How to Create a Restaurant Logo: Ultimate Tips (2021)

Things to remember before creating a restaurant logo

Today we are acquainted with hotels, restaurants, cafes, bistros, juice bars, pubs, and ample food chains wherever we look. Although this has kept food fans drooling, and dreaming for gratification at every point, it gets hard to choose where to head. And, at such high market competition, you need to have covered every aspect that will keep your restaurant in the radar of food lover.

At such instances, brand identity matters. When I say brand identity, logos will invariably play a very crucial role. Hence, your logo must have a very compelling logo. It should be easy to remember, unique, and should relate to your customer’s daily lives. Only then will they get to visit your restaurant often.

Whether in business cards, pamphlets, banners, or social media, your logo travels everywhere. So, do you want your first impression to go a miss? No, right. Read on, to understand how you can create a restaurant logo. At the end of this reading, you will know about all the tips and tricks on creating a logo.

Why you need a scrumptious restaurant logo?

Have you ever seen a McDonald billboard while driving and you got butterflies in your stomach?Or you saw a Starbucks ad and wanted to grab a coffee on your way back home? Why does it happen? A great restaurant logo is not that force’s you to visit them. Instead, it comes to you themselves, and you turn to be their revenue generator.

Most of the restaurant logos have their national dish or cuisine designed with their logos. When you peer their logos, it provokes you to try them. And, the rest job is done when you read the tagline.

How can you create a restaurant logo?

Creating a logo depends on you, your time availability, and the money you are willing to invest. You can also create a logo yourself. However, it is smart to hire a designer to get your job done professionally. You can quickly get your logo design from websites like Designfier. Here, you will get your logo designed by several professional across the globe and then choose one among them. But if your budget to too low to hire a professional, you can get it done by yourself. It may not serve as a great lead generator, but your job will be done for a short time.

What to keep in mind before designing a restaurant logo?

When it comes to design a restaurant logo, you need to study the market, your competitors, and your target audience. Once you are done with research, you need to get your basics clear. As discussed above, your restaurant logo should be delicious. It should be unique, clear, concise, elegant, and engaging.

You need to build yourself a versatile logo that looks good on all grounds. Your logo should be such that you can use it everywhere starting from your social media page to your coffee mug. Starbucks is a great restaurant logo example when it comes to versatility. Also, keep in mind not to use familiar icons when designing your logo because you might get in trouble with copyrights.

How to design an excellent restaurant logo

  1. Choosing the right elements and icons

When you design a logo always draft all the possible elements that you will be using. As you are creating a restaurant logo, you can use kitchen hardware, your signature dish, or anything that you think is relatable.

Again, be sure that whatever you choose it should be designed unique and that it should not be a simple icon. Chances of having issues with copyrights are incredibly high in such cases.

  • Right colors and right fonts

Choosing the right color is especially important. Imagine a hamburger coloured all black and chocolate brown. It feels more like its overcooked. Hence, to say that colors do not matter is a myth. It matters hugely. The right color will make your logo look friendly and memorable to a large extent. However, do study the connotation of different colors has in specific. As you are designing a restaurant logo, avoiding bright colors is highly suggested.

The same is with fonts as it is with colors. Your logo should have a font that is legible at any size and should match your icons and all the other elements.

  • Befriend with Vector images

Now, if you are a professional, you can skip this. However, an amateur designer or a newbie should pay attention to this point. One should always avoid using software that produces a  raster image. Such an image will be distorted when zoomed in. Instead, use software like CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator.

  • Brainstorm with different options

Never settle with only one design. Try positioning your elements differently; try using different fonts, change their topography, try using different colors. When you do this, you open doors for creativity and give yourself options to consider. Pay close importance to small details. Try increasing or decreasing the difference between the components.

  • Take feedbacks and work on criticism

When designing a restaurant logo, it is essential to understand that you are creating the logo for the audienceand not yourself. Hence, decide your logo according to the taste of your audience, and not by your egoism.

When you take feedback from your friends, families, and colleagues, you will know what people think of your logo and what you need to change to enhance your logo positively. This is a huge step if you are designing your restaurant logo for free by yourself.

What not to do with your logo?

Now that you know all about designing a restaurant logo lets talk about some of the common mistakes to avoid.

  1. Do not use multiple colors. Two to three colors should be enough.
  2. Do not make a logo that tries to sound creative. Make a logo that is simple yet looks creative.
  3. Avoid multiple fonts. Use the same font in different variation by changing its typeface.

Do note that your logo should match your brand personality as well. If your brand is family-oriented and your logo is like a sporty young nacho, it might be a mismatch.

Bon Appetite

Now, you know all the basics about why to need a fantastic restaurant logo and how you can get one done for yourself. We are submerged in the ocean of brands all around us. Hence, companies need to get each and everything right, no matter how small it might be. Your brand identity and maintenanceof your brand personality is crucial at this stage of globalization. Only then will you be able to upsell your products. All the best!

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