These Amazing Flower Logos Will Make Your Business Bloom In 2021

5 Best Flower Logo Design For You

Flowers are a close part of human emotion. For ages, humans have used flowers to display varieties of human emotions like happiness, love, joy, respect, or grief at a funeral. The adaptability of flowers has made a lot of industry around the world use them in their logos.

A beautiful flower logo will potentially carry a lot of emotion in it and might win you plethoric clients, thanks to the flowers and their way of being a part of human emotions. If you want to make instant brand recognition for yourself, using a flower logo will always remain a good idea.

Therefore, today we are here with five ways in which you can use flowers in your logo to win your clients. Let the flower within your organization bloom!

Types of Flower Logo Designs

There are a lot of ways in which you can use flowers in your logo design depending on the type of message that you want to spread and the type of target audience you have. We have incorporated the 5 best flower logotypes that you can use according to your needs.

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And you will not be disappointed!

Vintage Flower Logo Design

Old will always remain the gold! No matter if it’s a vintage car, wine, or a logo; something that has the dust of the past is always amazing. Vintage flower logos often carry the weight of authenticity, and high-class, no matter what. And that is the reason vintage flower logos are always so popular among quite a few successful brands.

Using a vintage logo design will display qualities like respect, trust, and long-lasting business. You can easily get a vintage logo with a unique color, font, or any element that is from the past.

However, not always will a vintage flower logo design do you justice. You should always read about your brand, your audience, the competitors before you decide to get one.

Minimalistic Flower Logo

Keeping your logo design free from any unnecessary element and just using the simplest of its form is a minimalistic logo design.

It’s all about using the least elements in your logo and when paired with a little creative flower, it will be a great option for you. If you are a coffee shop, an event manager, a florist, this can be one of your best options to choose from.

A minimalistic flower logo is just a use of simple flowers, integrated with a clean textural font. This will make you an elegant logo design that will look cute, timeless, and versatile.

Modern Flower Logo

A modern logo design is often colorful, and simple. It is designed in a way that looks wonderful on all your digital media space.

It is always advised to use a San-serif font that is similar to that of Facebook and Google with a simple element for a new digital age logo design. A modern flower logo is easy to see, and one can recall them very easily. These logo designs are generally designed to look wonderful on the website, social media, and online advertisement.

Designers across the globe suggest that one should be using bright colors and a light background so that the design can pop. This will give a great look to your brand identity.

Botanical Flower Logo

You should understand that a flower is not just about petals but there are more to it. Imagine why you take a bouquet to a friend’s place. It always comes with not just flower petals but with stems and leaves too. This is what makes it look prettier.

The same goes with the flower logo too. A flower logo with stems and leaves will be a symbol for the refinement and growth of your company. It will give your logo a natural organic feeling that will be stylish and sophisticated.

You should always give a try to botanical flower logo designs if you are a new start-up and are looking forward to expanding your company. This will make your company look natural powered by the beauty of nature and mother earth.

These logos are great if you are a food and beverage company, or in the agriculture sector.

Abstract Flower Logo

The use of any geometric element falls into the category of an abstract logo. When you are using a flower as an abstract and the primary element of your logo, it will work as an abstract flower logo.

Now, a lot of misconception persists with this is that it will be unrecognizable. You can always use an abstract that will look like a flower. Flowers like lotus, daisies, and sunflower can easily be used in the form of geometry.

With the right colors, right font choice, and an elegant flower abstract it can do wonders. Your logo will look truly unique and versatile. The best thing about an abstract logo design is that it can be used for people of all demographics. Hence, if you have a target audience of all ages, you can surely go for this flower logo.

Let Your Brand Bloom As A Flower

A logo is your brand identity. It speaks on your behalf to your people. Therefore, you should never compromise with the design that you want. If you are a new business owner and are unsure of how you can get your logo designed, we are here for you.

Designing a logo might look like a daunting process but it isn’t. One can get this done with ease if they have the right guidance to pull it off.

Always be aware of who you are and what you want from your brand. You should always be known to the type of people you are targeting and your competitors. If you can do this, you will easily be able to understand what exactly you want.

If you do not have any knowledge about designing and you think that you need a helping hand, we can get you the best designers to work on your logo. And, if you think that this might be costly for you, then you are sorely mistaken. With just $99 you can start your design contest at Designfier and let the best designers in the industry work on your project.

You get to choose from the design of every dimension and choose one. Or, if you have any issue with the designs that we make for you, we give you an instant money-back guarantee with no question asked. So, let’s get started?

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