5 Useful Tips On What Are Logo Emblems

Logo emblem designs are everywhere. Wherever you go, there is something or the other which is represented by a beautiful logo design. Every logo design out there is different and tells a different story. It is like a window to a brand where anyone can peep through and know a lot about the brand.

Logos essentially help in connecting the audience to the brand, which is very important for the growth of a company.

Just as we discussed above, a logo is the face of a brand. People make perceptions about a brand based solely on their logo designs. Hence, it is safe to say that logos are one of the most important brand identity elements of any company. 

The uniqueness of a logo design is as important as having a good logo design. Hence, there are a lot of variations in logo designs which make them stand apart from the competition. Today we talk about one such logo design element. i.e. Logo emblems.

What are logo emblems?

logo emblem
Logo Emblems

Logo emblems help in representing groups of people via the virtue of words and images in a graphic design format. For example: Superman’s symbol or the Red Cross logo. 

Just like any logo design, emblems are designed by inputting proper thought and ideas in the process. The key element required for designing an excellent logo emblem is “meaning” (basing the logo on something which has some meaning attached to it). 

This meaning could be a back story or even something which has a huge influence on the organization/ person. 

Emblems could either be in the form of a symbol or even an icon. The basic idea behind designing it is same as that in logo designs. 

However, emblems are generally designed to give a traditional feel to the brand. They are preferred oven logos in scenarios where the design aspect will remain constant through the test of time. Logo designs are redesigned after some time, however, They stay true to their forms with some minor adjustments. 

Hence, some brands/ people might consider going for an emblem instead of a logo design. 

Where are emblems used?

Logo emblems are widely used in the sports and military industries, especially because these graphic design elements look phenomenal while engraved on a uniform. 

Hence, they are mostly used by organizations that want to appear prestigious and well-established.

How to design logo emblems?

People perceive designing a logo emblem to be a tedious task, which is not true at all. Just follow these simple tips while designing your logo emblem to make the process, a walk in the park. 

  • COLOR SCHEME– Logo emblems are designed for being timeless. Hence, their color theme should consist of a lasting color palette

One should usually aim for the brighter colors to go into them. And try to always stick with 2 colors while designing it, in order to keep things simple and elegant.

  • FONT– People usually tend to forget the influence of font styles on a design. After all, fonts also come under visual representations and illustrations of all sorts have an impact on the subconscious minds of humans. 

Hence, using fonts wisely is recommended for achieving best results in your logo emblem. Pick a font which goes with the overall theme of the logo emblem. For example: An edgy font for a kids brand will not give the right message. Using curves and soft corners will do the trick instead.

  • ICONS– Although the logo emblem is the icon itself, you should consider adding some extra add on icons to the emblem in order to represent your brand better. 

For example: The Harvard icon has little books within the shield which represent how the institute revolves around academics and excellence. 

Just like this, you should incorporate an icon in your logo emblem which represents something about your brand.

What to consider before designing your logo emblem?

There is a major issue which most brand owners make, in terms of designing both logo designs and logo emblems. This issue is related with the scalability factor of the design elements. Generally speaking, your brand identity elements are a source through which people recognize your brand.

 Hence, these brand identity elements are supposed to represent your brand on multiple mediums and platforms. Because of which, your brand identity elements should be scalable for best results.

Ensuring that your logo emblem is properly scalable, will make sure that it looks phenomenal on any format.

This is where vector formats come into play. These file formats ensure scalability of any design element without compromising the quality. 

How to design the perfect logo emblem for your brand?

Designing the perfect logo emblem for your brand requires a lot of research and brainstorming from your end even if you are getting it designed professionally. You know your brand better than anyone else, hence, the research on your bit will most definitely add on to the wow factor of the finished logo emblem. 

Try to incorporate the brand’s backstory, its mission and vision into the logo emblem. And last but not the least; take feedback from family, friends and even your coworkers. After all, they work equally hard to make your brand a huge success.

Talking about logo emblems, crowdsourcing is the most hyped phenomenon in the design world right now. Logo design contests should be your go to, if you want to save time and money while designing an outstanding logo emblem for your brand. 

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Henny Darwin is a content strategist and moderator at Designfier, one of the leading graphic design marketplaces.