The Best & Worst Real Estate Logos of 2020

Best Real Estate Logos Examples

Real estate, as a dynamic sector, is increasing. There are numerous reasons behind this sudden growth, as an increase in people demanding home for personal and official complexes and investment in lands and properties as a long-term asset. Of course, with a change in business marketing and advertisement, real estate also has now gone online and is still in its early stages of going online. With business going online, you know how important real estate logos are.

A professional real estate logo is very crucial for your online brand identity. Only with great real estate logos, you will be able to attract the audience online and make them engage with your brands and products.  Virtual staging has already done a great job of helping another real estate online. Hence, it is our job to bring you in acquaintance with the best and worst logos for the real estate market.

If you want to know the best real estate logos in the market and what to avoid before getting a logo, keep reading.

You will get the synopsis on the five best commercial real estate logos and how not to make your logo worse.

The best real estate logos and what makes them unique

Century 21

century 21 real estate logos

The symbol of the best real estate logo is not to sound creative, unique, and elegant but to look one. Century 21  made sound old and boring, but that is the beauty when it comes to designs.

Century 21’s Logo is ultimately what one wants it to be. It conveys the exact message and serves the right purpose in a vintage, unique, and timeless way. The goal behind designing any real estate logo is to project the company’s objective, not show how creative the logo designer you hired was.

One big reason for Century 21 having such a distinct Logo is the broad audience it has. People from all walks of life trust them, and hence one big reason to get inspired from Century 21 is the way they managed different types of audiences with one logo.

Luxury Portfolio International

luxury real estate logos

One of the best real estate companies in the world is Luxury Portfolio International. Did you know the luxury real estate giant has one of the most fantastic luxury real estate logos in the world? In the last example, you learnt how important your logo design is to say everything about your brand. However, your logo should also match your brand personality.

LPI’s brand personality is luxurious and denotes wealth. If LPI had a logo like Century 21, it would be a huge mismatch. The elegant, beautiful, and timeless Logo of LPI is tremendous and serves well to its target audiences. Also, a logo should be versatile to look great both on print and on digital platforms, so does Luxury Portfolio’s Logo. And that’s the reason why you should always say LPI has one of the luxurious real estate logos.

Gregg Lynn

Gregg lynn real estate logos

When it comes to ticking all the requirements for a great logo Gregg Lynn wins the race. Gregg Lynn’s Logo is simple, elegant, titled, and creative. When we talk about a great real estate logo design, we mean the logo should serve the purpose of real estate and luxury and trustworthiness.

The logo has a significant symbol that symbolizes luxury and the Brand name in the simple yet elegant font. The colour choice is excellent as well, and the overall end products are meticulously the best commercial real estate agency logo.

Nourmand & Associates

nourmand & associates construction logos

You do not have a great real estate logo if the logo does not have a story and a legacy to portray. Nourmand& Associates still has the same logo they had forty years ago. It is said that a great logo design is timeless, and they proved it right to every extent.

It looks more like a country’s flag, the Nourmand & Associates logo speaks about having a logo from any era if designed the best. The logo is one of the greatest inspirations and one of the best commercial real estate logos for small real estate corporations, and it also reminds its customer that they are in the market for more than forty years now.

Aaron Kirman Partner

The logo of this real estate giant is masculine, daring, and creative. Aaron Kirman, one of the best real estate logos today because of its simplicity and its match with the brand personality. 

You can understand the creativity of the logo and the legacy of what Aaron Kirman holds in the Los Angeles market as well as its presence in the International Estate Division of the Pacific Union International.

What Makes A Worse Real Estate Logo?

Choosing an outdated font and logo shape

  • When you choose fonts for your construction logo, make sure it is not outdated.
  • Choose a font typeface that looks good on the font you chose.
  • Spend time with logo font and shape, trying different variations before choosing the one.
  • Make sure the design is not overfilled with details.
  • Make sure your font describes your purpose. Like, Arial is for official similarly different font style are of varying use.

Note that these may seem to be minimal pieces, but when integrated, this is what your main element of the logo is.

Not Choosing the right colour will be penalized

  • Remember, you are designing the best real estate logo. So, you should always be conscious of the elements.
  • Study about colour psychology before choosing a logo.
  • Make sure you do not make a logo that looks more like a rainbow. Choosing more than three colours is not advised.
  • Use monochromatic colours; they look great.

Do not use a simple objected brand mark

  • This is a typical real estate logo design mistake that is must be avoided. A lot of designers think it is easy to design a real estate logo. However, using a generic image with your logo will bring you to copyright troubles in the future.
  • Simple objected brand images do not look creative, engaging, and unique. Hence, it will be a wrong impression on the viewers.

Not having a versatile logo is a blunder

A lot of businesses still do not agree on this, but this is the future. You need to have a logo that looks good both on the print and the digital format, same as the Luxury Portfolio International. Otherwise, your logo will struggle hard to engage with the audience offline.

Let us End with a Positive note

Now you know what makes an excellent logo, and you are also well acquainted with what you should avoid when you design the best commercial Logo.

However, it is always the best practice to let a professional do his job. Remember that having a logo today is of utmost importance, and you should not think much before investing in things that matter for the growth of your business. These small will bring you great rewards in the future if you keep your basics right.

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