The 27 Point Checklist to Prepare Your Store for Black Friday Cyber Monday

As an ongoing pandemic undermines, the Black Friday Cyber Monday will be celebrated in a way like never before. With people moving online for various purchases, it is of utmost importance that businesses are well prepared to take the Surge.

As an ongoing pandemic undermines, the Black Friday Cyber Monday will be celebrated in a way like never before. With people moving online for various purchases, it is of utmost importance that businesses are well prepared to take the Surge.

Therefore, BFCM is an immense opportunity for sellers to build their name in the market among potential clients. However, you need to be well prepared in terms of inventory, competitive discounts, and a well-managed website to cope with users’ sudden Surge.

In today’s read, we will bring before your eyes the 27 checklist that will ultimately help you prepare for the BFCM early.

Plan for an early start and a more extended season for Black Friday Cyber Monday

1. Prepare for a busy black friday Cyber Monday

According to a survey by Shopkick, 34% of customers indicate that they will make their holiday purchases even before Thanksgiving and Christmas.  As a seller, you need to start early to communicate your offers and discounts to be visible first when customers research deals and products.

2. Upgrade your website for Surge

Black Friday Cyber Monday

A sudden increase in the no. Viewers can result in your website getting crashed during this period. Hence, it is always wise to get things done in advance. You can check your server load capacity using tools like K6cloud. This will give you a sense of your store speed, and you’ll know exactly what needs to be updated.

3. Double your top 5 sales channel for black friday cyber monday

All businesses today are going multi-channel. Hence, you need to figure out your too five channels where you generate high revenue. You need to optimize your channels in advance for great results. The best five media to start with are Google, Amazon, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

4. keep an eye on competitors

Paying interest on competitor’s websites to help you get more ideas and knowledge of their whereabouts. The best way to stay updated about your competitors is by subscribing to its email newsletters. However, stay focused on not to get too inspired by your competitor’s model of doing business.

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5. Have a contingency plan in hand

It would be best if you always had a second plan ready in writing if things go haphazard. While planning to deal with such spiked customer demand, it is still wise to plan the worst-case scenario and create a contingency plan.

Product preparation for black friday cyber monday

6. Early inventory decision

Pick up all your products early that to be promoted. In case you are relying on a manufacturer for raw material, ask for an early supply.  Decide only the goods that are relevant to BFCM and be concise.

7. Be pandemic trendy

To be the best seller, you need to follow the trend. This year it’s the pandemic that’s on sky nine. Therefore, bring products that are trendy in the pandemic. You can make a list of all the products that are sold highly since March.

8. Gift cards as an option

Your supply can get sold before your estimated time, and you won’t meet the customer demand. Hence, use gift cards. They can potentially capture sales and will give you time to restore cards that are redeemed.

9. Upcoming sales organizing

It will help if you plan your deals and discounts early on instead of putting last-minute sales. Reviewing your margining and making values ahead of time is a wiser option. Make an excel sheet after chose observation to come up with the best deals.

10. Order and workflow optimization

Due to the high sales volume, it can be challenging to fulfill and get orders to customers quicker. Bring these options into consideration.

1. Organising your fulfillment area

2. Hiring additional fulfillment staff

3. Excess communication

4. Prioritizing and organizing sales

Marketing, campaign, and creativity for black friday cyber monday

11. Create an outstanding offer

Attracting customers with a vast amount of options in the market is an art. And the artist you need to set is great jaw-dropping deals and offers and discounts. However, do not sell st your loss no matter what. Use offer bundles, spin, and win, etc.

12. Banner and billboard creation

There’s nothing better than visuals and graphics to promote your products. Hence, always make sure that you upgrade your developments and deals effectively to reach your potential leads’ eye.

13. Retarget past customers and buyers

One who already has used your services are likely to buy more of you give them the right deal. You email or SMS promotion and prompt them to visit and buy again. Show them you have newer and more excellent products.

14. Start early with email marketing

The highest conversing rates are through email marketing. Hence, do not forget that. To stay updated,you must start first with marketing through emails so that traffic is less and your recipient hasn’t flooded with email campaigns

15. Level up on your best advertising channel

Now, your best advertising channel could be Facebook or Instagram, or email marketing. Find it out and get started with better advertising. This will make you stand out of the crowd and bring you on top when the right moment comes.

Customer repetition and building loyalty

16. Give rewards to your loyal customers

BFCM is your opportunity to build relationships and bring back your previous customers. Give your existing customers an option to access the sales early or provide them with extra discounts or coupons.

17. Bring live chat on your website

Customers chatting with brands convert three times more. Hire someone to work as a live chat staff, or you can use software to do so. Use different social media tools like what’s app and Instagram to engage as well.

18. Provide prompt and personal customer support

Having a few standards relies already on ready will help you inconsistent delivery with minimum effort. Prepare for common points like a lost or delayed order, unsatisfying purchase, or the damaged product’s arrival.

19. Provide easy access to return feature

Make sure that your return or exchange policy is clean, fair, and easily communicated. Holidays are not only hectic for sellers but also for buyers. Hence make sure that you provide the service that goes beyond the regular call of duty.

Performance optimization

20. Mobile friendly first

Your customers are more on phones versus the computer. You need to be confident that your website is mobile friendly and can be accessed hassle-free on phones. Using a website that has fast loading speed and easy navigation on the phone is a benefit.

21. Assess checkout experience

While you work and check your mobile-friendliness, you should also examine your checkout process. Minimize the steps involved in payment and details fulfillment and make it as easily doable as you can.

22. Get feedback and website tested

Mirroring your customer’s experience is a good thing. And for that, you should always ask for feedback and reviews. In case you have any doubts or second thoughts coming, it’s always suggested to get your website or app tested for bugs or errors.

23. Google analytics setup

Traffic trackers are one of the best things you can use to know how your customers shop, make plans, and evaluate your next steps. Set up your Google analytics and use it correctly.

24. Learn to read your Reports

There’sa lot of essential data that you can extract from Google Analytics that includes tracking your market efforts. Learn how to remove maximum results and use it for your betterment. You will be ahead of your rivals because most of them aren’t using it already

25. Understand user behavior

While Google Analytics is a powerful tool, you can also use other different tools to gain additional user information. Some such apps are heatmap.

Retention and Reflect post-BFCM

26. Maintain customer relations and turn seasonal customers as all round

Most businesses make this mistake of ending the relationship was th customers once the festival or holiday ends. However, you can turn things around by maintaining and nurturing your relationships with new customers.

27. Analyse what worked and what didn’t

Holidays and festivals are the best time for businesses to learnt from their mistakes and work on them. Hence, it’s important to track everything and reflect on what worked and what didn’t.

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