Best 25 Film Company Logos

Films are single handedly one of the biggest achievements of the human race till date. They make us laugh, they make us cry, but most importantly, they play a vital role in shaping our dreams. In the modern media-dominated world, films play a pivotal role in inspiring and influencing young minds. These films have the power to keep the viewer hooked in from the moment opening credits start until the ending credits roll…

Talking about the opening credits, one of the most distinct features about these opening credits are the film company logos. Varying in graphics and sound effects, these film company logos are unique and different from each other. Having a fanbase of their own, the logos have a great impact on the movie sales as well. People who know these logos, can tell if the films will be worth watching or not, based completely upon the popularity of these film company logos. Hence, it is safe to say that in some cases, the success of a film depends on the logo which rolls with the opening credits…

Anyhow, we are not here to discuss about the significance these film company logos have on their respective movie releases, but to expand on what makes them stand out from each other. And most importantly, what factors make them so good that these revolutionary masterpieces stay forever in our subconscious minds. All these film company logos are different and unique but they all share one thing in common. The brilliant minds behind the making of these logos.

Some of these logos went through some drastic changes along these years, but the basic idea behind making any of them remains the same and they still manage to stand the test of time. Lets dive into the 25 best film company logos, which make movie watching an emotion.

Lets dive into the 25 best film company logos, which make movie watching an emotion.

1. Universal

Previously known as the Moving Pictures Company. This production house is undeniably the G.O.A.T of the movie world. Right off the bat, it has one of the most famous and reputed logos of all time. Almost anyone who is into movies, knows this one. In fact this is so famous that nowadays we see several knockoffs based on the general idea of this logo. The franchise managed to entertain us with blockbusters like Jurassic World, Back to the Future, the Mummy, etc. However with all the laurels linked to it’s name, the logo design is fairly simple. i.e. The name Universal scaling the globe horizontally which truly signifies it’s presence around the world.

2. Warner Bros.

This production company was created by the Polish Warner Brothers. who later made it a huge success in America. The company now has a television channel which boasts around 75 active shows which are aired regularly. The production house has also dished out several masterpieces like Casablanca, the harry potter series, suicide squad, etc. It’s logo design is a shield with WB on it.

3. Dreamworks

All the Spielberg fans know this one. It was co-created by Steven Spielberg, Jeffery Katzenberg and David Geffen. The three big shots managed to inspire us with movies like the Kung Fu Panda series, Real Steel, Shrek, etc. It’s logo design consists of a young boy sitting on a crescent moon with a fishing pole in hand. Giving us an impression that the young mind is fishing for dreams in the sky.

4. Walt Disney

We all are familiar with this one. The Walt Disney productions cover about 90% of the animated movies we watched in our childhood. Having the power to influence young minds, this company has worked wonderfully by producing awe inspiring animations like the Incredibles, Beauty and the Beast, Pinocchio, etc. Their logo design is a Disney Castle on a blue background which started out as a basic animation and has now evolved into a very realistic image of the castle.

5. Columbia Pictures

One of the many Sony owned production houses on this list, Columbia gave us movies like Men in Black, Spiderman, Skyfall, etc. This company’s logo design has undergone drastic changes and has stood the test of time. It started out as being a female Roman soldier holding a shield in one of her arms and a sheaf of wheat in the other. Today, the logo features a torch bearing lady which has become one of the most famous and revolutionary logos of all time.

6. Paramount Pictures

Being one of the oldest logos out there, this one is the classiest. The logo design boasts of a mountain in the background with paramount written across it’s peak and overshadowing the letters of paramount are 22 stars. Paramount pictures not only make logos which are a million bucks but they also make movies which bring billions of bucks on the box-office. It is the home to legends like Titanic, the Mission Impossible franchise, etc.

7. Twentieth Century Fox

The sound track of twentieth century fox is more popular than the logo itself. But this does not indicate that the logo is bad, it tells us how good Twentieth Century fox is in making a memorable logo. The audience will remember this production house with the sound effect itself. The logo design is fairly simple but magestic at the same time. It has 20th century fox television written in all golds along with some searchlights. This logo is so revolutionary that it can be termed as the mothership of modern logos as many knockoffs are either copying it’s soundtrack or the logo itself. It gave us movies like Avatar, X-men, Life of pi, etc.

8. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

This logo design brings back memories. Featuring a lion in a frame, the logo design is simply a class apart. Almost every individual who has indulged in Tom & Jerry knows the revolutionary phenomenon, this logo is. Apart from blessing our childhood with Tom & Jerry, this production company also gave us, the Hobbit, the Wizard of OZ, Casino Royale, etc.

9. TriStar Pictures

Another Sony Pictures Entertainment owned American film studio. The logo design has a Pegasus horse with TriStar written above the head of the Pegasus. The concept of this production house came from the senior executive of Columbia pictures. This production house has managed to entertain us with movies like Baby Driver, Jumanji, Terminator, etc.

10. Good Universe

The company’s logo design is an innovative one, it has 4 children writing good universe on the horizon in the night sky. These children are said to be the sons and daughters of the company’s founder. We got movies like Don’t Breathe, Neighbors, Long Shot, etc. from this production company.

11. Pixar animation studio

Great animation has always been produced by PIXAR for decades. Just like Walt Disney, this production house is also supposed to make good animation movies and has proved to do so in all these years by giving us masterpieces like Toy Story, Cars, Monsters.inc, etc. The logo design contains a hopping lamp which hops into the frame and replaces the I in Pixar. Which is a great logo for an animation powerhouse. Simple and Elegant at the same time.

