Instagram Reels: Perfect Guide to Boost Your Marketing Strategy in 2021

Instagram reels are here as a formidable competitor of Tik-Tok. Short videos, music accessibility, and visual effects are all that make Reels different from IGTV and Instagram stories. With this all-new feature on Instagram, it is encouraging businesses to create and share creative, compelling organic content to build and flourishing communities.

With Reels available on Instagram, it means that attention does not have to move from one app to another. And Instagram reels are for everyone, including businesses, marketers, and general users. However, are you still in awe of what reels are and what you can potentially take from it?

Keep reading this, and you will learn how you can use IG reels to promote your businesses and ways to grow your audience using reels. You will also know how you can create Reels and get successful examples of companies using it.

How to use Instagram Reels to promote your business

At present, there is no direct advertising options available for Reels. This means you cannot pay to boost your Reels directly via Instagram like you use to do on a regular post. There is no formal method for notifying followers when branded content is being promoted. Although Instagram has said it evaluates all these options, a fixed timeline is yet to be released.

All these do not mean Reels isn’t worth it. These are general information you should have for a better understanding of what Reels are to make marketing strategies according to all the option you have right now. You can use reels for marketing as they are designed to be fast, fun, easy, and vigorously engaging. Reels will help you increase your audience engagement with your community and increase the content shared if your people like them.

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3 Ways to Grow an Audience with Instagram Reels

Now that you already know what options are available on Instagram Reels for business and marketing, it is time to understand ways to use them. The following are the ways with which you can grow an audience with the use of reels.

1. Educational Content
Instagram reels

Educational content does not mean using chalk and blackboard. You can educate your audience about your products and how they can effectively use them. You can also make videos teaching them tips and tricks. If your audience also engages with you and makes customer reels, you should share it on your timeline (with permission). User-made content are very creative, compelling, and are trustworthy to people.

For example, if your agency specializes in Facebook and Instagram ads, you can create reels and talk about how a beginner can use Facebook ads or a copywriting strategy.

2. Create a behind the scenes that is already trending.

Creating a behind the scenes positively impacts customer’s trust in the brand. Your reels will work as a bridge connecting emotions between you and your audience. As of today, most of the world is not in the office. You can create reels on who you are struggling to pull each day. You can post Reels of small celebration, small accomplishment, and employee’s birthday.

A creative method to create compelling videosis throughthe most trending meme idea. This will not only boost your audience engagement but also bring new leads to your social media. But, using meme ideas will always need you to take care of your customer’s age demography, so you should still be sure before using them.

3. Testimonial videos
instagram reels testimonial video

You can also use Instagram Reels for your business and marketing for testimonials and demonstrate people’s love for your product and service. This will positively be impactful in boosting your audience’s confidence in your brand and your products. With genuine and relatable testimonials, you can gain trust and eventually gain more audience on your Instagram page.

It is not only necessary to take customer testimonials, but you can also take employee testimonials. They are two different kinds of testimonials and will, of course, have two different types of content.

Steps to create Reels on Instagram

Above we have already covered what Instagram reels are, how you can use them. We have also discussedhow you can make beautiful content using Instagram Reels for business. Now it’s time for you to understand how you can make a reel using the Instagram app.

For your ease, we have summed a step by step process. So, in case you are a total starter, you can still understand everything.

  1. When you start with making Reels, make sure you are already using the latest version of Instagram.
  2. Click on the camera icon or Add to your Story.
  3. Now you will get options to choose your creation option. You can adjust your setting with the type of content you are willing to create. This differs from one content to another.
  4. Now that you have chosen the creation option click on the middle button to record the clip. Note that some of the reels are made by integrating multiple clips.

Tip: To switch between front, back, or vice-versa camera, tap on the screen. Its as easy as that!

Example of successful brands using reels like a pro

  • Louis Vuitton

Luxury clothing and fashion brand, Louis Vuitton has more than 39 million followers on Instagram. They ace when it comes to building Reels videos. Every Reel Louis Vuitton makes 5 million views. You can check their reels to learn and get ideas on how you can create compelling Reels.

  • Netflix and Amazon Prime Videos

Being an online OTT platform, Netflix and Amazon Prime’s Instagram reels are filled with trailers and clips of highly successful TV shows and movies. For them, it makes sense. However, this is also one of the best ways to recreate excitement among fans.

For example, I loved the American TV show, The 100. However, I was not watching the ongoing season 7. Now, I saw this Netflix show’s Reel on its reels, and it sparked the lost excitement within me. And the next weekend, I ended up binge-watching all the episodes.

Packing Up!

At the beginning of this article, you read that Instagram Reels for business and marketing has limited options. But you see the standard and quality of reward it pays you back. Take the example of me watching the TV show after watching a 15 second Reel clip. It would be best if you were consistent in creating compelling, attractive, and engaging Instagram Reels.

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