Top 7 logo design principles and tips

Best Logo Design Principles for 2021

A lot of people will always tell you about the importance of logo design. However, not a lot of people will tell you about the best practices and logo design principles that will enhance the meaning and output of the brand identity that you want to prepare.

Your logo design holds a great responsibility, and so does you as a graphic designer, or your designer holds when designing the logo. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you know all the best logo design principles required for you to handle those responsibilities.

As a graphic design organization, we understand how important it is for us to get a design ready and meet the deadline. However, we also understand that it is important to also travel the journey from sketching the rough idea of the design in your mind and bringing it into life.

Therefore, today, we will talk about the seven most important logo design principles that will help you design better logos for yourself and your clients.

Nothing beats simplicity

The best logos are the ones that viewers can understand just with a glance. A great logo design should be clear, and uncluttered. Keeping things simple has an impact and it shows that you are genuine and are not making a lot of effort to be liked. Also, one needs to understand that the basic logo design principle should be used in a variety of places. If you have a simple logo design with a few elements it will integrate to inform your viewers about your brand.

If you have a complicated logo design, it will be harder for your audience to understand that message within it and this will fail to meet the need of having a logo design in the first place. Therefore, having a simple and elegant logo is the first logo design principle that you always need to keep in mind when designing your elements and integrating them.

Unique and original

Never try to copy the style or an idea of a logo design. You may find akin patterns when you search for logos in your industry. However, please never try to mimic them. If you see, most of the IT companies or social media websites are blue or have a similar idea. But, if you think that’s the point, you are mistaken.

Always design a logo that is relatable to your company. If you try using the same ideas again and again you will lose creativity and uniqueness. Being original and unique sets you apart from others in the competition. This ensures that you get noticed by your audience and this will bring the hope of getting more customers.

Backed by some story

One of the most successful logo design principles is to back your logo design with some story. All the elements of your logo design weave together and enhance each other’s work. Therefore, always try that this knot shouts a story. Think of the most dominating logo designs in every industry and you will find a story in the design.

For example, Chevrolet still doesn’t know where its logo design came from. The three dots in Domino’s logo talks about the first three-branch that existed when the logo was designed.  And similarly, there are hundreds of such logos that are backed by stories of the past. The idea is to portray all the elements as one no matter how many times they can be used separately.

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Why do you need a logo? What is your purpose to design a logo? Well, the basic logo design principle says that there should be versatility in the design. This is so that you can use your logo in multiple areas of work. However, the interim reason for a logo design is to build your brand identity.

Now, you can use your logo on your business card, social media accounts, your website, billboards, and hoardings. Inside your company, you can use your logo on T-shirts, pens, keychains, water bottles, and most importantly on your products.

Lively and happy

No one likes a boring and miserable kid. Would you entertain your children if they would be sad, and boring full of tiresome all the time? No, right? Similarly, your logo design is your baby. It will groom itself the way you want because you are in control.

Hence, the fifth basic logo design principle says that your logo should have a life and should be happy all the time. It should be such that encourages your viewers to feel happy about it. Your logo design should be memorable so that your viewers can remember them for a long time.


Another important and one of the most vital logos design principles to which not everyone pays attention is timeliness. Now, what matters is that your logo should be able to stand the latest trend. But wait, trends change now and then!

Therefore, you need to make sure that your logo design should be able to stay trendy for a long time to withstand the test of time. Pepsi’s logo design is one of the best examples to understand how this logo design principle works. The idea is not to let your logo die with time. If you are designing a logo today, it should be in trend ten years later too.

Color Balance

Colors play a significant role in giving meaning to your logo design. Colors have the potential to set the mood or the emotion in the logo design. A general mistake a lot of amateur graphic designers or new designers make is to fill the logo design with different colors. That is wrong.

If your logo has more than three colors it will look more like a rainbow and will not have the impact that you want. Therefore, if you want to use colors it should justify the type of business you are in and should match with your brand personality. In case you want to add more than three colors, it is advised to use monochromatic colors.

Leaving an Impact

We hope that these seven basic logo design principles will be helpful for you to design your logo well. However, if you think that you are still unsure or the process of designing a logo design seems to be a daunting process for you, you can get yourself a professional designer.

Hiring a designer will never be a huge task for you and you can get one depending on your budget and requirement. If you are someone who thinks that you cannot compromise with the design but simultaneously cannot increase your budget, you can get a logo designed with Designfier starting as low as $99. The best part is that you get many designs ready for a single project which will give you the power to choose from different logos after comparison.

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