5 Best Food and Drink Logo and How to Make Your Own

Making a food and drink logo in 2021

No matter if you are a Chef, or you own a food and beverage company, or maybe a bar if you do not have a logo for your company, or yourself, it’s high time that you get started today. A food and drink logo will build you a reputation that will be helpful for you.

Now, you can be anyone, from a bar owner, or someone who makes candies. What means here is that you might have a different audience. Therefore, you should get a design that matches the type of audience that you serve to. So, the question here is can you do that?

Well, it’s pretty easy! All you got to do is get some reference experience from analyzing your surroundings. You can see in your surrounding and see other such companies getting an audience. Have a look at the logos of different companies and you can see how they did. Or, if you take a walk between the aisle of a supermarket you can see lots of beautiful logos.

Also, in this read, we have incorporated some of the best food and drink logos so that you can have some references. And, then we will help you with some tips on how to get a good food and drink logo.


Well, this is a company that probably has the best logo. As Kellogg’s needed a logo that could be artistic to both children, and grown-ups they playfully used typeface to get a unique logo design.

The red color of the logo is catchy, and the playful font is a bonus. If you take better scrutiny on the logo, you will see the same alphabet with different font styling. This small concept has hugely complimented the overall shape of the logo.

Horizon Organic

For a brand that specializes in dairy products, there cannot be a better mascot than a cow. The mascot is children-centric, and it makes sense as it is a dairy company. If you are not sure if children buy them or not, it does not matter as it still influences purchasing decisions at home.

Also, the element of earth is the best concept of portraying nature, and health. The overall logo is a brilliant example of how a designer can make something consider the audience and keep the primary idea of the brand alive. 

Betty Crocker

This brand is one of those food and drink companies that has survived the test of time. Therefore, if your company is old, this can be great learning for you. The consistency here is the key. The company has got a red spoon with some black linings on it. In addition to that, the typeface, and the font used is great.

The font looks like it’s handwritten; almost like a signature. The use of the spoon is one of the best methods for standing with the types of product Betty Crocker makes. 


If you know how a minimalistic logo can set you apart from the crowd, Swirl’s logo is one of the best alternatives for a food and drink logo. It is trendy and has a twist in it. You will notice that the color choice in this food and drink logo is different from the other logos that you will see.

Pink does favor the overall image of the logo and gives the same attention-grabbing output. If you look at the font it is bold. This also makes the viewer learn about the sweetness of the brand.   

Whole Foods Market

The overall system of this logo design revolves around “whole foods”. There is a fruit in the “O” that makes it know that it is a food and drink logo design. Other than that, the logo has not got any secondary element, it is only the typography that has been an emphasis.

The logo is colored greens that are not common in the food and drink industry. But the color greens stands for freshness, nature, and health that every food and drink logo wants to convey in its brand identity.

How to get yourself food and drink logo design?

If you want to get yourself a logo, it means that you want your brand to be established or your brand identity to be developed. There are some of the basics that you need to keep in mind when you start designing your food and drink logo.

Decide your target audience

Now, as a business owner, you need to be sure who your customers are. You need to make sure what age group loves to buy your products. If you design something like Horizon Organic and your customers are millennials it won’t work as people will not be able to connect with your brand. Therefore, the first thing that you should do before getting started with your logo design.

Use warm colors like red, or pink

If you evaluate a hundred logo designs, you will see that 70% of the food and drink logo are red, and it is not a coincidence. This is because the psychology of color says that red increases hunger as it has some connotation with blood.

Also, warn colors work when it comes to the food and drink logo because they generally make the vibe and the aura friendly, and ecstatic. You are having a food and drink company designing sweets or candies you can choose pink. This is because red is generally a bit aggressive color as compared to pink which can suit the nature of your company well.

Use foody elements

People tend to communicate with visuals instantly as compared to text or some other terms of expression. Therefore, if you are a food and drink company, invest in a logo that has some foody element like Swirl.

This will not only help you express yourself in the least word, but also give viewers a better knowledge of what you have to offer. It’s not only foods that you have to incorporate. Anything lying on the same domain as utensils, cutleries, etc will do the job pretty well.

Bring energy in the image

Would you like a logo that is dull or boring? Of course not! Especially not as a food or drink logo design. Hence, you must have a logo that is energetic and jaw-dropping.

Imagine a creative food and drink logo that is so well integrated with elements and typeface that it makes you go getting awe. Perhaps, if your logo design has the energy it will make the viewers more compelled towards your food and drink logo design. 

Time for your call

To get a food and drink logo designed you can either start yourself or get yourself a designer. If you do not have any idea about graphic designing and you think that it is a daunting process it is always advised to get yourself a designer.

You can get a designer on any freelance website, or a crowdsourcing site. Getting started with a crowdsourcing website like Designfier is a good option. You get to start a design contest by which you can get lots of different minds working on your logo. This will ensure that you have a lot of original designs to choose from.

Nevertheless, no matter whatever option you choose you will have to clear some of the aspects by yourself like who your audience is, and you know who your competitors are. And, always make sure that you have a versatile logo design.

All the best!

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