Supplement Store - Bulk Supplements for Every Body

by Scott

Logo Design
Physical Fitness
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Background information

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Supplement Store

Want to add any Slogan in your Design?

Bulk Supplements for Every Body

Describe your organisation or the aim of your product and its target audience?

Bulk supplements of single ingredients in 1 kg raw form or in 600 capsules in simple packaging. Example, Creatine.


Physical Fitness


Any message for the designer?

We are keeping our product and design very simple. White bags and white large bottles for capsules. We only want a few colors and simple text and scheme. We have been struggling with a brand image, but we know that our primary focus will be people who are fitness oriented and / or healthy lifestyle. Finally our brand will be called "Supplement Store" with the tag line being "Bulk Supplements for Every Body". Our competition is Also we want to add one graphic from the Shutterstock Image we have included. We can provide the .eps file and have licensed for commercial use.

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If you use fonts that require a license, confirm with the client they're ok with it. For licensing reasons, it is better to provide your client with information on how to acquire the font rather than providing the actual files.

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