Tips to get a successful online store using Facebook Shop in 2021

Getting started with Facebook Shop

How excited would you be hearing that your customers will not have to visit a website from your social media page to get a product? Well, it’s quite a possibility now. With Facebook’s new sales channel in town, it gives you a Sell feature where you can create a digital store to sell your products without leaving the app.

Therefore, today we thought of looking at what Facebook Shop is, and how it works. After reading this blog, we are sure that you can set your shiny, branded store using the new Facebook tool.

What, and How of Facebook Shop

The Facebook shop is a new feature allowing the creation of an online store on its platform and Instagram. Someone using this feature can display and sell their products via Facebook and Instagram. This feature aims to allow customers to discover products they want to purchase in just a few clicks. This can either be done via in-app sales or by redirecting to the website. One can discover this feature through the “View Shop” button on Facebook business’s page or through their Instagram profile page.

The primary motto of this new feature is to allow customers to allow shopping for free like other e-commerce features. However, unlike Facebook Marketplace this is highly aimed and customer-centric rather than being business-centric.

What does this mean to you?

As the pandemic forced small businesses to adjust their business models they had to hunt and dive for newer sales channels. Hence, this feature rolled up at a very convenient time for these businesses. If you are a business owner this should be a good opportunity for you. 

This shop will be free to use, even if you are a small business with a limited budget. If you do not have a budget for a webshop, you can use this platform to reach your potential clients.

Facebook shops do not ask you to pay for the services that you use as a business owner. Rather, it counts on your willingness to promote your shop with ads, and that is what the profit of Facebook is. A recent survey showed that more than 37% of business owners in the US are preparing to create a new online ad and not just start an online store.

Facebook shops will be the best alternative for small businesses to get more sales without making any capital investment.

Why use Facebook shops?

* No cost for getting started.

* It gives you an additional channel to sell directly to customers.

* Customization with images, product photos, and color.

* Hazel less for customers with a decreased number of clicks which increases conversions.

* A great alternative if your business is active on Facebook, and Instagram with a huge follower base.

Things to be aware of before using Facebook Shops

* Not all countries have this feature yet.

* It’s not entirely owned by you. Hence, you cannot control everything.

* Limited branding options

Branding your business successfully on Facebook Shop

One of the primary advantages of using Facebook Shop is that it gives you the option to create the type of look and feel that defines your brand’s personality. Therefore, to do this will need you to keep in mind some things before your brand.

You can choose your layouts, and images along with naming the collection and additional description. Not just that, you also get options to change the size, color, and appearance of the texts. Perhaps, we have made a collection of some visual tips and tricks that can help you.


You should never compromise with the quality of the pictures. Your pictures should look professional and appealing to the customer. Your image should show your product in detail and should focus on the presentation. If you are new to this, always try keeping the color scheme, or background looks consistent and feels honest.


Always make sure that the color that you choose for icons and images should integrate well together. You should never pick just one of the colors because it will not look harmonious. You should always try using your custom brand color and use the color code. You should always pay some extra effort when it comes to the contrast to stand out of your image.


A font that fits well with your brand identity will always have a huge impact on your customer’s experience. As you keep creating your Shop, you will have an option to preview how your shop will look like. Therefore, you can tweak the look and get it done dexterously.


 When your business is on the internet, especially on a social media site then consistency is the key to achieve success. Your images, style, brilliant color combination, and typography will all go in vain if you are not consistent with the brand and products. On a larger scale, to create a successful brand, and to get a Facebook shop successful, you need to build your brand identity.

How to establish your Brand Identity and stay consistent

For a smooth branding experience across all your social media, you should start by defining your brand identity. Once, you do that, get started with your brand guideline and promise yourself to stick to it. No matter, if your style and vision are in form of pictures or graphics, you should always be consistent about it.

And, then start playing with the designs and customization. No matter, if it should like a daunting process, you should not give up and settle with the default look. Once you create your brand identity, all you need to do is use your branding assets like ads, pages, posts, covers, and banners effectively. 

Get the most from the Facebook Shop

AS businesses are searching for a new way to keep interacting with their customer, Facebook Shops is one of the most interesting platforms for small business owners to get started on without many complexities. If your brand has a good hold on the Internet presence, you can be benefitted hugely from this.

A unique branding guide is all you need to establish a fine Facebook Shop and you should never underestimate the power of distinct and well-crafted branding. If you think that this process is daunting and that you need some design guide, you can always get a designer working on it for you.

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