Top 10 Best Small Business Tools You Must Use In 2021

Best Small Business Tools

Starting a business is easy but managing it effectively is a formidable experience. More so, working without modern tools and technology in your bucket will render your professional success. Hence, small business needs to play smart. In other words, automation is the key to success. For the same, small business needs to have great tools.

Getting everything done by the workforce means investing a considerable amount of time, effort, and cash. Also, small start-ups have a highly tight budget. Hence, you will not be willing to take unnecessary risks with unproven, unexperienced employees. So, to get your job done, you will need to have proven techs that will do your job for a sum that will also go right with your budget and will have low risk.

Today, we have integrated a bunch of ten highly popular small business tools that is of utmost importance. As you read further, you will be acquainted with many such apps and websites that will unburden a lot of your work in the future. Also, being updated with such start-up techs will increase the rate of your professional success.

Top Ten Small business tools you must use in 2021

1. HubSpot

Small businesses must always retain customers for survival in the long run. To keep your Customer Relation always positive, you do not need to hire an extra employee. You already have a great small business tool. HubSpot has everything starting form content management to sales support, but it is best known for its CRM software.

What if I told you that HubSpot would do your job for free? It does not matter how big your team and data are; this website is a gem to be a small business tool. You can use it to manage contacts, send bulk emails, respond to customer tickets, and a lot more.

2. G-Suite

When it comes to small business tools will be untrue, not to mention Google. As a small business, Google Suite (G-Suite) is a collection of offline tools. You have emails, doc creations, cloud storage, chats, video meetings, and much more. You already must be knowing how secure Google is. For Creating an optimistic brand identity among your workplace, G-Suite is a sophisticated option if you are looking for an effective, cloud-based work environment.
One of the best things about G-Suite is the integration of each app. If you want to emerge as a tough small business brand, G-Suite’s paid plan is just for you.

3. AngelList

Are you looking for new recruitments? If you are, this small business tool is for you. Since hiring employees is an expensive task, small companies cannot afford to use the traditional way. But, thanks to technology, you have an app for almost everything today.

AngelList is much more than just an investment platform. It is also a powerful recruiting tool with a goldmine for top talent. Are you willing to be their goldsmith? More than 36,000 world’s’ top start-ups have made their successful team using AngelList.

4. WordPress

If you believe, then more than one-third of the world’s website runs on WordPress. The reason behind it is that WordPress is both powerful and code-free. With professionally designed themes, it is very easy to stary your online voyage if you are a small business brand. The website developing behemoth is a beast and will boost your brand identity.

WordPress is also free and comes with a choice of paid version as well. Honestly, to enjoy all the perks of WordPress, it is always best to choose a premium plan. The Business plan also comes up with custom plugins, live chat, and 200 GB of storage.

5. Avast

What’s the point of running a successful business if your hard-earned success is crunched with just a small invisible virus or a bunch of bad guys of the internet (hackers). Well, in the growing digitalized world, anything is possible anytime. However, we have got you a solution. Avast’s endpoint protection is free and also comes in a free version.

The small business tool is widely used worldwide as an anti-virus. But if you choose a free version, you will not have access to proactive controls, a firewall, or a data shredding. Its never wise to take a risk when you already know the consequences. Remember, precaution is better than cure.

6. Wave

If you are struggling hard with payments, bills, noting expenses, then you should take a deep breath and relax. To keep your book balanced, you can use this highly useful small business tool called Wave. A wave is accounting software that will be responsible for all your accounting reports. You will be able to create and scan invoices, and you’ll be able to scan receipts directly in the system.

Wave can be used in the free version, but it will have a little perk. However, it will be ten times cheaper than hiring a skeleton accountant.

7. Designfier

Do you also struggle when it comes to maintaining your brand identity online, or making PPTs, or designing any layouts? If yes, then Designfier is one of the best small business tools you can use. The best thing about Designfier is that you do not have to pay any monthly premium price. You can use it whenever you want to for whatever you want to.

Designfier also comes with a 100% money-back guarantee refunded if you do not like the work.

8. Evernote Scannable

Scannable is a new app by Evernote, which quickly scans sheets of business cards, notes, and documents by only using your smartphone camera. You can check multiple copies in one session, and each one is treated as a separate image. So, next time you are baffled scanning loads of sheets, you can surely try this small business tool.

The app also connects to LinkedIn. As it connects to the cloud, it is easy to share documents ad photos on your phone’s hard drive.

9. MailChimp

MailChimp is one of the best affordable email marketing platforms on the internet. If you are looking for a business tool that will send bulk emails to all your potential clients and leads, you can surely try this.

The pricing is fantastic. The price depends on the number of emails you send per month. If you are sending less than 12,000 emails per month, then you can enjoy the forever free plan.

10. Square

If you are looking for a secure and safe payment portal, Square is just your tool. Using Square’s interface for receiving payment in-person, online, by mobile, and via an app will have a positive impact on your brand identity.

Especially if you are a small business, then it is tough to be updated about the latest techs. For the same, it is advised to take the free trails and then move for the paid version if you think the tools are useful. Also, in Square, you every sort of peripheral feature that benefits you.

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