12. New Line Cinema

Also known as the New Line Productions Inc. , this studio is owned by Warner Bros Inc. As the company was owned by another huge organization, new line cinema did not come up with an independent logo until early 1970’s. It’s initial logo design from 1973 went through huge changes until the latest logo design came out which had a film strip spliced diagonally into another film strip with New Line Cinema written at the bottom. Regardless of getting overshadowed by WB studios for years, this porduction house came out with legendary movies like, The Lord of the Rings, Final Destination, the Conjuring, etc.

13. Legendary

As the name suggests, this production studio is indeed a legend as it produced blockbusters like The dark knight, Inception, John Wick, etc. The organisation not only has a legendary name, but also a simple yet complex logo design. The logo has a complex pattern in the shape of a shield with legendary written across the bottom.

14. Castle Rock entertainment

This production house has produced legendary movies like The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, Misery, etc. It was named after the fictional Maine town used in Stephen King stories. The logo design consists of a lighthouse on the horizon with Castle Rock Entertaiment written across it.

15. Yash Raj Films

One of the most popular and oldest production house in India. Founded in the 1970’s, the company has grown to be one of the largest film studios in India. Producing films like Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, Jab tak hai Jaan, Rab ne Bana Di Jodi, this production house is a household name in India apparently.

16. United artists

The logo design of this production company is rather deceptive. It looks very modern considering the fact that the company itself was founded in 1919. The rather modern logo has definitely been through some revamps but still holds the basic idea of the original one. Featuring a simple UA written in a fancy font. This production house has produced films like The woods, Lions for Lambs, Skyfall, etc.

17. Sony Pictures Motion Picture Group

Undoubtedly one of the largest names in not only the production house world but other genres aswell, Sony has transfixed it’s position on a pedestal by making movies like Spiderman, Quantum of Solace, Skyfall, etc. This production company was launched in 1998 by integrating businesses of Columbia pictures and TriStar industries. It is undeniably one of the bigger names to have stepped in the field of movie production. The logo design is a diagonal film strip with coloured slits on it and has Sony pictures written on the bottom.

18. The Weinstein Company

Founded in New York, The Weinstein Company is an American independent film studio which made it’s name in the big leagues by making movies like Silver Linings Playbook, The fighter, Rambo, etc. The logo design is a rather simple and straightforward one, it has three overlapping inverted triangles forming a W with The Weinstein Company written on the bottom.

19. RKO pictures

This is an American film production and distribution company, formerly known as RKO Radio Pictures, Inc. It was also claimed to be one of the Big Five studios of Hollywood’s Golden Age. It has cemented it’s place in the movie production world by making one of a kind movies like King Kong, Top Hat, Dumbo, etc. The logo design has RKO written in silver on a black background where the K has an exended bolt in the lower end.

20. Eros international

Eros is yet another big name in India when it comes to movie production houses. Having produced movies like Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Ranjhanna, Badlapur, etc. It has become a fan favorite in India. It’s logo design is similar to that of Universal Studios, which consists of EROS written on the upper half of the globe and International in the lower.

21. Lionsgate

This American-Canadian production company was founded in 1997 and has continued to release some bangers since then. The company has produced films like The Hunger Games, The Expandables, Now you see me, etc. which has made it a huge phenomenon in the movie production world. The logo design of Lions gate is the simplest of them all, it’s LIONSGATE written in black on a white background. A basic yet powerful logo to represent a huge organization.

22. Empire Entertainment Pictures

The Empire Entertainment Pictures are responsible for producing legendary movies like Star Wars, The Godfather, Back to the Future, etc. These blockbusters helped this production company with it’s rise to the fame. It started out as a small scale American theatrical distributer in the 1980’s and has since became a huge success. The logo design of Empire Entertainment is Star Wars inspired, which has Empire International written above a globe.

23. UTV movies

Yet another Indian production house in the business. UTV movies also known as UTV Motion Pictures is one of the leading production houses in the subcontinent India and is Hence one of the largest production studios in South Asia. Local fans love the movies produced by UTV, some of which are PK, Barfi, Dangal, etc. The UTV logo is simply, UTV written in white with RGB stripes entangled across the middle of the word.

24. Bad Robot Productions

Having produced movies like Star Trek, Cloverfield, Mission Impossible, etc. Bad Robot Productions have written their names in the movie production studio hall of fame. It is an American film and television production house which is co-led by Katie McGrath and J.J Abrams. The logo design, just like the name suggests, has a doodled robot with bad robot written at the bottom.

25. Fleischer studios

Arguably one of the oldest production houses on this list. Fleischer studios has blessed us with childhood bedtime stories like Gulliver Travels, Popeye the Sailor, Superman (1941), etc. Despite being the oldest on the list, it is definitely the source of inspiration for other modern production houses present today. It’s logo design was rather modern considering that it was made in the late 1930’s. It consists of Fleischer Studios written in a fancy font over a white background. Elegant and Nostalgic.

Therefore, it is clear that every logo design is unique and remarkable. Extremely simple yet bold at the same time. We have known these logos since the time we first started watching movies and these logos have hence become an important part of any moviewatching routine.

These film company logos define and represent a huge organization along with having a hidden meaning stored in every single one of them. Subconsciously we all cheer and root for these logos when we see them alongside the opening credits of a movie. And that is the beauty of these logos, they beautifully represent the historic value stored in them. Hence they make moviewatching an emotion.

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