Jammin' John's

by Natasha

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Background information

What is your organization name?

Jammin' John's

Describe your organisation or the aim of your product and its target audience?

This is for my father's small business, he makes jams, breads and baked goods. The company name is "Jammin' John's"


Food & Drink

Content details

Describe what you want designed

I'd like labels that can be used for jams, as well as tags that can be used on bags for baked goodies. They need to be in rectangular or circle shapes for easy printing.
Label should contain the following content somewhere on the label:
Jammin' John's (main logo)
raspberry preserves
spread the love
Arroyo Grande, California 93420
**. then an option for strawberry preserves, and a generic "fruit preserves" with a line where you can write in the kind
I'd also like a bag tag for bread-
Jammin' John's
baked goodies
arroyo grande, California 93420
Ideally there are illustrations of some kind of berry of bread for each label etc


Any message for the designer?

the brand is homemade Jams and pastry, so I'd like a "down home" kind of feel but with a modern edge, not too "grandma"

Any reference image/docs of your design?


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If you use fonts that require a license, confirm with the client they're ok with it. For licensing reasons, it is better to provide your client with information on how to acquire the font rather than providing the actual files.