Logo Design Trends – Complete Review

Logos are one of the most crucial tools that can help your brand to get recognized by the target audience. People recognize brands by their logos; hence, it is essential to make one that is revolutionary, can stand the test of time, and follow logo design trends. Therefore, you should invest a lot of thought while making a logo cause a poorly designed one can have adverse effects on the brand itself. We will discuss all aspects of logo design trends.

One of the biggest reasons for the failure of new businesses is a poorly designed logo. One which cannot assist in unleashing the full potential of a brand is worth changing. It is clear how cosmetic elements just like logos can have such a major effect on the sales of a company. Hence, the logo design process should be done with extensive research and professional help if possible. The logo should be so well designed that it does not go obsolete in a few years.

As we all know, the first impression is the last impression. These logos are the first impressions of the brands on potential clients. Hence, one should make sure that this first impression is a long-lasting one. Trends are subject to change, no matter how good a logo design is, it is meant to become outdated sometime in the future. Thus, considering new trends while designing a logo is very essential. Future-proofing logos is a great strategy for the proper growth of a brand, as these logos are the face of the respective brands, and being timeless is a key aspect for them.

Let us discuss some modern Logo Design trends, which can fuel up your brand’s logo making game:


Simple is elegant and elegant is unique. 2021 is all about going simple and having a minimalistic design. These kinds of logos are well balanced and uncluttered which gives an illusion of professionalism and smart designing. Several brands across all genres are redesigning and simplifying their existing logos. It is safe to say that “minima is the new meta”.


If tweaking logo designs to make them simpler wasn’t enough, playing with the font styles to make these logos innovative is another trend. By making sure that the font style is legible and unique, one can make a revolutionary logo without exhausting too many resources. However, this trend is a rather common one so, you should do proper research before patenting one of these logos because the industry is filled with several knockoff brands which are simply altering the font used in their logos.


If regular colors were not fancy enough for your logo designing adventure, you could also try some neon variants. These alternatives are eye-catchy and bright which helps in making them stand out from the competition. One can easily get carried away while using these bright colors. Hence, make sure that you use this element in a monitored way. Overdoing colors will give your logos a messy look which is not the first impression you are looking to establish.


Just as the name suggests, this method is used to remove a part of the text in your logo to make it look unique. By playing around with the opacity of certain parts of the text, one can achieve desired results. However, you should make sure that the logo is not tweaked so much, that it becomes unrecognizable.


If using different fonts and colors wasn’t enough to make your logo stand out, you should try overlapping certain elements of the logo to make it look innovative and unique. Overlapping comes in various forms like text and image overlapping. However, in the case of text overlapping, one must make sure that the text remains readable otherwise it defeats the purpose of making something unique if people can’t even recognize it.

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As discussed above, leaving breathing space in the logo design improves its balance thereby giving it a cleaner and professional look. Leaving some breathing space also gives an illusion of stability and depth without cluttering the overall look. By going in this direction, one can make sure that their logo looks neat.


Continuing on the lines of white balance and blank space, chipping away the extra ink by making the lines thin is an excellent way of making the look of your logo minimalistic and elegant. Sometimes over analyzing things can ruin results. Hence, one can never go wrong with choosing thin lines over beefy ones.


If you can’t make logos unique by altering their font or balance. You should try rearranging them. Placing certain elements of a logo in a weird yet effective way is a great method to make a logo remarkable. It showcases the designer’s creativity and his ability to think out of the box. While such logos can be complex to analyze, mincing their designs with the elements mentioned above can help in making them look sleek and clean.


Symmetry is beautiful. The human brain is calibrated in such a way that makes symmetry look attractive. If rearranging images or using unusual font styles isn’t working out for you. Give balancing things a try. Well-balanced, symmetrical, and clean logos look brilliant and elegant.


Using abbreviations for logo designing has been in practice for ages now. Using these abbreviations in the logos not only makes them look personal but professional at the same time. Studies show that humans are more likely to resonate with brands that have abbreviations in their logo designs. If none of the elements discussed above are helping with your logo designing adventure, human tendency says that this one should do it.

No matter how logo design trends change in the upcoming future, some aspects of logo designing will never change. The fact that a logo is the face of a brand makes it an essential asset and keeping these logos updated is a necessity. A good logo design can promise nothing but a charismatic brand presence in the market.

Henny Darwin is a content strategist and moderator at Designfier, one of the leading graphic design marketplaces.