Creative Corporate Identity Examples – Review

A strong brand personality along with a good brand presence are the elements of a creative corporate identity. It’s all about the signature style of a brand which makes it a legend of its genre. We are surrounded by millions of brands, some of them being original whereas the others being successful and unsuccessful knockoffs. However, certain brands have such a persona that helps them in making a special place in the minds of their customers.

We discuss why these certain brands have such a lasting impression on the public and what made them the behemoth they are today. These brands are the definition of success and true brand presence. What factors in their identities made them stand out from the competition? What made corporate identity the pole star and motivating factors of their respective fields? What elements were required in making corporate identity the flag bearers? Let’s find out.


When we talk about sports essentials, NIKE is always the first name that pops up in our minds. This brand has endorsed several successful athletes since the 1980s which has helped them in creating a huge customer base. Their slogan, “Just Do It” has inspired millions across the world and many people resonate with it, as they make NIKE, a part of their hustle along the way.

The brand is known to produce products that are durable, cool, proactive and innovative. These features along with the super simple yet elegant logo design make this brand the phenomenon it is today. Nike observed this and used this to their advantage and are now expanding into fields, other than sports.

2. Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola is truly the best example of a having great brand presence, identity and personality. Everyone across the globe knows the legend that coca-cola is. The term soft drink goes hand in hand with coca-cola regardless of the fact that there are several other types of soft drinks brands out there. Coca-Cola means delicious and refreshing. People have always recognized coke as being a happy and exciting experience.

3. Dove

This brand resonates with women of all ages, shapes, and sizes. It shows true inner beauty without emphasizing outer measures of beauty. Hence, the brand has a relatable and elegant personality. Women use their cosmetic products because they connect with the brand. Dove shows that it cares for its customers in elegant yet simple ways. This brand shows how good communication and relating with your customers brings in profit.

4. Harley Davidson

If you know a tad bit about bikes, you know what Harley Davidson is. A brand that means independence, luxury, and freedom. A Harley is the dream bike of every biker, regardless of being relatively expensive than its competition, this bike brand stands for fulfilling dreams. Being one of the oldest out there, Harley has established itself as being the center pole of the American biking industry. For enthusiasts and budding youngsters, biking means Harley.

5. McDonald’s

Building a successful fast-food restaurant chain is nearly impossible in the present time. We have hundreds and thousands of brands and their knockoffs across the world today. And the revolutionary brand which started it all for these fast-food chains is McDonald’s. People who love their fast food fresh and affordable, love McDonald’s. Their brand identity is so strong and developed that this brand has outlets in almost all the countries on the globe. Regardless of having several competitive knock-offs, Mcdonald’s has remained on the very top because of customer loyalty. McDonald’s means quick, convenient, clean and simple. It has served several families over decades and hence people trust the brand.

6. Disney

We all know this one, this is where dreams are made. A fantasy world for children and an unforgettable experience for adults. This franchise has been around for more than 90 glorious years, reminding people about their childhood. Disney is all about dreams and nostalgia. A wonderful experience altogether. What makes Disney this good is the fact that people from every age group can resonate with it. We have all witnessed an awe-inspiring story through the means of Disney at least once in our lives.

7. Starbucks

In this fast-forward world, a refreshing cup of coffee is all you need to slow things down. When we talk about good coffee, we know its Starbucks. The brand is not only known for producing good coffee, but for the elite status which revolves around its name. Starbucks coffee is all about being the best and being on the top. This phenomenon makes its brand personality unique and propels it to the top.

8. Lego

A perfect recreation for kids and even adults. Lego is the perfect childhood pastime of every individual. It is the most satisfying and innovative toy ever made and has helped in curing boredom and quenching the thirst of imagination throughout the world. From being an outstanding playtime to breaking several world records, Lego has done it all.  It helps in bringing out the child living in everyone.

9. Amazon

Online shopping means amazon. One brand which started it all, one brand which leads them all.  Amazon was an outstanding vision that was brought to life by Jeff Bezos. It has grown ever since it was started out, spreading from country to country. Amazon has truly brought the marketplace to our doorstep. It is very hard not to mention amazon in a sentence related to online shopping.

10. Apple

The brand which comes to mind when thinking about reliable and quality products is Apple. This brand stands for excellence in its field. Not only are the products revolutionary but outstanding as well. Apple not only leads in looks but the performance department as well. Regarded as being one of the greatest technology ideas of humankind, Apple has created a brand image that shows class, beauty and most importantly, performance.

11. Red Bull

Energy drink means Red Bull. From being the sponsor of Ferrari’s F1 team to being featured on the jersey of athletes. Red Bull has gone a long way from being an energy drink brand. This is a good thing as it clearly shows the brand presence of this company. Red Bull has singlehandedly revolutionized the energy drink industry.

It is not only the top-notch when it comes to energy drink quality but also one of the biggest sponsors in the world. People have known red bull since the beginning because their favorite player was sporting a jersey or drinking it in an interview. There are many good contenders in the market today, but Red Bull started it all hence, customers are loyal to the brand.

12. Victoria’s Secret

For decades, young models have dreamed about walking the runway of this lingerie brand. The infamous fashion show and the brand itself have made a huge name in the fashion world. Being Victoria’s Secret supermodel is the biggest achievement a model can achieve in the fashion universe. This is what makes Victoria’s secret the best in the business. This brand’s image is all about having a bold, sexy, daring, and empowering personality. Hence, the younger customer base resonates a lot with the brand.

All these brands have one thing in common, resonating and connecting with the masses. The key to success in today’s world is having a brand image that relates to the audience. Loyalty comes from being there for your customers. The brand which listens to its customers gets launched to the top. A corporate identity should be unique and strong at the same time, in order to make it stand out from the competition. These personality developing elements are the building blocks of success for a brand.

Henny Darwin is a content strategist and moderator at Designfier, one of the leading graphic design marketplaces.