7 Tips for Selecting a Great Freelance Designer

Hacks to get a great freelance designer

A freelancer is a good bet if you are looking for a graphic designer but picking up the right choice might be daunting. Especially if you have no idea about graphic design. Hiring a freelancer is a good choice for you if you have a tight budget but you still cannot compromise with your quality.

Nevertheless, with the right knowledge, a little research and study, and a clear idea of what exactly you want will help you a lot.

Therefore, today we will help you with seven ways that will help you filter great freelance designers. If you are looking for someone who can fit on the same wavelength as you, and help you expand your business.

Choosing a great freelance Designer

Understand what exactly you want from your designer

While choosing a graphic designer you should be sure of what you want from your designer. Knowing your goals before getting in touch with a designer will help you set the appropriate expectation for your designer.

You need to communicate with your designer with all the information that is needed for your freelance designer to get started. Also, setting the right objectives for your project is important. When you know what exactly you need, it will help you to filter candidates based on their past experiences, portfolios, and expertise. And, at the end of the day, this is your goal. To get a great freelance designer for yourself.

Also, set your timeline, how many revisions you will need. This will help you to study proposals from your candidates and select the appropriate one. For example, if you want your job done in five days, then you should look for candidates who can finish your job in three to four days so that you have enough time for revisions or any changes that need to be done at the end moment.

Take interviews on video chats and understand how your designer thinks

Facial expressions and body languages help you to understand how confident your candidate is on the project that you are going to work on together. Also, when you interview your candidates on a video call it will build a professional vibe between you and you can understand how well you can work together.

Also, when you discuss the work that needs to be done you should keep asking questions about them to your designer. This will make him think, and you can understand how creative your designer is, and how of the box your designer thinks.

A video call will help you evaluate the designer well, and the primary motto of the call is to understand how knowledgeable and experienced your designer is. This will be a great way to get a great freelance designer for your project.  

Ask about the inspiration and what motivates them to design

When you communicate with your candidates it is important to ask questions out the shelve. This will invoke communication on something other than your project. You can understand how your designer thinks and what makes them feel motivated to keep designing better designs every time.

Talking this way will help you evaluate your candidates from different angles other than just designs and graphic designs and you can understand the kind of person they are. You can even get a great freelance designer based on mutual inspiration and the type of motivation you seek for working more effectively.

Looking for a designer for your company?

Understand what each of your candidates requires you to do

Your designer will always have a list of information that they will need from you. Therefore, you should always ask them for the information they want. This is essential for a smoother work process, and to make sure you avoid any end-moment hiccups as an excuse.

It is important to understand how your designer thinks before they start with the project. This will be helpful for you in anticipating what your freelance designer expects from you until the duration of the projects. You can also share any rough idea, an art form, or document that you think will help them to understand what you need.

Never select just based on portfolio, give them a trial project

A common mistake a lot of business owners or new start-up founders tend to make is settling just based on the portfolio available on the freelancer’s profile. This is not enough, and a lot of time this cannot be the original work of the designer.

If you want a great freelance designer, you mustn’t ever settle just based on your work portfolio. A little original work or a piece of physical evidence that they are who they pretend to be is of utmost importance.

If you want you can even judge the work of the designer by giving them a short trial project to work on. Or just simple interview them based on their portfolio that they have. You can interview each design and how it came, or what inspired them to design them or anything.

The idea of doing this is to understand their inner creativity of your best freelance designer.

Ask yourself what skills you want your designer to have

If you have a little knowledge of graphic design, it will be a cherry on the cake and will be a great help for you. Or, if you study and get a little help on the basics of it, you can have a plus point.

Know about the skill sets a designer needs to work effectively on your project and make sure that your designer has them. This will also make you understand the proposals that you get, and you can evaluate them effectively, without many obstacles.

Understand the agreement and do not compromise on anything

Read the contract that your best freelance designer gives you. If he doesn’t you should create one on your end. This will make sure to avoid any last-minute added expense or issues. Make sure that the time-line and the cost that you have decided on are reasonable. This is important if you are looking into a smooth running of the business that you are doing.

Also, you should mention who retains the ownership of the project as an important section of your project. This is important if you do not want any issues in the transfer of the copyright of the design that you have.

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