be said by the color that you choose for your t-shirt. Getting the right color is important because the color of the design and your t-shirt should integrate and give the end product that exactly speaks what you want. Also, if you already decide the type of color your t-shirt will be, it saves a lot of your time in the latter end.

Adding Graphics and Visuals

You can effectively use your brand logo, your tagline, or your business goals as your t-shirt design. As these are already active in the outside world, sticking with your imagery and your brand design is a great way to start around. As most of your branding imagery already contains typography, and color palette it will not take much introspection and you can pull it off quite well.

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Bring life to the design on your t-shirt

Until now you probably have the right design on your mind that you are looking for. One of the worst things that are to be made sure that you never compromise with your quality when you design a t-shirt.

The best that you can do is hire a professional designer. There are plethoric ways in which you can get a designer today. There are tons of platforms to find a designer that suits your needs and budget.

You can hire a designer on any freelancing website like Fiverr, or get one with us at Designfier. However, if you have some experience with graphic design and you feel that you can pull it off pretty well, you can choose to go with one of the professional graphic design software and get your job done.

Get Feedbacks

When you design a t-shirt always make sure that you get feedback from people. You can ask for suggestions from your friends, family, and colleagues. Make sure that you get honest advice, and you work on them. This will positively affect your t-shirt design in the long run.

Also, make sure that you should take feedbacks from the t-shirt design, not from the t-shirts. If in case there is something that seriously demands a change, you can pull it off in the first place, and not waste much of your money.

All the best!

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