15 Amazing Bakery Logos Full of Sweetness

Getting inspired with 15 amazing bakery logo

Bakery businesses generally carry a generation legacy and most of them are warriors of the time.

If you are a bakery owner there are high chances that your business is out there for a long, and now you need a brand identity to compete with the digital market.

Hence, you need a bakery logo that is as delightful to the viewer’s eyes as delicious your pastries to your customer’s tongue. And for that, you need a logo that simply fits right on the hook.

With the same enthusiasm, we have made a collection of fifteen best bakery logos that is full of sweetness to your eyes. Have a look and grab as much inspiration as you can.

Mousiou bakeries

From a design point of view, this is one of the best bakery logos that exist in the history of this industry. It is simple, elegant, and serves the purpose of having a logo design. With not a lot of complications and elements, this bakery logo will surely win its audience’s heart.

Louise Boulangerie et Patisserie

This French bakery company has used the perfect colors to portray in its logo design. The added element of wheat aims at the industry the company belongs to, and also adds up as a story from the past. You can take a lot of learning in terms of how they used to text and imagery to design a beautiful logo design.

Boulangerie de Paris

The use of the negative space in the alphabet B of this logo design teaches us a great lesson on how to use the negative spaces to design a stunning logo. The strand of wheat is cleverly fitted in the primary element and this makes it one of the best bakery logos ever.

France Bakery

This company used the strong unused reminiscent of homesickness in their logo design. The Eiffel tower element successfully uses negative space and portrays the history of both the French capital and the bakery company along with a cute bakery logo, purpose served.

Amai Bakery

The use of Japanese tradition to serve in a transparent bowl makes it one of the cleverest and tasteful logo designs in the industry. With a pretty background, and a sans serif font this logo design teaches not to leave the legacy of history unused.

Merit Art Bake

The hand, with a whisk in the hands of the baker, makes it a beautiful and dexterous logo design to serve for versatility. If you are looking for a logo design that you can use on multiple platforms like social media or billboards and hoardings, you should be getting a lot of inspiration from this design.

Sweeth Guloseimas

This logo design will teach you how to use pastry ingredients and get a lovely logo design for yourself. With the combination of a simple font and a simple element, this logo is promising for its customers who have a sweet tooth.


If you are not satisfied by just one logo that uses whisk as a primary element of its logo, here is another one in our kitty. Amara uses a simple color, and a whisk on its logo that is enough to proclaim the company runs in and the type of products you can expect. Also, the dexterous use of the color is quick to imply that it plays with psychology.

Bagel O Bagel

This is one of our favorite logo designs in the industry. The brand is focused on coffee, and bagel and so does the brilliant logo design. If you scrutinize the logo you see that the coffee cup in the middle separates the bagel, and the composition feels like in the shape of an “O”.


Cabinet has a tough logo design to understand, and the puzzle makes it one of the delights to the viewer’s eyes. However, the perfect embedded interior of a café is beautifully crafted in the logo design. The logo is enough to give you a mood of a perfect “a lot of can happens over a coffee” vibe.

Yum Yum

The logo design of this bakery is as sweet as an ice-cream. The name of the business is the primary element of the design designed as a top of the ice-cream cup with cheery. If you love cupcakes you will love this logo design as it does all the justice to the bakery logo design.

Dona Vilma

This logo design stroke the primary baker in charge as an epitome of the best bakery available. This is another way to use the baker most trustworthy. The monochromatic logo comes with a simple and friendly serif font which completes the composition of the logo design well.

Pavlin Bakery

The linework of the peacock design looks stylish. One never expects a peacock to represent a bakery. The designer used it in the element of the logo design because of the beauty, and ability to show off the creature carries with it as a metaphor. This logo design is one of the best of the kind that depicts the beauty of a bakery with an external match.

Goose Bakery

The goose, a loaf of bread, and the strand of wheat all integrate to make this beautiful design together. Not just the primary element of the logo design but the text also has used the negative space to represent a loaf of bread together, and it all does justice to the logo design.

Let’s Bake CUPCAKE

This logo design has used a delicious-looking cartooned cupcake as the element of the logo design. The stylish font and the color that has been used in the logo design make the overall composition of the logo design simplistic, and effective to the standard of the business.

Ending on a sweet note

Having a logo is one of the first steps towards establishing your brand identity. Therefore, one should never compromise with one logo design. If you do not know graphic design, it is always suggested to start with a designer. This will ensure that you not only have a good design but also have a versatile logo that stands up for your business on all the platform, no matter if it is on the internet or your product packaging.

Vikash is a content writer, currently active in the field of designing and brand building. He is an avid reader and a internet savvy, always keen to learn more about brands and the way they communicate with their wide audience.