The Definite Guide: how to choose the right logo for your business in 2021

How to Choose the right Logo for Your Brand

A logo is something that is going to stay with your brand forever. People will know you with your brand, and your logo will speak on behalf of you whenever required. Hence, it is pretty evident that you should never be compromising with your logo, elements, fonts, colors, and typeface. 

Picking up the right logo for your brand will be a hectic decision. With the number of creative minds willing to work upon your logo, you will need to introspect in a considerable amount, also consuming a lot of your time, which is acceptable. In the end, your logo is of utmost importance, and you cannot make hasty decisions with the choice.

For all these reasons today we have articulated all the required information so that you can choose a logo design icon for your brand like a pro. Keep reading as we will unravel all the essential aspects of the same.

Why you need a good logo and what are their characteristics

Now before we start, there are two things to talk about, i.e., why you need a logo and what exactly is a good logo.

You must be knowing until now the importance of a logo for your brand. Your logo design is a graphical representation of your brand identity, and it’s an essential ingredient of your brand identity. For you to easily stay in your audience’s concise logo plays a crucial role. A logo very significantly shapes your character between your people, and it travels everywhere your product goes. Hence, for all these purposes, a good logo design is a must. 

A lot of speculation persists over what a good logo design is. A good logo design has some remarkable characteristics over which you can judge it to be a beautifully polished, purpose serving logo design. Besides, what are those characteristics?

  • A good logo design is easily readable and understandable, just briefly. 
  • It conveys the right message to the customers. 
  • It is versatile.
  • It attracts viewers just by a glance of look.
  • Has minimal fonts, and colors. 
  • Defines the purpose and invokes viewers for a CTA.

What are the different types of icons used in logo designs?

  1. Animals and species as a logo icon
Animals and species as right logo icon

Animals and different species have always been favorite elements for graphic designers. With the weight of heritage and symbolic metaphor, they carry since ancient times logo designs are enhanced with the use of such animal symbol with some creative flavor. One should never forget how strong your overall logo will look like with a powerful animal logo. On the other hand, such logos are versatile, hence can be used anywhere at any dimension.

For example – Red Bull, Ferrari, Porche, etc.

  • Mascots
Mascots right logo
Tigers Abstract Vector Sign, Emblem or Logo Template. Classic Sport Team Mascot Label. Predator Animal Face with Typography. Complex Background.

Mascot logo designs are one of the best-animated icons to bury seeds of different brand identity with a great back story to tell. These types of logo design icons have a background of tradition that is said to be referred to. Simultaneously, mascot logos have the powerful punch of registering a humanized brand that has a life of its own, just like an average person.

For example- Boston Celtics

  • Abstracts in logo icons
Abstracts in right logo icons

Getting an abstract logo is one of the trickiest, yet the most impactful ways of getting your brand identity. In an abstract logo icon instead of using a general element, logo makers tend to use geometric shapes to represent your brand. If you are looking for an icon that is impeccable, and that no one can copy this option is for you to take. Also, using abstract icons gives you a plus point of making fundamental changes in your logo as well. So, in case you want to change the brand identity of your brand in the future, you can always rely upon abstracts.

For example- Pepsi, Tinder, etc.

  • Pictorial and symbols as logo icons
Pictorial and symbols as right  logo icons

Far simpler to create and a lot more impactful is the graphical icon of any simple day to day object. Pictorial and symbolic logo design are iconic and has a lot of versatility. This is the best choice if you want a brand personality that stays with the audience all the time. It is simple to create and needs nothing to lose on.

For Example- Twitter, Apple, etc.

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How to choose the right logo icon

If you are looking for something more than just a logo, you need to work hard. Do not just think that your designer will take care of everything. It would be best if you did some hardship as well. However, a few tips and tricks will help you a lot and can save a lot of your time and efforts.

  • Brainstorm your idea behind your brand

Your logo is the basic functionality and is something that is in the limelight all the time. Hence, you want always to bring your best in public. The same goes for logo icons as well. Regardless of all, people will make their judgment and their perspective towards your brand by looking at the logo. So, they must see your core convictions right at the beginning of everything so that they have no polarized judgment about your company.

  • Ask if the logo is simple and sophisticated

You do not want a logo that is hard to decode. However, in the league of making a simple and elegant logo, do not forget about sophistication. You also need to convey that you have worked hard on every aspect of your brand to make it look decent and attractive.

In contrast, you can also use simple icons that are sprinkled with a bit of creativity, and you can ace the look of your logo. It will be simple and elegant.

  • Research your industry and look for what different you can do

When you design a logo, always study your competitors. See how they have created their logos and how their customers have responded. You can look for what is unavailable in the industry in terms of logo design and look for alternatives. You can do what others in your industry has not done so far so that it will enhance your presence in the market as you will be standing out from the crowd.

Suppose you are unsure how your customers will react to different elements. In that case, you can see their responses in your competitor’s portfolio. You will have to do proper research and then choose the right logo design icon.

  • Feedbacks will work wonders

Now, what a lot of brand owners do not is taking feedbacks. Hence, you can use this for your benefit. You can share your design with your family, colleagues, and employees to get a real-time audience review. You need to understand that the logo design is being done for customers. Hence it should be precisely what they want to see, not the way you want them to see.

Taking reviews will bring more flaws in your custom logo design that might be missing from your views. This will fill the gap between a polished logo and a customer-centric logo, enhancing your chances of doing wonders with your brand.

All the Best!

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